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Tote Valley Tales: Forget-Me-Not Festival | THE END | Town Win!

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You are a villager in the beautiful town of Tote Valley, where you live out an idyllic life of peace and prosperity... until MeGaCorp came into the picture, a gigantic threat looming over the village. The CEO of the company is in a tight contest with the Mayor regarding the land rights in the area, and MeGaCorp will stop at nothing to build its next factory in the lush Tote Valley.

Still, life goes on in Tote Valley. It's the first day of Spring, and the Forget-Me-Not Festival is in full swing! Little purple flowers cover every wall and every table, making sure that you always remember the Forget-Me-Not flowers. There's a big party in the town center, and you partake in the various festivities. You notice a few strange faces in town, but tourists usually come to the Valley this time of year...

Suddenly, the sky dims, thunder rolling in from the mountains. A flash of red light hits the the mayor, onstage. He screams, clutching at his chest before he falls to the ground, lifeless.

And then, your head start to hurt; everything is spinning. What is going on, you ask, in desperation, but nobody responds. You fall. There is nothing darkness.


"We did it boss! We can take the town!"

"No, not yet... they are all about to wake up. What is the meaning of this, wizard??"

"I... I am weak... my power was not enough..."

"Silence, incompetent! I knew this would happen. We must move into plan B."

"P-plan B, boss?"

"If we must kill everyone one by one, so be it."

"B-but they might find out!"

"Sacrifices must be made. MeGaCorp will not fail."

"Good thing I made those flyers..."


When you come to, the entire town seems to be stirring alongside you. A neatly-dressed lady stands up next to the fallen mayor... you vaguely recognize her, but if it weren't for the "Vice Mayor" sash she was wearing, you would probably have no idea who she was.

You look at the rest of the villagers... you had no idea who any of them were, either. You rack your brains trying to think of why you can't figure out who all these people are. You've lived your whole life in the valley... it's impossible that you don't know who anyone else is.

A gust of wind blows, and hundreds of red sheets of paper flurry down to the ground. You pick one up. On its face is the sinister logo of MeGaCorp, with a line of red text: WE ARE AMONG YOU. WE WILL CONQUER YOU. ONE. BY. ONE.


"I'm the mayor now, I-i guess," said the vice mayor, a petite woman with blonde-dyed hair and a quiver in her voice. "We will give His Late Excellency a proper burial in time... but as of now, these are dark times, with dark magic poisoning our very souls. MeGaCorp has declared war on our beloved Tote Valley..."

She looked at the villagers in front of her. If only she knew who these people actually were...

"Since I don't know you, you probably don't know me either," she said in a tiny voice. "I'm Isabelle Shizue. I know it will be difficult, but I hope you'll trust me to lead you in this trying time. We need to protect our good villagers, and cast out the bad seeds..."

The small crowd mumbled, as if in recognition and agreement.

"I... I don't know any of your names... I think it would be best if we all would introduce ourselves. But please, say nothing but your name. I don't want MeGaCorp to target our most valuable citizens."


  • Claiming: No hard claiming! If you do, the mayor will evict you for your own safety. This rule is only for roles posted in-thread. In-game messages are free to be claimed in.
  • Ghost Spec:Evicted/vanished people cannot spec in-thread or in the mafia doc or the Mayor's personal hitman will off you.
  • Off-forum Spec: Off-forum spec among evicted/vanished people is fine, but only BEFORE the Vacation Package is available for purchase, and AFTER the person who went on vacation returns to town.
  • Host Quoting: Please do not share any information from host PM's word for word.
  • Vote Changes: You may change your vote up to two times. That's three free votes. Every subsequent revote will cost you 1G. Paper isn't free, you know.
  • Rollover: Phase end will be daily at 7 p.m. California time. Rollover and phase start will be posted before 8 p.m.
  • Ratio: Mafia will be a third of the town's number. Ratio will be available each rollover.
  • Win Conditions: MeGaCorp wins when they outnumber the town. Town wins when everyone from MeGaCorp is dead/evicted. Neutrals have super special secret win conditions.
  • Action Priority: Doctor's Protect > Vulnerary > Vinegar > Honey > Wine > Thief's steal > Fishing Rod > Temporary Paint > Rope > Detective's Investigation > All Kills > All other items
  • Sale Priority: First Day sales go by inbox order. Priority for subsequent days goes by who hasn't got their top item yet, and then inbox order. Mafia buys items as one person.

