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End of the World As We Know It [UPick] [Mafia Wins]

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I was mafia and still told the truth about my role

oops sorry lux i stole your pagetop

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[End of the World As We Know It]

Town and Neutral Roles

You are the hosr, in charge of this game (for better or worse) and also a Miku fangirl. You are neutral, as any good host should be.

What should a good hosr do? I don't know, you tell me! Better yet, why don't you show me?

To achieve your win condition, you must be an exemplary host and achieve 100 Host Points. These can be acquired in the following ways:
+3 Host Points per phase that you do not make any allusions, comments, statements, or otherwise hint at your true neutrality. You may gain 2 additional points if you do not mention your actual role. The moment you alignment-claim, you may no longer gain these points, and in fact will lose 1 point per phase. The thread perceiving you as neutral will not count towards this, however agreeing or otherwise encouraging these thoughts will.

Answering Questions:
+3 Host Points every day phase that you help the host keep track of questions. The host will collect summarized versions of all questions she received during the game, both out-of-game and products of roles, if they exist. From this list, up to three questions will be randomly selected and presented. The hosr will then remind the host which question came from which player. Getting one right adds 1 point. Getting two right adds 2 more points. Getting all three right adds 4 points on top of the previous bonuses, for a total of +7 Host Points. Sharing the direct contents of these questions in thread (including paraphrasing) will lose 2 points per infringement. At the start of Day 3, these numbers increase by 2 for each bonus, and 1 for each infringement.
(Modified: "You may share any deductions or analysis of the questions you've received, but you will be deducted 2 points the first time you directly and publicly tie a player to a question you've sorted. Sharing information from an objective standpoint does not invalidate this rule.")
(Modified: "After you reach 100 points, infringements are doubled to a loss of 6 points. You will lose your Neutrality bonus for that phase.")

Vote Tallies:
+1 Host Point for every Vote Tally update you post in the thread. You may only acquire this bonus once per page and three times per phase, and the Vote Tally only counts for the relevant phase. If the host had previously posted a Vote Tally, at least three new votes must have come in before you will earn the bonus. You may gain 2 additional points for earning the Vote Tally bonus for three pages in a row, and you may only earn this additional bonus once per phase. Every day phase you do not post a Vote Tally will cause you to lose 10 points.

Balancing and Item Creation:
+5 Host Points for helping the host add an item to the game. On Day 3, and every 3 days after (6, 9, 12, etc.), you will be tasked with designing an item to add into the game. Designing this item must also include a unique means of distributing it that does not include or induce alignment-bias, with a 3 point bonus if RNG isn't at play. You may earn another 2 points if it doesn't conflict with or repeat any role too closely. If the host decides the item is balanced and fit for play, you will earn 5 more points and it will be added into the game, else you will lose 3 points. The design must be submitted the night phase prior to the day phases listed, with the item's effect being no longer than 40 words in length.

Miku Fangirl:
+1 Host Point per phase you have an avatar with Hatsune Miku. This bonus increases to +4 starting on Night 3.

Once you achieve your win condition, the thread will only see "A win condition has been achieved." However, should you lose points and drop below the threshold, the win will be revoked until you meet the requirements again. Should you reach 150 points at any point in time, you will no longer be able to lose points and will be locked into your win.

So this is it: My first attempt at designing a neutral role. I think the role mostly speaks for itself. If I could change it, it'd most likely to encourage more in-thread interaction and modify how the timed increases to bonuses worked. I didn't want the neutral to be locked out of points if it was impossible to answer questions and make an item, but I think I could've paced a few aspects of it better. I should've kept the Miku bonus to +1 point total, I think, and done a reverse for the questions by awarding more points at the start of the game when it's more difficult to answer them. As is, my goal was to cause the neutral to have to pay attention in-thread to speculation and have ways to influence it via items / question knowledge if they needed the game to go a certain way. Hopefully this was fun. Honestly, the question collecting aspect was something I was leery of and I should've thought of a different way to handle it.

You are Blaire, a beautiful enigma. You are town.

As Blaire, you are always ready to sign up for games, even ones you're dead in. If Blaire should die, you may say "heck that" and submit a new upick role for her to use should she revive in any capacity. You will, of course, have no idea what this role is or does. You may continue to perform this function while dead. At no point may you supply submissions that mention player names, roles, or alignments, or anything that can be considered against the spirit of this ruling.

