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Gakuen Mafia Season 2: School Festival [EP00-EP10]

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and on that day, I fell in love.

自己紹介 Introductions

This is a UPICK set in a high school in an unknown region of Japan that is never directly stated.  You are a high school student. Maybe you are a girl that is on a revenge quest to find her dad's killer using some weaponized stationary. Maybe you are an esper. Maybe you are the new transfer student who has been hooked (pardon the pun) by an alien to go on a fishing trip. Maybe you have the uncanny ability to leap through time.

You can't help but think you've seen this all before.

This is Gakuen Mafia Season 2: School Festival.

Once you pick your character archetype, you must go into this avatar creator and create what your character will look like.

However: this season is being animated by a completely different studio. That's the explanation I'm going to use for the next rule, which is...

You cannot choose the same archetype as the one you had in the previous season - aka, you can't play the exact same character again. Call it a consequence of staff shuffling, low blu-ray sales, whatever. I am going to tentatively say that you can choose a trope similar to one found in Season 1 that someone else had, except for your own. Don't try to circumvent this by saying you are the twin sister of your character from season 1 with astonishingly similar interests and personality.

Make them look as anime as you want. Here are some guidelines.

Use the plain blue default background.

Please don't add anything that goes outside of the frame. A little bit is fine, for example some of the hands/accessories might get cut off, but don't go crazy with the wings.

The character design you create will be paired with your actual username, so don't make a design so embarrassing that you won't want it associated with your name.

You can change the portrait over the course of the game, but new portraits still have to be made using the maker.

Your character design, along with your character archetype, will be posted openly in the main post, but otherwise this game will be closed-role.

でも…なぜ? But... Why?

"It takes an idiot to do cool things. That's why it's cool."

As to whether or not this game will become a visual novel.
I don't know.

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告白 Confessions

No high school setting is complete without a ridiculously overcomplicated method of telling your fellow students that your heart goes dokidoki when you are near them. This game will feature a romance mechanic.

During any phase, you may confess your love to another player. PM the host with the name of the player and a short message declaring your love. The confession message will be forwarded to the other player at either 11PM EST or 11AM EST (see "Relationship modifications" link).

The person you confess to can either accept or reject your love. If the person accepts your confession, starting in the next phase you will be in a relationship (with the moment where the relationship begins being at rollover).

You may only make one confession per phase. If you confess to a different player while you already have a standing confession, your first confession is withdrawn.

If they accept, then starting the next phase, the pair of you can send one private message to each other per phase through the host. You can send the message at any point during the phase, but you will both receive the other person's message at the end of the phase, at rollover.

If they reject, nothing happens. The rejection message will be forwarded to the other player at either 11PM EST or 11AM EST (see "Relationship modifications" link).

Unless your role specifically allows it, you may only be in one relationship at a time. If someone confesses to you and you are already in a relationship, you must break off your relationship or reject the confession.

If you would like to end a relationship, send a PM to the host saying that you want to break up (which will be processed like a confession or a rejection). This effect will come into play at rollover, after which you and your ex can enter new relationships instantaneously (so: if you broke up and then confessed to someone else mid-phase, your relationship effect if any on your first partner ends at rollover and starts with your second partner at the same time).

規律 Rules

Unlimited vote changes. Please spare me from the grief of 95% of the game voting in the final minute. Sensei is old and can't handle stuff like that.

For this reason, there will be a slight 15-20 minute delay between rollover and when rollover is actually posted, because I anticipate having a lot of things to sort through.

No lynch and no vote are both valid votes.

Ghosts Players in detention may not post in thread. Players in detention may not talk about the game outside of the thread, either. Basically: no spilling information once you die!

There will be an activity clause of some sort in this game (48 hours without posting anything in-thread), unless you tell me in advance of your disappearance or it was an urgent emergency.

  • If you let me know of your disappearance or inactivity ahead of time (e.g. during signup) I'll be cool with it.

  • The punishment for inactivity is: if you do not post for 48 hours, your ability (and capacity to vote in the next phase), regardless of whether or not it is passive or active will be nulled for the entire next phase after your 48 hours is up. Attendance is mandatory, even if you submit a delinquent that skips class all the time.

If there is a tie, then whoever is lynched is RNG'd.

Rollover will be at 12:00PM EST. There are two reasons for this: given my current schedule at the moment, I can't do rollover in the late night/afternoon, and it also accommodates individuals who may be in weird timezones (that aren't NA timezones).

