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Whodunnit? {[ SEP 22, 1924 | TOWN WIN ]}

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76 Re: Whodunnit? {[ SEP 22, 1924 | TOWN WIN ]} on Fri Aug 05, 2016 11:42 pm

why thank you for your input, mr. gerbear!

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77 Re: Whodunnit? {[ SEP 22, 1924 | TOWN WIN ]} on Fri Aug 05, 2016 11:53 pm

you are very welcome, mr. alice

what do you think, yourself?

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78 Re: Whodunnit? {[ SEP 22, 1924 | TOWN WIN ]} on Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:05 am

Sorry, I got dragged into gaming with a few people. Some comments (tl;dr at the bottom):

Re: Rollover
Mr. Gerbear wrote:Maybe... but aren't there supposed to be clues in rollover as to who's what alignment? Like. What's flavor and what's real info? aaaaaa

Hm, I actually forgot this part.

Rollover flavor has the prominent points of...
Location: Near 46th and 8th.
Discovered by waiter of restaurant Barbetta, fancy
Waiter said Casanova dined with a female companion.
Beaten to death by multiple assailants (this is probably flavor for mafia--actually, do they send in a global kill, or is it one person performing it still? Is the host allowed to answer this? That might be useful for targeting/investigative purposes if it's not a single person performing the killing action. This might be reading too into flavor, though.)

There's some other flavorful information with regards to the Casanova character, the location, and similar.

Mr. Gerbear wrote:Also is this restaurant the same one where The Waitress works or

That's a good question. This unidentified waiter being a non-player character that might be from the same restaurant might be a good tie-in in terms of flavor hints, though if so I'm curious why this would show up in particular. Also, as far as I can tell there's only a few obviously female player-characters, one of which being the waitress, and the Casanova was last seen with a woman. Hm. I guess the tricky part is cutting up where's the flavor and where's the actual hints. Might help when we have a few more rollovers to see what kind of setting and formula we're dealing with. For now I'm going to find all of that info to be... intriguing.

Re: Information strategy
Mr. Gerbear wrote:Hm. Will there be any harm in collecting information in-thread without mentioning who it's about, particularly?

As in, "the person i investigated is from *insert country here* and has *insert item or trait here*, so maybe he's the *insert role here*" and then we compare and arrange it all neatly.

Five wrote:On the other hand, the OP of the thread notes "Please remember that anything you say may be used against you by another role", which seems like a pretty strong hint that the mafia have ways to use our information against us if we share it too readily.

alcasync wrote:I think in the long run, keeping quiet about information will hurt us more than it will help. Even if mafia can use the information against us, this does seem like a game where town has to work together to put the puzzle pieces together. ;v;

I think maybe we shouldn't focus too hard on any one piece of information until we know what's actually a clue

I think I most agree with alca's assessment. I actually am not reading the front-page comment directly in the spirit of what Five is saying, per se. That might be because I just recently got through explaining how to convey paraphrased results to Tiny while hosting the last game, so that's kind of fresh on mind with the, "You can say anything you want, but others can interpret that however they want."

That said, the mechanical structure of this game adds a twist on that narrative. Specifically that town has ways to gain flavorful information, while mafia has ways to obfuscate. I'm guessing mafia definitely have ways to literally use all of the information against us by better being able to accurately misinform through their roles. This also says that... there's probably a decent amount of overlap between various characters for the sake of balance? If I compare mine to the Casanova described via rollover, I can see some similarities in terms of what information is presented to define the character. Actually, as the game goes on this is going to be very helpful if we do lynch or kill someone whose traits sort of fill in a puzzle piece with regards to our spec.

So to this end...

Mr. Alice wrote:pats face hmm just out of curiosity do yall think that certain roles are for maf members, or were both roles and alignments assigned at random? o:

I'd say in this case I'd find it more likely that the mafia and town characters were predetermined for sake of consistent flavor, given the spin of the game. There's no guarantee of this, however. I'm just thinking of how I wrote Masquerade and Snowball Bash to have head-canon flavor roles and assigned them positions as town/mafia, and then rolled people into that accordingly. But that said, this is anecdotal so who knows what Kiyo did. Also probably doesn't matter too much since the role names are pretty ambiguous to begin with.

Anyway, as to our strategy... Gerry's idea is probably pretty functionally sound. As I said, I agree with alca that we're better served by compiling information, since that seems to be the intention of the game. In fact, it's even explicitly stated in the OP. My only question is if it'll get messy if we're playing this weird game of "Guess Who" where everyone's saying, "My target has a beard." "Mine has blonde hair." And these could be two targets or the same.