Additionally, as Blaire you will squint at anything that is at all probably not really suspicious, but buddy you never know it might be. I mean it is. All of them's suspicious huff. idk man, why is this even in the role? does anyone even know? the fishes don't, that's for sure.

Upon death, for each role you successfully submitted for Blaire previously, you will have another entry added to your alignment, randomized between the options of mafia, town, and neutral.
Okay so. I'll get to Blaire's role(s) in a moment, but Blaire was the first submission, and then Kiyoko submitted third. I already knew I wanted Blaire to have a role that involved dying. And I had to ask: What is Blaire? Well, Blaire is many things, and she is also a player in this game. So I incorporated an aspect of Blaire's role and also Blaire as a person and as a player. This is my favorite role I've ever made.

First off: "THERE'S NO TYPING QUIRK???" Nope. I actually considered adding that very quirk, but knowing Kiyo as I do, I anticipated she'd do the quirk anyway. She did. Kudos to ezzelin, again, for figuring "luxhosr would never make a role that prohibits the ability to spec/discuss".

Second off: The key thing for a Blaire role is that she has to be confused about what she is doing (note: BUT IN THIS GAME BLAIRE WORKED VERY HARD ILU BLAIRE MARRY ME, or you can go marry eleni or kiyo that's also ok). She submits roles like an inventor, but has no idea what her roles do. She's suspicious of everyone, so any player acting on her gets a message to the effect of, "huh what are you doing there buddy squints". She had no idea she was doing this. Mafia discovered it N0 and they were fucking terrified that "KIYOKO KNOWS WE TARGETED HER."

Third off: Since most people apparently have no idea what alignment Blaire ever is, her role is meant to have a ridiculous alignment flip flavor. Again, kudos to ezzelin for figuring out how it worked in the longest ramble in my skype window ever.

p.s. made this n0

Mr. Alice
You have died. You are a (spooky) ghost. You are town.

Seeing as you are a ghost, you will not be an eligible target for any effects by another player. Each night phase, you may haunt and possess a player, redirecting any actions they might perform onto a target of your choice. You may not haunt the same player twice in a row. If you have any other role actions, instead of redirecting you may perform this action, though it will be viewed as originating from the possessed player.

Upon each day phase, since you still occupy your host you will be viewed as "Alive???". However, your host will reject you at the end of the phase, "killing" you.

You will reveal no alignment upon death under any circumstance, but while "Alive???" you will count as town. If lynched, you will experience true death and may no longer possess players.
When I saw "ghost" I knew I had to start the game by killing Blaire. It made too much sense. But this meant I had to figure out how to work around it. What I devised felt like a reasonable compromise of power and utility, plus tied into Kiyo's role nicely. This was then tricky, of course, because I had to be clever. See, I would imagine Kiyoko would think it was at least 60% chance Blaire was town if she could give Blaire roles to use, and vice versa, but I played towards that 40% by making them ambiguous. Blaire would get roles that would be helpful, but some were a little dubious in nature, and others were more pro-town. This was to balance that at heart Kiyoko and Blaire were both town and deserved roles to help town's chances.

So this was the trickiest role: Trying to come up with new additions that didn't break game balance too much, while being pro-town, while still being ambiguous enough to not immediately declare two players as town. I based most of the roles off of stuff an Inventor might give out, with some twists. Some roles were intended to be a little weaker than others because otherwise I am literally adding a whole new role on top of existing ones each day/night cycle. I also tried to include the possibility that Kiyoko could sabotage Blaire in the event Kiyo thought Blaire was mafia. So, thus, the other roles:

five heads for five eating:
You have received an addition to your role. You are now also five heads, for five eating in addition to your ghost role. This role will last until the end of the next night phase.

On the next night phase, you have the option to host a special dinner party. Hosting this dinner party will invalide your ability to redirect your possessed's actions onto another player, however it will require you to possess a player on the following night phase. Should you fail to do so, one will be randomized for you.

To host this party, you must choose four players in the thread to join you in a special group on the next night phase. At this time, the five of you will be placed into an anonymous conversation for the rest of the phase, and revealing your true identities or discussing this feast on the main boards in any way during this phase is strictly prohibited and will result in a loss of role and vote for that night phase and the following day phase. After all... this is a most special and private feast.