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Most everyone in Town is pretty much vanilla. Instead of powers coming from the roles, each role is in charge of providing the town's bazaar with items to sell. Unfortunately, the MeGaCorp spell forces every product sold in the Town to disintegrate after one use...


  • Each Townie starts with 8G. Everyone in Town gets 2G for casting a Vote at the Town Hall Meeting.
  • Mafia starts with 15G as a team. They do not get any other gold except through the Counterfeiter.
  • Neutrals do not start with any gold but they also get 2G for casting a Vote at each Town Hall Meeting.


  • Town has an inventory of 2 items each.
  • Mafia has an inventory of 2 items for the whole team.
  • Neutrals have an unlimited inventory. Go wild.
  • Produce from the Farm/Ranch/Orchard does not count against the inventory count! Go wild with those too.

Once someone from the Town dies, their store will stop stocking items for the rest of the game... :(

Carabini's Camping Gear

You can see pretty far with these... Follow a person at night and see who they visited!

Extra strength! Bind someone in their home ;) forcing them to be unable to do anything that Night. The Mayor has to rescue them the next morning for roll call, and so this will appear in rollover.


Tote Valley Recycling

Tin Cans
2/Day @ 3G
Set up an alarm on your door with some tin cans! Every time someone visits you, you hear the tin cans rattle. Find out exactly how many people visited you that night.

Scrap Paper
2/Day @ 2G
Hey... this looks like some receipt scraps! Randomly receive one or more of the following info: 1) an item that was bought, 2) someone who bought an item, or 3) how much someone spent.


River King Fishing Equipment

Crab Trap
2/Day @ 4G
Set this up at the beach and you may find something within! Recover one random item that had been used sometime in the previous phases. The more recent an item was used, the likelier you'll find it in the Crab Trap.

Fishing Rod
Use this to catch fish... or something else. Reach into a person's pocket and steal a random item they've been keeping. Only the person stolen from is notified.


Le Suave Sommelier Winery

The best wine in the country! It's so good, nobody can resist drinking less than a whole bottle, leaving them drunk. Leave it on someone's porch at night and they'll forget what they were going to do. Their Item is left unused.

2/Day @ 2G
Tote Valley Vinegar is known for its well-rounded flavor... if only it didn't have that extremely acrid smell. Douse someone else's front porch with this and Town will leave them alone that night. Items attempted to be used on them are left unused.


The Vanishing Cabinet Magic Shop

Magic 8-Ball
2/day @ 2G
It's actually magic! Answers a yes-or-no question with 100 percent accuracy, except it's been affected by the MeGaCorp wizard's spell and can't answer questions on alignment or role or who sent in the NK. :V

Besides the Town Doctor, this is the only thing that can protect from murder. Use it for yourself or for a friend at night. Will not show up in rollover.


Bloom & Bumble Florist and Apiary

Super sweet, but super sticky :C Sneakily pour it all over someone's item, rendering it useless.

Seasonal Bouquet
2/day @ 4G
It has some poison oak and other super-itchy flowers in it oops. Leave it on someone's porch at night; if that person leaves their house, they will most definitely encounter the flowers. Their face will be red the next Day phase.


Got Wood? Carpentry

Temporary Paint
This paint is super weak and fades in the sun. Switch two house numbers using this paint, so actions targeted on the two people are switched.

2/day @ 3G
Post a message in the Town Square with this nifty sign! The message appears on a wooden sign the next Day phase. There are no censorship laws in Town, so you can say what you need to say without fear of repercussion... mostly.