I need to go spam Love Live because I'm idol trash and want my lovely Umi, but I'll see if I can't think of any ideas for compiling information beyond just dumping characteristics. Which in and of itself is still useful. And I'm actually kind of giddy because I fucking love doing process of elimination with that stuff. The only notable downside is that, perhaps more than usual with compiling this info, on the off-chance mafia is lying, then they're doing that on top of already seemingly having misinformation roles to begin with. So that might be double-dipping. This said, mafia seem to generally tell the truth with such things... or... cough, Tiki can tell you what might happen. So at worst/best, we can probably (hopefully) find discrepancies and inconsistencies.

That's... all I've really got for now, with the obvious nod to Lucas being low on my priority list since him being hit by two stuns is probably not a coincidence of two town (though, this does not preclude him being mafia, obviously). I'm not sure what to think of Cure being the NK target since recent N0 targets have varied so dramatically, and this was also Cure's first game after a break of sorts. I agree with the mostly unsaid consensus that she's a good target due to how talkative and aggressive she is, though. I'm not sure if it lowers the likelihood of any players being mafia for me in terms of gut reads. If anyone, maybe Five, drandahl, Lucas, and tentative Ninfia.

Hm. There's one other small comment I might make, but I'll wait and see tomorrow if it's appropriate to bring up. It's nothing too serious. Just relates to a cheeky little thing I noticed in several posts.

So as an exhaustive and well-reasoned conclusion, and as my official tl;dr that I try to do for most posts:

Ninfia wrote:I actually forgot Lux was playing until you mentioned it Alca

rude tbh.

actual tl;dr:
I agree that it's best to share and compile information to sort of give us a case file of traits and descriptions, if you will. I'm not sure the manner or format we should go about this, but I tentatively have no qualms with Gerry's proposal, and I'll see if I think of anything else by tomorrow. Rollover flavor will prove pretty helpful for plugging in the pieces, I think. Lucas lower priority in personal reads due to double-stun. Will figure out where to place votes tomorrow.

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79 Re: Whodunnit? {[ SEP 22, 1924 | TOWN WIN ]} on Sat Aug 06, 2016 6:28 am

I just asked a simple question, Alpaca. As for Cure being night kill, I would rather kill someone that someone up publicly mention games ago that I would most likely kill. It would be stupid, and I would like to think I'm not stupid.

"I never dreamed a character inside the story could change the story." - Drosselmeyer

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80 Re: Whodunnit? {[ SEP 22, 1924 | TOWN WIN ]} on Sat Aug 06, 2016 9:19 am

wahahahaha what the heck

I agree with the consensus that at least one of the stuns on me came from mafia and one from town, and I guess I can see why both factions would want to prevent me from acting. I... really don't have much to share myself atm because me and two friends downed a whole bottle of tequila last night and I'm very hungover right now. What intrigues me is that apparently most of the thread thinks information should be laid out on the thread in the most orderly fashion possible, but there also seems to be some initial reluctance in sharing this information? I mean, honestly, I'm not a big fan of oversharing, but I do indulge sometimes and I do think that this is one of the sometimes. I would share what I know but I don't know anything yet hahaha.

Something in the rollover flavor also caught my attention, but I'm puzzled as to if it's strictly related to Cure's role or to someone else; I speak, clearly, of the lady s/he dined with. In that same vein, I wonder if The Victim from N0, Hugh Man was it?, will actually have some real importance to the game in the future...? Hmm...

Unrelated, but I thought that the first page would be updated with the mugshots of the dead players as the game went on, and I'm very sad to discover that I was mistaken. :-( Or that, at least, we'd be able to see their faces on the newspaper...? Ah, well...

Oh, right, I knew I was forgetting something. Vote: Five, for now.


[16:41:10] Kiyo / 7♦: “so lucas what do you think about this lynch?”
[16:41:10] Kiyo / 7♦: “hHHHhhhhhh hHHHHHHHHHH HHHHhhhHHhh"
[16:41:36] lucasssss: "lucas i want u to bus me and lynch me this phase"
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81 Re: Whodunnit? {[ SEP 22, 1924 | TOWN WIN ]} on Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:30 am

Alright. I think I should be good to talk a little more now (and may be silent a while after this: work about to start,a nd may be doing things with friends after).

First, yeah, I think one stun is probably Town, while the other is Mafia. I wouldn't be surprised if we only see one stun from here on out, Cure's casanova, from the flavor of the article, may well have been the Town stun (leaving the person stuck with a bill they have to pay). Though, it may be the case she could find out info on them, as it sounds a lot like the flavor of the Ballroom Dancer from Masquerade (granted, that role and it's flavor WAS NOTHING BUT LIES). Still, with all the info gathering roles in the game, that's not necesarily the case.