Action priority, even though roles are a blip in the distance at the moment, will be:

Bus > Stun > Protect > Other actions/Kill

If a role of higher priority than the kill is killed while attempting the action, it will go through. If two roles that attempt to act on each other are of the same priority (stun vs another stun), then it falls to inbox priority. If one role acts on another role and it has higher priority (a stunner targets a killer who tries to kill them), it will have higher priority than the kill/other action. Roles may exist that are higher in priority than the bus or fall inbetween any of these main actions (and I won't be listing a full action priority in-thread because closed roles and all), but considering I'm writing this when no roles even exist at the moment, it's best to assume that all roles or the majority will fall under this priority.

Club actions are completely separate from this action priority and act on a different layer than player actions.

Failed kills, where the player is stunned out of the kill will not show up in rollover. For those who have not played the previous Gakuen Mafia game: killing is analogous to being put in detention. I'm just bad at keeping up the analogy here

Relationship modifications

 Username changes

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部活 Clubs

Normally, this would be your typical anime high school. This is not any high school semester, though. This game is just in time for this particular high school's annual cultural festival, where all the clubs get together to make some sort of stand or event to show off. Your club's glory is on the line. Your school reputation is on the line. Maybe if you have the best yakitori stand at the school festival, senpai will finally notice you.

For more information on this trope, please check out this link.

Maybe there will be a volleyball club. A light music club. The Far Eastern Magic Nap Society of Summer.

There will be a club mechanic, on top of the romance mechanic.

At the beginning of the game, during signups, players can PM me what clubs they would like to see in the game. Whichever suggested clubs end up being the most suggested or are easiest to adapt to the game (in the case of ties between two clubs) will be used in the game.

I will post the number of clubs and the name of each club at the beginning of the game. The number of clubs will be equal to the (# of players)/3, rounded down. Each club can have a maximum of 3 members.

On N0, I will post the names of all the clubs in the game on the game start post. During N0, players can send me the name of the top 3 clubs that they would like to join. Club assignments on N0 will be based on inbox priority; if the club you want to join is full thanks to being ninja'd, you will be bumped into the club that you chose second (taking inbox priority into account once again). If there is an odd person out or someone is just really unlucky with club selection, I will inform you that you are not a member of a club. However, you can always try again once per phase to join one club if you couldn't join one on n0.

All joining of clubs is processed at rollover. It's not immediate, so if you experience SECOND THOUGHTS you can always rescind your decision before rollover.

You cannot leave a club once you have joined it You signed a blood pact with the club and now you must honour it, even if your character despises the other two characters in the club. It's a bonding exercise. If a player dies, the name of the club they were in will appear in rollover alongside their death.

The first member to join a particular club during the game will be crowned the Club President. This is a title in name only and confers no extra powers or abilities.

Should the Club President leave the club by detention or other means, whoever among the remaining players in the club who has been in the club for the longest time will assume the position of Club President during the next Day Phase, and so on. There's a seniority clause here.

Players will not be informed of the identities of fellow club members upon joining, but will be informed through PM at rollover if any club members have left the club either through death or other means (though identities will be kept secret).

Should all members of a club die without anyone joining the club to replace them (that is, any club that had at least 1 member at one point in time loses all of them at some point), the club will be rendered defunct and no one will be able to join the club in future phases. Clubs becoming defunct will be announced in rollover.

Each club confers a special ability to its members, which will be told to the members upon them joining the club. These are in addition to relationship abilities and regular abilities, which will be maintained from Season 1. These powers will affect only the club metagame, and will not influence relationships or players or the whole mafia vs town battle in any way.

If there is only one club left standing at any point in the game (and the rest have all become defunct through death of all members or other means), then at that point in time the current members of that club will receive a win condition, to be awarded once the game ends so as to not reveal the identities of the members of the club. This is a competition, after all.

This win will be given regardless of the alignments of the players in the club.