Together, the five of you will decide which player you will feast on. The most taboo of meals.

Each attendee will use the proper Vote: Player format to place their vote on which player should be enjoyed. A player must be chosen, and failure to do so will result in randomization. The target of this feast will be roleblocked and rolestopped for the night phase, preventing them from acting and from receiving any non-killing actions.

You may not announce any of this role, the feast, or the invitations to the thread while you possess this role.

Seen here
Necroblaire the necrobear:
You have lost the role five heads, for five eating. You have received an addition to your role. You are now also Necroblaire the necrobear in addition to your ghost role. This role will last until the end of the next night phase.

On the next night phase, you may place a curse of compulsion upon one player of your choice. This player may not be the player that you chose to possess. If successful, the curse will persist for the rest of the game until it activates or you are lynched. To activate, the cursed player must have a vote on you at the end of any day phase, at which point you will compel them to instead vote for the same target as you in the final tally. Once the curse has taken effect, it will fade away as the cursed player regains their free will.
You have lost the role Necroblaire the necrobear. You have received an addition to your role. You are now also lET ME TALL U ABOUT HAGAR

hagrid is like sam in that they are both big and full of love. like you think a person who likes animals n things that much isn't at least a little nice?? pLEASE! hagrid has the heart of a some disney princess ok i mean look at all that care of magical creatures i swear when the heartless come to hogwarts hagrid's heart is gonna be SO STRONG that it'll be harvested to power up some tower or something and he's gonna have a badass nobody that's still rlly nice and probably has a bunch of animal-like heartless companions by his side or even all the heartless because he's just that good with them like his handle animal stat has to be OUT THE ROOF and after the events of the book you just KNOW that the newt scamander guy was like 'holly shit i heard about this amaizng hgrid guy let me talk to him and we can co-author my next book' and that's how hagrid helped write a new hogwarts textbook and even though he couldn't get a date with that other lady, it's ok because he eventually finds love in some form or other and even if he becomes a crazy cat lady you know it's the best kind of crazy cat lady because this man is kind of technically the grandfather ten million spider babies he's just so proud of. aragog. and they sit back and knock back a few brewskis with the aragog couple while the centaurs babysit the ten million spider babies and hagrid just has a great life and lives to be 500 years old at least.

in addition to your ghost role. This role will last until the end of next night phase.

As hagaridsam, your love for your fellow players is great, and you may express it in the form of a wonderful, delicious gift.

At night, you may tirelessly bake a cake for a player of your choosing as a gift of your big and considerable love. While fresh, the cake will prevent one killing effect used on the player at night, consuming the cake in the process. Additionally, the fresh cake may be cut into four slices. Three of these slices may be gifted to any other player of their choosing at night on any night of their choosing so long as they possess the cake. However, seeing as this is no longer a fresh cake, each slice will expire at the end of the night phase. Cutting the cake at all will make it into a sliced cake instead of a fresh cake, and for every night thereafter up to one slice will be consumed from the player holding the cake until the cake is no more. Each slice of cake retains the protective properties of the fresh cake.
You have lost the role ((hagar)). You have received an addition to your role. You are now also SWANS FLYING OVER THE HORIZON AND WE WILL FOREVER FOLLOW THE SUN SO THAT THE LIGHT WILL NEVER DISAPPEAR in addition to your ghost role. This role will last until the end of the next night phase.

You are forever chasing the sun, flying high above the other players, if you were not already as a ghosty ghost. As a swan, during the day you may instead choose to fly high and continue as though the day will never end. If you enact this role, at the next rollover  you will not die and will survive the night phase and into the following day phase, negating the ghost portion of your role and rendering you targetable for effects. Additionally, your final vote from the day phase you activate the ability will carry over to the next day phase. At the end of the next day phase following the activation of this role, you will die as normal.

Tiki the Troll
You are El Zorro, the suave and faux-Spanish dancer and detective. You are town.

El Zorro does not simply come to town's aid when called, oh, no no no. El Zorro may only arrive in town's most desperate hour, when they need him, a hero, the one clad in cape and enough dashing charm to drown any fine person with one sultry look--ah, yes, El Zorro!