Second, I propose another possibilty in regard to the cryptic message on the first page. I wouldn't be surprised if we want to keep info, esp. about ourselves and others, close to our chest because the Mafia may have some roles like, "Learn the abilities, and/or description of a role, but not the player who has that role" sort of thing. After all, the whole theme is about using these clues, and I know plenty of people who would look forward to that, only to be dissappointed they wouldn't get to puzzle out other people and their roles from these descriptors. Such a role would allow the Mafia to get information back, and still get to have fun with this game's investigative puzzling gimmick.

That said, I do think we need to share information...and I'll share some, though it will be a bit cryptic. That's mostly because, I have info that I think pertains to a membere of the Mafia, but I don't have a player name to go along with it. Why would I think it's Mafia, though? Because, unless there are 3+ people with the same hair color, I'm going to guess that a person who shares MY hair color (though with a difference, ever so slight) is on the opposite team as me.

Okay, now you may be thinking, "Well, if you're Town, they'll probably just kill you now, so you can't divulge that hair color." But here's the thing...notice how often the whole Italian heritage thing came up in the obituary? Well, I noticed a big emphasis on heritage and immigrants in my PM. And given Alca's possibly-RP posts, I'm guessing so did she. And if that's teh case, I'm guessing heritage and family history will play a big part in our roles, and I'm certain such things will be revealed in all our obituaries. On top of that, given where my character's ancestry comes from, even if it doesn't outight state the hair color, you all will be able to guess, I'm sure. It's fairly stereotypical, which I'm going to presume is true for all our heritages.

So, if I'm killed, then Mafia will only be outing a detail about one of their own.

All that said, until further notice, Vote: Mr. Gerbear. Just curious...did you list family histories in a previous post of yours because you sorted out its likely relevance like I did...or maybe because you were among the Mafia, who all noticed how much talk about their ancestry kept coming up? Something else?


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82 Re: Whodunnit? {[ SEP 22, 1924 | TOWN WIN ]} on Sat Aug 06, 2016 12:17 pm


I was planning on updating the front post with mug shots but realized I needed to do a bit of editing to add in the role names and put it off due to general busy-ness.

Putting it in the rollover instead makes sense and I will do that when I get to a computer

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83 Re: Whodunnit? {[ SEP 22, 1924 | TOWN WIN ]} on Sat Aug 06, 2016 12:56 pm

Tiki The Troll wrote:All that said, until further notice, Vote: Mr. Gerbear. Just curious...did you list family histories in a previous post of yours because you sorted out its likely relevance like I did...or maybe because you were among the Mafia, who all noticed how much talk about their ancestry kept coming up? Something else?


Do we have the same hair color tiki are you my secret hair twin

I mentioned heritage because yes, the Italian stuff in rollover, but also because of information i I received. Let's just say I know there are other non-Americans among the cast. Well. At least one. And I mean I guess my character also has a slight hint of family history?

Eta: also I can say my results weren't tampered with because of hints in thread left by the person I investigated. It's... really obvious :(

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84 Re: Whodunnit? {[ SEP 22, 1924 | TOWN WIN ]} on Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:21 pm

Hmm...I can get behind that.

So, since that satisfies me, at least for now...Unvote, Vote: Drandahl.


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85 Re: Whodunnit? {[ SEP 22, 1924 | TOWN WIN ]} on Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:23 pm


Rollover now has a portrait in the newspaper article

Also reminder that there is a 48 hour activity requirement, and if you don't vote you temporarily lose access to your ability.

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86 Re: Whodunnit? {[ SEP 22, 1924 | TOWN WIN ]} on Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:40 pm



Ninfia } -
alcasync } Ninfia Rasei
Tiki The Troll } Mr. Gerbear drandahl
Mr. Alice } -
high seraph } Five
Mr. Gerbear } no lynch
Luxaria } -
Rasei } drandahl
drandahl } -
Tinylightsflash } -
Five } -


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87 Re: Whodunnit? {[ SEP 22, 1924 | TOWN WIN ]} on Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:43 pm

Gonna Vote: No Lynch before I forget @_@

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88 Re: Whodunnit? {[ SEP 22, 1924 | TOWN WIN ]} on Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:43 pm


Oh yeah btw, the voting deadline is still 6pm, and rollover will still be posted an hour after at 7pm. I do need that full hour's worth of writing time, thanks for your understanding. <3

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89 Re: Whodunnit? {[ SEP 22, 1924 | TOWN WIN ]} on Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:44 pm


First obvious comments on rollover: Raiecure's death is unsurprising. Lucas's doublestun is hilarious (sorry, Lucas. Any doublestun is hilarious in my opinion).

I personally do think pushing for more info in-thread is important here. This feels like an information-heavy game based on both the mechanics and on the aesthetic.

I know there are a couple of votes on me. I'm compiling some thoughts.

I'm going to start playing some relevant music while I do this.

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90 Re: Whodunnit? {[ SEP 22, 1924 | TOWN WIN ]} on Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:45 pm

Also just to make sure, no restrictions around claiming this game, Kiyohost?

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