Tote Valley Farm

Unlimited / 1G each

Fresh veggies for cooking! You'll need these for festivals or the lottery. Choose from the following, of which an unlimited amount is available per Day:

Bell Pepper









Totes McGoats Ranch

Animal Products
Unlimited / 1G each

Various animal products for your everyday life. You'll need these for festivals or the lottery. Choose from the following, of which an unlimited amount is available per Day:



Goat Cheese

Duck Eggs


Goat Milk




Tote Valley Orchard

Unlimited / 1G each

Delicious, sweet fruits. You'll need these for festivals or the lottery. Choose from the following, of which an unlimited amount is available per Day:










Tote Valley Post Office

Gift Box
Unlimited @ 1G
Fits any one thing! Use this to send someone else any item you have; your name will be included in the gift tag. Items in Gift Boxes sent to others do not count against the other person's inventory. You can hold unlimited gift boxes.

Unlimited @ 2G
Nice looking paper! Use this to send someone else any message you want. Your name will be included on the envelope. You can hold unlimited stationery.


Pop & Pop One Stop Shop


Pop & Pop has a different selection every Bazaar, curated by the Shopkeep.


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Everyone gets a role randomly generated from the following, which are all characters that you can totally imagine in a farm sim/rpg type game:


  • Postal Worker - runs the Tote Valley Post Office
  • Survivalist - runs Carabini's, a camping gear shop
  • Recycler - runs the Recycling Center
  • Fisher - runs River King, the local fish shop
  • Winemaker - runs the Suave Sommelier Winery
  • Wizard - runs  the magic shop The Vanishing Cabinet
  • Florist - runs Bloom & Bumble, the town's Flower Shop and Apiary
  • Carpenter - runs Got Wood? the local Carpenter's Shop
  • Farmer  - runs the Tote Valley Farm, which sells vegetables
  • Orchardist - runs the Tote Valley Orchard, which sells fruits
  • Rancher  - runs Totes McGoats, a ranch which sells animal products

  • Shopkeep - chooses any two items to sell, even from stores that have closed; cannot repeat items

  • Detective - the only police officer in the valley, who can investigate one person per night; has a 3G/Day salary.
  • Doctor - the town's only healthcare professional, who can protect one person from being killed per night; has a 3G/Day salary. Appears in rollover only if the protect succeeds.

MeGaCorp (Mafia)

  • Thief - steals an item from someone once per night phase. Only the person stolen from is notified.
  • Counterfeiter - selects one store's stock for a day, replaces it with duds AND collects that store's profits for that day; can only be used on each shop once. Only those who attempt to use counterfeit items will be notified of the fakes.
  • Bomb maker - has a bomb and passes it to someone else. it's the ultimate hot potato, killing one person. Each phase adds a 10 percent chance of the bomb exploding (so it's guaranteed to explode at Phase 10).
  • MeGaCorp CEO - when someone dies by Mafia NK, he gets the patent to one of their items and makes an identical prototype that they can use the next night. If the successful NK is on the Detective or Doctor, Mafia gets 5G.
  • MeGaCorp Wizard - they sold out to MeGaCorp, who used up all their power to put a spell on the city. essentially vanilla.
  • MeGaCorp Worker - generic bad guys who aim to please the MeGaCorp CEO.


Win conditions will be a secret uwu

  • The Harvest Goddess - She walks among everyone, her identity unknown. Is involved in the Harvest Goddess Festival.
  • The Gourmet - He has secretly been reviewing the town's cuisine.... Is involved in the Cooking Festival.

Every day, a random lottery ticket will be generated with a series of eight fruits, vegetables and animal products. Items may repeat! Whoever has all eight items in the correct numbers can trade those items for the grand prize of 20G! If more than one person wins, the prize pot is split, rounding up.

For purposes of the Lottery, Mafia gets one entry with their inventory of produce.