Each night, you may begin helping--no! Improvising town's defenses by getting up and personal with some good lookin' lucky player. You will receive--a result! Town, mafia, neutral--what is the difference to El Zorro? We are dancing, now, you see? El Zorro will come to understand all this later, later, dancing now.

Once El Zorro has danced with four players, he must out himself to the thread, donning his true persona (and account) while casting aside his previous one. He may no longer dance with new players, but instead on the first phase while outed he will be told the sanities he had each night, but not in order. Additionally, he will gain the ability to force a lynch vote to be between himself and one of the players he has previously danced with, but he will start with one additional vote from the Cat Mask. When the game ends, he will be told the true alignments of all players he previously investigated. You see? El Zorro know this and know he will find what he needs in the end.
Yup, I'm an enabler. This role is pretty straight-forward, but it's based off of the first role I gave him in my first game ever in which he was an insane cop. I rolled between the four variations each night and got "Sane" on the first. I intended not to make him able to get too many sanes considering his gladiator power is also potentially very strong with a cop role to back it, and I wanted to make him have to work for it to determine if he had found a mafia. So I took "sane" out of the pool for the following two nights and proceeded to get Insane and then Paranoid. For the last one I debated disallowing Paranoid to make his results a little less unwieldy, or forcing Naive through. I actually considering forcing Insane, too, since the original El Zorro was an Insane cop. In the end I just decided to roll it and got Paranoid.

Coincidentally, he investigated all three original mafia.

You are Melba, a sweet and perfectly normal koala. You are town.

Melba is a good neighbor and cares a lot about those around her. Isn't she cute? Each night she can perform one of two actions.

The first action allows her to invite a guest over to her house every other night, where she will engage them in a polite and very delicate chat over dinner and cake. During this visit, she will inform the target that she is, in fact, of town alignment! She will also receive a flavorful hint of this player's role.

The second action allows her to take a moonlit stroll around town and follow a target of her choice, if they are out that night. She will learn if this player leaves her during the stroll and heads off to target another player, though she will not know what action this player performed.
THE CUTEST ROLE EVER. Mafia should feel ashamed for killing such a beautiful and pure creature. Role is, again, pretty straight-forward. I saw "friendly neighbor" role on mafiascum and said "this is it". Early ideas had her as an item vendor (idk how ACNF works). The flavor hints were written in diary entries, like Rasei's role in Snowball Bash. Because I am a sucker for re-using my favorite ideas.

Each night you may AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  AAAAAA another player of your choice and make it so their actions are AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and any incoming actions are AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. They will receive a message of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Once in the game after Night 3 at night you may instead AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, making the next rollover be AAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AA AAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA. You can view edit history and see AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA about the players that AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
So this role was meant to sound a little scummy in return for pretty strong power. I tried to give hints as to what it might do, and I hope the role wasn't too frustrating to Dylan. The first action made the target immune to any other actions, and prevented them from performing any other actions. It just turned actions into "AAAAAAAAA", aka nothing. AAAAAAAAAAAA. I considered originally having this be a message chain depending on player actions, but that was messy. The rollover scrub was meant to tell him everyone that acted, but required other players to believe his claims since they couldn't see the rollover.

Mr. Gerbear
You are Higgs Boson, centrally important. You are town.

As a carrier force across the universe, if you are ever lynched, the following night phase will be skipped as the universe attempts to adjust to your vanished presence. However, certain parties in the universe with enough clout have other intentions, and under a specific condition this role effect can be negated. Should this happen, your role ability will be modified such that each night you may target a player and prevent one killing effect from interacting with its recipient, protecting them. Once you have successfully protected one player from a kill, you will lose this power. You may not target yourself.

Additionally, each night you may target another player and carry any actions they may have received to another target of your choice. You may not name the same two targets on consecutive nights, nor may you target yourself.
So drandahl gets a star for accurately calling this role to some extent. The original version was actually an Enabler/Switch sort of role that could determine what roles were available and active. I couldn't find a way to make this work how I wanted, so I ended up doing a different take on it, but in hindsight this might have been a good way to better control the presence of roleblocking effects in game. The death portion of the role was modeled after the "virgin" role, which brings me back to Five. Yeah, the hooker could neutralize Gerry's special death effect. Five happened to stun Gerry N0. What a coincidence.

