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[minigame]OC Mafia: The Trading Card Game

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1[minigame]OC Mafia: The Trading Card Game Empty [minigame]OC Mafia: The Trading Card Game on Fri Sep 11, 2015 3:33 am

Throwing this down here to jot down ideas and get quick feedback. Definitely WIP. Might make this post more attractive later.

ATTENTION DUELISTS: Something has gone terribly wrong [insert some better flavor here] and your favorite children's trading card game has taken on some menacing new form.

Reports from the field are noting that the traditional personas found in our cards have been replaced by what are being referred to as... sorry folks, let me get this straight... "ORIGINAL CHARACTERS."

As I currently understand it, these games now come at a costly price to the loser: Death [replace with better flavored out-of-game state]

As I also understand it, this transformation of the game might have been intentional, as it would seem a band of masked individuals are DUELING TOWNSFOLK INTO SUBMISSION in the darker hours of the day.


Additions/Alterations to traditional mafia:

Deck and Active Hand
Each player holds both a deck (card reservoir/bank) and an active hand of cards.

Each card has some associated power level.

NK/Vig -> Duel
Attacker and defender compare the sum of power levels. If attacker's is greater, defender dies. Otherwise, defender lives.

Players may choose once per phase to move cards between their Deck and Active hand.

Two votes (might not do this if it's too complicated):
1. Vote to lynch
2. Vote for who gets the lynch'd cards

Yes, this is OC Trading Card Game. Interested players will be required to supply 3 to 7 Cards of combined value summing to 21.

An OC Card Registration Form contains the following information:

Primary Attack:
Link to image:
Power Level:

There will be a literal google form to fill out; I will be programmatically building card images from information in the form.

OCs may be:
--Of your own creation, or created by others
--Of your own fictional universe, or of an established fictional universe


--Decide on mechanism to get/trade cards
--Decide if mafia should be allowed to trade cards more freely
--Decide if attacker should be allowed to have a larger hand size
--Mildly balance card-related roles


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2[minigame]OC Mafia: The Trading Card Game Empty Re: [minigame]OC Mafia: The Trading Card Game on Fri Sep 11, 2015 3:53 am

Additional Notes:

Thinking about adding this if there's concern for anonymity:
--Submitters of cards will remain anonymous.
--Additional cards will be added, to make it less clear to tie OCs to submitters (i.e. to avoid the case where it's blatantly obvious who half the cards belong to)

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