You have until the end of the Day to claim your lottery prize. The number of possible winners will be announced in-thread at Day end!

ETA: Because we have no farmers this round, produce sales add to the daily Lottery jackpot!! :)

There will be a total of six festivals in-game, on odd-numbered Day Phases. Each festival, besides having some fancy flavor, will have an item up for silent auction.


Players PM in their bid for a special mystery item, and the highest bidder gets the item! Minimum bid is 10G. The items will be randomized from the following; items will only appear at a festival auction once:

  • Blue Feather - Proclaim your love to someone with this special blue feather! If the person accepts, you enter into a private alliance.
  • One-Way Ticket - This one-way ticket can be used to force anyone to be evicted from Tote Valley immediately!
  • Mayor's Vote - The new mayor's vote can be bought, apparently. This extra vote can be used during any lynch.
  • Mayor's Veto - A special pardon from the Mayor to spare someone about to be lynched.
  • Vacation Package - A fabulous vacation package to a faraway island! Leave the town, making it look like you've been evicted, only to come back two Day phases later with a tan.
  • Cheat Code - This cheat code can skip time, ending a phase early. :O
  • Big Rucksack - A fancy bag that upgrades your inventory limit to 5 items! Wow. This does not disintegrate after use.

Festival Themes:

  • Spring 3: Harvest Festival! - The Harvest Goddess requires a private offering of a fruit, vegetable or animal product! The Harvest Goddess will have, during the previous phase, chosen two items: one blessed, and one cursed. Each person who chose to offer a blessed item gets immunity from all actions the next night. Each person who chose to offer a cursed item cannot act the next night.
  • Spring 5: Egg Festival! - You can trade in each Egg you have for 2G! Simple :)
  • Spring 7: Cooking Festival! -  The Day before the festival, each player must provide an ingredient for the community soup pot (a fruit, vegetable, or animal product) by posting it in-thread. 1) Whoever does not send a food product to the pot luck will lose their vote that festival day. 2) The Gourmet will have assigned numbers to each possible item the previous night, and the numbers will be added up and the alignment and role of the person who matches up with that number will be revealed to the public.
  • Spring 9: Flower Festival! - The Day before the festival, each player is allowed to send one other person a Love Letter that can contain any message, as long as it includes something about asking to dance at the Flower Festival. Messages are collated that night and sent out; while each player may only send one letter, they may receive multiple letters. The next Day, flavor text will reveal who got dances with whom.
  • Spring 11: Beach Festival! - Players are split into two equally-sized teams for the duration of this Day. A secret list will be determined before the Day begins, which has a bunch of words with corresponding points. Every time someone uses a word on the list, their team wins points! Everyone on the team with the most points wins 3G. The MVP, with the most individual points, gets a bonus 5G!
  • Spring 13: Meteor Festival! - After offering a food product to the Meteor Spring, everyone makes a wish the previous night to a shooting star, about literally anything game related. Want someone dead? Sure. Want more gold? OK. Want Town to win? Hm, ok. RNG picks a category (fruit/veg/animal product) and everyone who offered that type of product will have their wish come true, but there's always a catch...

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Please create a character with the Rinmaru Anime Avatar Creator with a brief description of your character (but not their job!) What are their hopes and dreams? What do they like and dislike? Stuff like that. Just for flavor :3

Signups Close Friday, April 22 @ 8 p.m. California Time!