You are Parker, a master thief. You are town, surprisingly.

With your deft fingers and clever hands, you are able to get near any player and take from them with ease. Each night, you may target a player and attempt to steal whatever is on their person, roleblocking them on the following night phase. A simplified, one-use copy of their role will be given to you, as well as up to one item in their possession if they have any.

However, seeing as you don't get along well with others, for the rest of the game their votes against you will be worth one more vote for each time you have stolen from them. You may only perform one action each night.
I thought this role was pretty clever and I enjoyed the flavor of it. Amusingly, both her and Rasei would end up getting information from their roles that would've told Dylan what his night action did if they shared it. Sisterly bond! The item stealing felt out of place since I had few items in game, but I anticipated possibly more due to ezzelin and KiyoBlaire. Felt thematically appropriate, so.

high seraph
You are a psyduck thinking about a shoelace. You are confused and also town.

On Night 0, you will be stunned as you attempt to overcome your headache as you think about a shoelace and all of its complexities. For every night phase after that, you will have a stacking 33% chance to be stunned on any given night. Starting on Day 2, and continuing every other day after, you must release some of the psychic energies in your head and use confusion on up to two targets you have not already confused. These players will be unable to think clearly about anything for the rest of the phase, receiving a flavor message stating as much. Should they target you with a non-killing effect on any night for the rest of the game, it will be redirected to another target instead, excluding themself. If you do not choose targets to confuse, they will be randomized.

After N4, once during the game at night you may choose to run around chanting "PSY! PSY! PSY! PSY!" frantically, finally feeling a deeper connection to the shoelace and needing to tell others. You will bump into every player, redirecting their actions to you if they would perform any. Additionally, you will gain protection from one killing effect until the end of phase. This ability will not counteract any confused status effects currently in play.
Well, I had a vision for this role that didn't work quite as expected, so I apologize, Lucas. I tried to give him a role that took most effect during the day since I know he doesn't much prefer night action roles. I wanted to create a role where he was a lightning rod that had the option to try and redirect people he thought was town off of him, so he'd absorb mafia effects and let town do other things. Also to help potential investigators go to players other than him on regular nights.

It was an interesting overall concept, but I think it needed a lot more tweaking and a better design. I hope it was still fun in terms of flavor. I'll do better for you next time, my dear Lucas ;w; This role took me the longest to figure out and I had trouble feeling satisfied with it.

You are Shiro from Voltron, a powerful and exceedingly capable leader. You are town.

As Shiro, your tenacity and strength are near unrivalled, supported by your Galra prosthetic arm that is as much blessing as it is a curse. With your strength, you have a one-use bulletproof and will shrug off the first killing action used on you. But this arm is a cruel reminder of your past, and, worse, makes you feel unfit for command. Thus any non-killing actions against you during any night phase will cause PTSD and weaken your resolve, temporarily reducing your bulletproof to a bleeder effect until the end of the next night phase. While suffering PTSD, your death will be staggered by one phase, and any additional actions on you will not count towards prolonging your PTSD.

Additionally, as a leader you are ever capable of commanding your companions. Each day phase, you will be able to decide whether to utilize "Disruptive", "Recon", or "Protective" unit combative procedures. Once chosen, you may then select a target of your choosing. Your choice of action and target will then be forwarded to a player with the appropriate role, chosen at random. If the command is obeyed, your leadership will have been acknowledged, and your vote will be worth an additional vote the following day phase. If the command is ignored, you will trigger PTSD. In either case, you will be told the name of the player you ordered.
I've been dying to put a Captain role in the game for a long time, and this was my best opportunity. This role was meant to feel like one that could be either alignment, and I am pleased Rasei did so well with it. I am not sure if this was my favorite version of Captain, however. I think in future games if I used this I'd either make her have to target a player, or be given a list of players, or be able to activate/deactive anonymous players, or roles, or something. Captain has a lot of variations and I am not sure how mine feels compared to most of them (considering Rasei is almost always guaranteed to be told one person's type of role, but to be fair that's basically a role cop just that she gets to hunt for a specific type of role, and she doesn't know what the role does or their alignment), but I think it was overall very interesting and I'd like to do it again.

