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46 Re: [ ]iterar[ ] UPICK [ ]| Ch[ ]er β on Sun Feb 28, 2016 1:34 pm

ohhhhh okay i understood now cool

Anyway, my role is one that i can either activate myself, but also activates upon my death and allows me to live a bit longer, but it..... may mess things up even more honestly lol. It doesn't really do anything by itself, but some info may come out of it regardless. Half of the information would be lost if the lynch route happened, and I was planning on activating my role pretty soon anyway but

not in these conditions lol

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47 Re: [ ]iterar[ ] UPICK [ ]| Ch[ ]er β on Sun Feb 28, 2016 1:39 pm


LUXARIA vs. N[ ] lyn[ ]h Sammiya

SAMMIYA vs. No Vote


EZZELIN vs. Sammiya




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48 Re: [ ]iterar[ ] UPICK [ ]| Ch[ ]er β on Sun Feb 28, 2016 1:50 pm

That... wasn't a real vote. It was a joke. I didn't think you'd count it with the brackets. :|


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49 Re: [ ]iterar[ ] UPICK [ ]| Ch[ ]er β on Sun Feb 28, 2016 2:42 pm

deo, what are your thoughts on Sammiya? She's the only one in this thread of ours that you didn't comment on, from what I remember.

If your role would give information to the degree that half of it would be lost if you were lynched rather than activating it yourself... isn't that clause to put up more of a fight and not just roll over saying, "yeah I'm good to lynch it's cool"?

What is it about these conditions that makes you not want to use the role? Conversely, why were you thinking of using it soon, anyway? And yet you would be cool losing half of it if you died?

It's just weird to me.

Sammiya, where for art thou?

I think ezz and Nye are both asleep now or something.

such is life in beta thread.

Edit: Oh, Sammiya did say she was sick. Feel better soon, Sammie :c

Augh. I don't want to interrogate someone that's not around, too.

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50 Re: [ ]iterar[ ] UPICK [ ]| Ch[ ]er β on Sun Feb 28, 2016 2:53 pm

Well no I don't think rolling over and purposely letting myself die was a good idea, but since it seemed like people just wanted someone to lynch and I'm not a completely useless lynch, it would be better to kind of... not try too hard and throw more suspicion to myself for later I guess? Which even then doesn't really matter at all. Idk thinking back on it I don't actually even really know why I seemed to give less of a shit than I actually did.

Once people actually had reason to lynch and started moving towards that (aeiou vs nautilus) I stopped dropping hints like that because I figured that it'd be dumb at that point to say "HEY LYNCH ME JUST CAUSE I WANT TO DO A THING"

The "circumstances" is just the House of Leaves stuff with split thread etc., etc. I think my role will be less and less effective as more and more people begin to die.

And yeah Sammiya I just haven't commented on because I haven't even really seen much from them :s

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51 Re: [ ]iterar[ ] UPICK [ ]| Ch[ ]er β on Sun Feb 28, 2016 3:01 pm


I'm not really sure how to respond to any of that, much less how I read it.

Who would you like to lynch if you had to stick a lynch through for our thread? Considering we seem... to be the only ones here.

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52 Re: [ ]iterar[ ] UPICK [ ]| Ch[ ]er β on Sun Feb 28, 2016 3:39 pm


Still sick (But thank you for the well-wishes!) and right now should be working on schoolwork but popping in for a moment to comment.

Out of the people in this thread, I'm not exactly sure who to vote for. Nye I'm feeling is probably town, Lux is acting like how she does when she's town, Ezzelin is a bit hard to read due to her writing quirk (though the recipes are fascinating to read), and Deo I'm having no clue how to read.

I suppose out of people I'd be most comfortable voting Deo if it were not for how Deo just stated how his role would activate on his death and potentially make things worse for us overall.

I have not read most of the other threads to catch up on them yet so I don't really have anything more thoughts to share at the moment and I'm feeling rather out of it. I spent most of yesterday in a night time flu medicine induced daze.

And now back to trying to muddle through writing a paper on one of the literally most boring books I've ever read for my Humanities class.

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53 Re: [ ]iterar[ ] UPICK [ ]| Ch[ ]er β on Sun Feb 28, 2016 3:50 pm

oh no my role itself wouldn't make anything worse at all; maybe confusing if it was on top of split thread but not worse i don't think

I honestly want to no lynch, but since I firmly believe there's a maf in every thread, I'm not. I'm in no way inclined to boat Dog or Lux, and between ezz and Sammiya my gut instinct would be to vote for ezzelin because of the pseudo-tunneling since the first day but... I'm honestly over that so I would/will very hesitantly vote ezzelin probably.

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54 Re: [ ]iterar[ ] UPICK [ ]| Ch[ ]er β on Sun Feb 28, 2016 3:53 pm


So, this is Blaire.

I hosted a game in which everyone had anonymous accounts. Blaire had the bus driver kind of role in that she could forcibly make two people swap masks each night phase, redirecting all actions that would be done to that mask to the new owner.

She proceeded to swap town with a mafia every phase, got a mafia killed in the process, and generally caused mayhem.

The way she picked her targets?

"hm. well birds and butterflies both have wings."

"hm. well dogs chase cats, right?"

Blaire works in mysterious ways.