Surly teenager who dreams of making video games. Loves pop punk and sweet food. Hates country music.
Enjoys foraging and hopes to grow flowering trees in the town center. Loves berries and autumn. Dislikes fishing.
Super scary but new to town. Loves baking in the fires of hell, fleshy hellbeasts and the ALMIGHTY MATRIARCH.
A jewelry designer in search of inspiration and rare ores. Likes relaxing in the hot springs, sushi, and naps.
Super sweet but new to town. Loves baking all kinds of treats, especially cookies. Hates spiders, worms and icky stuff.
Wants to be a famous rancher. Loves strawberries and pineapples. Hates duck eggs and eating lamb.
Kind of a disaster at everything, especially baking, but really loves cookies, ice cream, cakes, and all sweets.
A brief description of the character's hopes and dreams.
Ridiculously pale, always overdressed and sleep-deprived. Loves offering people homemade food, but nobody accepts. :(
A mysterious, overdressed wilderness lover who's in town on a mission from M.A.H.O.U.S.H.O.U.J.O.
Just trying to live life and maybe eat a cookie or two. Enjoys fishing and stargazing. Dislikes bees and vegetables.
Secretly an alien. Moved to the valley to study humanity. Loves books and cinnamon buns. Allergic to all cookies but oatmeal raisin.
Magical and quirky, but totally an adult ok. Loves bunnies and cute animals. Hates that there's no anime con nearby.
high seraph
Wants to make Tote Valley fashionable again. Likes pop music and gourmet cheese. Hates bugs and smelly animals.
The local huntsman; he leaves traps all over the woods. Loves fishing and apple cider. Hates babysitting.

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i-if its ready, I'd love to play ;w;

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Coding is taking me a bit longer than expected but yes!! Feel free to sign up!

Please create a character with the Rinmaru Anime Avatar Creator with a brief description of your character (but not their job!) What are their hopes and dreams? What do they like and dislike? Stuff like that. Just for flavor :3

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I'll play

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I'm ready to die

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OK I AM DONE CODING. Forumotion has a way of eating code up and spitting it out weird, so if there are any errors above, please do let me know ;w; If you need clarification about anything, I am here for that too!!

Please don't forget to submit a character uwu

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Umm... It's nice to meet everyone! ^u^

I moved here from another city, far far away from here a few months ago, but I don't think I know many of you! Actually... I doubt many of you have seen me before, since I tend to stay at home a lot, ehehe!! ♥

I-I promise I'll do my best to help everyone! I... I just want everyone to be happy, and I hope that I make lots of nice friends here! Everyone here is so nice ♥ Especially Missus Mayor, who is... gosh, the most adorable ray of sunshine I've ever met! (Though, haven't I seen you somewhere before...?)

Um... I dislike scary things, like spiders and icky worms! Those things are gross! They're slimy and gooey and... ugh!!  

But ... something I like ... I'd have to say that I really, really like to bake! Actually... the place I visit the most is probably the grocery store, because I always need new supplies. Teehee. ♥ My favourite thing to bake is probably cookies, because cookies are small and cute and easy to eat! ♥ I knead the dough every day and pour all my love and happiness into every last cookie I make! W-when things get better in Tote Valley, I'll make sure to bake a huge batch for everyone to enjoy! Cookies are kind of... my passion. ^u^

(c-can i join)

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Howdy, y'all. My name is Rasei. I really, really like strawberries and pineapples. My most dislike thing, besides MeGaCorp's (Darn stupid people trying to buy my family home *spits in a container*), is duck eggs and eating lambs. Lambs are adorable with those cute little eyes and those... I'm getting off track.

My greatest wish is to have my family farm back to the former glory, and to be a famous rancher. My hopes are to make my dead grandpa proud. My greatest fear is to fail the people that depend on me.

"I never dreamed a character inside the story could change the story." - Drosselmeyer

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Starla Pham

Starla is a surly teenager who No One Understands, Mom. She's quiet with people she doesn't know but once she feels comfortable with people, she'll talk their ears off. She dreams of being a video game developer when she's older.

Starla loves pop punk music, Tarantulas, and the Amnesia games. her favourite food is Bánh cam but she loves pretty much any sweet food. She dislikes large dogs, snakes, and country music.

/ninja'd by mitsu's and Rasei's adorable characters screams

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I'm afraid I'm going to have to pas this round, but, I'm willing to be an alt, should anyone drop out.

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The graphics are adorable, Gerry!

i must.... brainstorm...

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