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学生 Students

a loser who makes jokes that are terrible and not that funny

a cool guy from a different school who likes to dye his hair and enjoys playing the guitar

faerie princess of the woodland realm on a diplomatic mission to have fun with teenage girls and go to the mall and stuff

a girl who really loves food and pretending that every day is halloween!

generic american student who just wants a normal day at school for once

overly cheerful student who gets sad sometimes and once sneaked someone's lunch into his backpack so he always feels bad about it

beautiful cinnamon roll too pure for this world, too perfect to not be oblivious to the worlds problems and be positive all day, every day

a wannabe detective fangirl that wants to make her big break, who also happens to be an overprotective sister

the animal-loving freshman who has a bad habit of taking her cat to school

a snobby person who is really nice when you get to know them!! ^__^ the twins complete each others' lines too and have inexplicable british accents

a snobby person who is really nice when you get to know them!! ^__^ the twins complete each others' lines too and have inexplicable british accents

the nice sweetheart who loves being friends with anyone and everyone

the class nerd who likes playing children's card games! he's very serious about all the new expansion packs being released

a girl that's almost constantly eating something, particularly sweets, and is always friendly always, even if people hurt her feelings

the childhood friend who wakes you up in the morning

a really smart news reporter who likes technology! He is never seen without his trusty reporter's tablet

an athlete with an imaginary friend named NOAH who isn't playing sports right now to avoid injury!

a lost explorer who makes friends with everyone she meets-- wait, is she even enrolled here??

a local idol who very obviously spends way too much time getting ready for school in the morning who covers 1D and various kidz bop songs

the happy class president who really, really loves subway sandwiches

the girl from your dreams -- actually, the girl from everyone's dreams... how'd she get in there?

the first-year whose life is devoted to science but really just loves explaining how things work and watching bill nye

the eccentric artist that is on the cutting edge of fashion and makes really cool designs

a klutz who photographs for the school newspaper and relies on her pet to get into slightly fewer accidents than she would otherwise

学年 School Year

EP00 - Night 0 End
EP01 - Day 1 Start/Night 0 End
EP02 - Day 1 End/Night 1 Start
EP03 - Night 1 End/Day 2 Start
EP04 - Day 2 End/Night 2 Start
EP05 - Night 2 End/Day 3 Start

二次創作 Fanworks


drandahl (lindahl)


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入学 Matriculation

Signups are open! If you know someone who might be interested in playing, let me know (the more players, the more clubs, and the merrier this is all going to be!) and you can reserve a spot for them. If they don't show up to confirm their spot and submit their character avatar/archetype by the time signups close and I finish writing roles, though, then their reservation will be removed. You can also change your archetype or portrait as many times as you want before game start! And you can sign up for now even if you don't have an archetype or an avatar yet, but make sure you get one in!

Please post your archetype and avatar in-thread, since those are open role! Feel free to drag others into this game, etc., Let's become maximum anime (or... FABULOUS MAX!?) together. I do want the clubs to be a surprise for when club signups start on N0 though, so if you have club suggestions (and you can suggest any amount of clubs, there's no limit), PM me with those!

Finally, signups will probably be open until sometime Saturday (though I may extend or not depending on how much I want to get this game started or whether or not I'd like to try to get more players)!

Also, kudos to Plot and a couple other folks for dumping a bucketload of anime quotes into my lap last night. You're all awesome.

If I'm forgetting something let me know, I just quickly hammered this all out. I don't have faith in my rollovers when it comes to capturing the unique school experience because I checked over my MAL and I have watched few series that actually primarily take place in a typical modern-day Japanese highschool that aren't your typical light novel anime deal, so, uh, I'll have to study up

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I'll be signing up as Some Egotistical Loser with a Stalker Crush on alcasync

Fun fact, I spent like half an hour quizzing alca on her taste in dudes in order to make this character

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This is my character and he's A brooding hero who should probably be in a different anime

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I guess.

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I'll be playing....A girl who works in the family business of dealing with spirits, demons, and other supernatural bullshit after school. Is usually kind of spacey and distracted during the day as a result, and often seen eating something in the background to regain energy.


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I will be a Generic Japanese student who just wants a normal day at school for once.

I will also be pretending Kiyoko doesn't exist.

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it's okay alca-chan no need to be shy

i will melt that cold shoulder of yours with the burning hot passion of my love for you

you'll see

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No comment.

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senseiiiii where are the sexual harassment foooorms i think alca needs them like.....right now OOOO:

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also is kiyoko already cheating on me omfg????

hello it's me The Overly Cheerful Student With A Tragic Past And A Dark Secret

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[16:41:10] Kiyo / 7♦: “so lucas what do you think about this lynch?”
[16:41:10] Kiyo / 7♦: “hHHHhhhhhh hHHHHHHHHHH HHHHhhhHHhh"
[16:41:36] lucasssss: "lucas i want u to bus me and lynch me this phase"
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ME ME MEME MMEmemmee me

brb making person aaa


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