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Ka-Klick Mafia (AKA Sluggy Freelance Mafia) really rough draft

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Ka-Klick Mafia

It had another day in a secret war between Hereti-Corp and Torg's group that vow to destroy them. The sun was shining, condors were flexing away the unwanted, and dig bots were digging. Then a flash of light from several select spots all over the globe happen at the same time.

A group of selected people from both Torg's group and Hereti-Corp arrive at a tower that has a column in the middle of the room. On the column is three spiders, and a web. The spiders start whispering to each other and to a helmet on the floor.

The people remember who they are, and they remember the end of the war was coming. But they couldn't remember who the other people in the room are. Are they friend or they foe? One person, the leader of Hereti-Corp, put a tracker on his employees after that last meeting. Then a voice pop up from the helmet.

"Googol, have the guests arrived?" The voice was deep, but friendly. One of the three spiders spoke,

"Yes, Master Tempest! Just like that person from the other world said. Right in time to help protect the multiverse. That person said this would be a game to he..."


Every person in the room turned to look at the mini-lop bunny with a switch-blade out. Fear raised in ninety percent of the people in the room as they slowly back away from the bunny.

"Master Time... huh... I been meaning to speak to you." The voice of the mini-lop sent more chills to the people in the room. A nervous laugh echo from the helmet.

"Is that Bun-Bun I hear. I..."

"From what I can see, there are several people from Hereti-Corp here in this room."

"DON'T KILL ANY OF THEM! IF YOU DO... I mean, it would be more interesting to send people into the timeless zone," said Master Tempest, well the helmet. Bun-Bun stared at the helmet, his eyes narrowed in thought.

"I hate to interrupt but what is going on? I mean, I pretty sure I should be more shock about a talking spider and bunny."

"You were pick to enter a game. That person has stopped the flow of the comic to make everyone in this room kill each other. He is a bit upset about some silly holiday war that happened over a decade ago. I guess that person couldn't erase the memory of another god; but everyone else should have their memory gone. Anyway..."

Bun-Bun's eyes narrow suddenly.
"Wait a second..." The bunny suddenly hops over to the web, and states.
"I'm taking over this whole thing. You guys find the Hereti-Corp and I will deal with them. If you don't I will boot you to timeless space."

This is a Sluggy Freelance Mafia. I'm not sure how familiar people are with Sluggy Freelance, but it's one of the first major daily web comics that first started in 1997. The twentieth anniversary is happening later this month.

This game is going to be closed-roles with both major and minor characters from the Sluggy Freelance world.

Game Rules:

  • Torg's Group wins when all the Hereti-Corp members have been tossed into Timeless space. (ie killed)
  • Hereti-Corp wins when it's number equal or is more then Torg's Group.
  • If there is enough players, there will be neutrals with their own winning conditions.
  • Each person must vote everyday. If you don't vote two days in the row, then you will lose your role powers for the following phase. Each vote must be bold.
  • You may vote No Vote and No Lynch. You also may change your vote anytime during the day phase.
  • While claiming is allowed, it's not recommend as each person will have a character name from the comic and if someone with enough knowledge of comic, they might use it. You may not directly copy from any pm sent by the host or the host will go Bun-bun on your bum.  

Phases will be 24 hours long and be separated into day and night phases. I;m not sure what time rollover will be yet.

All artwork and character creation belongs to Peter Abrams.
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