@ beta thread

ezz, are you around? I'm curious what you think about all of this.


@ drandahl

drandahl wrote:At this point, Ent and Mr. G are the only people I feel comfortable lynching, but I can follow Lulu's reasoning on Mr. G, so I'm more inclined to...

vote: Entelechy

"I can follow her reasoning" -> "I'm voting for a different target"? Did you mean you can't follow her reasoning?

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55 Re: [ ]iterar[ ] UPICK [ ]| Ch[ ]er β on Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:29 pm

@ Tiki

Unrelated, but. Can you say anything of what happened or what you did last night? Why did you act last night in particular?

If you'd rather not say, it's fine. I'm just curious if it would cause any other effects last night on top of fighting off the mafia or whatever, and if you had some reason to choose that night over the previous or waiting it out or some such.

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56 Re: [ ]iterar[ ] UPICK [ ]| Ch[ ]er β on Sun Feb 28, 2016 5:17 pm

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57 Re: [ ]iterar[ ] UPICK [ ]| Ch[ ]er β on Sun Feb 28, 2016 6:40 pm

shrieks why is no one here

why are all of the targets in this thread so unappealing for votes

I bet these trollhosrs pick this thread

yes trollhosrs

They know why I'm unhappy with them.

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58 Re: [ ]iterar[ ] UPICK [ ]| Ch[ ]er β on Sun Feb 28, 2016 6:57 pm

5.3 Votding

Total time:
Prep: half of the night, through very early morning hours when this chef seriously should not be awake but is because lovelive is a very important matter rn
Cooking: I don't even know

jesus fucking christ why is this game doing this to me

serves 22 (probably)

2 cups dummy votes
1/2 cup five
3 tablespoons angel
1/4 teaspoon dran
1 teaspoon deo or sammie extract
1 tablespoon vote

Prerequisite for attempting to prepare this dish is having read cookbooks Lynches: From Inactivity to Suspicion volumes Alpha through Delta. They cover the essential knowledge that one should possess before even considering preparing a homemade Votding.1

In a medium saucepan over medium heat, heat dummy votes until bubbles form at edges. This step is essential for unifying all the ingredients, and should be performed according to instructions from every volume of Lynches: From Inactivity to Suspicion.2

In a bowl, combine five, angel, and dran. Pour into hot dummy votes and stir until the mixture thickens enough to coat the back of a metal spoon. Do not boil.3

Remove from heat, stir in vote and sammie or deo extract. Pour into serving dishes.4

fig. 1 wrote:
lulu wrote:randomly, i had a dream that i was mafia with ezzelin and got really confused when i woke up...
were we sitting on the rooftop like in gakuen maf 2--
Serve chilled and with a pinch of randomness as shown in fig.1.

Chef's Notes:
1 I've finally managed to read through all four threads, though I am not fully certain I remember everything accurately so please correct me if I mis-remembered what someone said. four threads are fucking overwhelming and it's 4 am and I haven't slept and I'm ranking in lovelive for that umi and it's the last day

2 I think making dummy votes is a really good idea! reminds me of lux's plans for rooms in the space maf. which is also why even though I've side-eyed lulu partially for pretty much leading the lynch of nautsu based on info that was at the time partially conflicting, I'm inclined to trust them atm.

3 my dummy votes are as follows:
thread alpha -> five. mostly gut feeling tbh, some of the things they said rub me the wrong way, and I don't like how they reacted to lucas' post THAT GOT OBSCURED BTW CAN WE TALK ABOUT POSTS BEING BLOTCHED OUT?? DOES ANYONE KNOW WHEN DID THIS START HAPPENING???
thread delta -> dran. mostly cause I wouldn't vote enteduck until their rl situation stops impeding them playing, as I haven't heard much from them an I would like to. dran is second on my list for some of the phrasing that reminds me more of the way they posted in gakuen maf2 than in space maf (maf dran vs town dran). and don't ask me to quote cause I am so not reading through this clusterfuck of four threads again tonight.
thread gamma -> angel. their posting style reminds me of how their posts always fly under my radar when she's mafia. like half of the time I'm not even aware they're in the game. that has been true on vdex and was true in gakuen maf 2 here as well.

4ok actual vote. there's still my gut feeling on deo, but their explanation makes me less suspicious of them I guess. I don't feel a maf deo would explain like this that lynching them might make things more confusing?? but could also be directed by someone else on the team. either way in that light I'd rather not vote for deo tonight. instead going down my list and placing a vote on sammie. not really particularly suspicions of them, but I'm definitely not suspicious of lux or mariya rn as they've been fairly pro-town and actively contributing. (and I'm definitely not no-lynching.)

thank you kiyo!!
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59 Re: [ ]iterar[ ] UPICK [ ]| Ch[ ]er β on Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:36 pm


I guess

Vote: Sammiya :(

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60 Re: [ ]iterar[ ] UPICK [ ]| Ch[ ]er β on Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:59 pm

vote: sammiya

ugggggggggggggggh oh my god i know this is like 1000000000000% scummy voting at literally last minute but i... suddenly became rapidly very ill between my last post and now so i've been tending to other things and i foRGOT TO MA ke a post fml

i mean idk sammiya's our pick anyway but isabdhmfaujsaib\sdahfjvu

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