You are that feeling of crushing defeat that you feel when you're really looking forward to eating something but you open the fridge and its not there and you find out someone else ate it. You are town.
Yeah, that was the role PM. Wondering what it was? So I probably needed to work on the distribution method, and I was thinking of switching it up if you lasted longer into the game. I wanted your "role" to end up in the hands of other players so they could have a small idea and discussion point. The idea was that you could've voted on anyone holding the item and you'd get your role, but otherwise it'd go to you at the end of the day phase. Not the most elegant solution. I should've made it better, sorry. In hindsight, I hope I didn't make too many town roles hard to use. Anyway, so what did you do?

"For your role, [each night you may target a player and]" D1
"from the list [of three actions choose one.]"  D2
"If you don't [pick an action, the first will always be selected. The first action will stop the presumed thief by confronting and jailing them. The second will]" D3
"then let you [learn some of the player's role, and]" D4
"also the last [action is a one-shot vigilante kill on any target of your choosing. Oh, and also,]" D5
"when you're lynched [I suppose it's worth mentioning that]" D6
"if no other [player has as many or more votes than you, you will die.]" D7

* So to clarify. Other players only see the first three words, but deo also sees what's in the brackets. He has that entire role at the start of the game, but only knows of it as he acquires it. I had a lot of trouble figuring out what powers to give him, but I figured this worked okay? ;w;

You are "SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)" -- A Bad Lip Reading of The Empire Strikes Back, and you are groovy. You are town.

You are rockin', and rollin', down on the beach you're strollin', but the blockers, stop your roles not fun. You say, "blockers, stop it now!" But the blockers gonna come. Poke you in the coconut. And they did--and they did.

So now, blockers. Let me grab my beater. Show you who's the psycho weiner. Don't fall asleep.

Whenever you are targeted with an action that would block your role during the night, you instead have a 50% chance to stun the sender in return. Once triggered, this will not activate again until after one night phase has passed.

Additionally, every night you can hop on another player like a backpack, staying with them throughout the night. You will learn if any actions were performed by or on your target, but not what they were or the other players involved.
A simple and effective role. Worked as I wanted it to. I considered if it should have more involved in it, or if it might be a paranoid gun owner, or if it might be able to either take actions from rollover and repurpose them, or transform incoming actions on her into new powers, but that seemed needlessly complex. Instead this was a way around stuns and some consistent information that could be useful.

Also the song is catchy as hell.

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how did this game not take lux half a year to make jesus christ

chants for closing thoughts

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I couldn't say anything, but I got my win condition the phase when the entire rollover was AAAAAAAAAAAAA. (I could still lose it though, because of the mechanism, so I couldn't confirm or anything.)

and can I just say I'm really disappointed no one ever asked "why is ezz doing the vote tallies"

thank you kiyo!!
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I thought you just wanted to be nice and do the vote tallies.

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katze....Q A Q.....that is so pure.......

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I got to say, I love Aeiou's song

"I never dreamed a character inside the story could change the story." - Drosselmeyer

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i love aeiou

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I listened to that song on repeat for at least a day or two.

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Ahh I had a lot of fun. Lux is so clever with roles! And yeah Ezz I just figured you were being nice and helpful haha

Im glad people enjoy the song, when I first heard it me and my friends couldnt stop singing it and I know there was a point in my life where I spaced out in the shower and thought about it and had a fuckign laughing fit. About yoda singing.

I love you too blaire ;0;

I actually had a sinking suspicion that Five was maf convert because she signed onto skype randomly haha but I didnt want to put to much stock into something off thread like that! Im also mad because I was pretty convinced originally that Katze was mafia but then the role made me think town and I convinced myself otherwise haha. Im awful at this

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aeiou is a good small furry friend

actually no, i headcanon aeiou as being half a person's height

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i would like to say that this game was very interesting to watch. i was intrigued. so much.

thanks for the game, lux!! <3

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I think I probably literally voted Five once every phase that I lived, but nobody listens to me!!! >:(

Tbh the moment Five survived a lynch I was like "ok no chance she's not mafia by this point", but I also didn't push it because I was afraid it'd backfire on my face because I was tunneling them so much. Also I didnt want to die because I NEEDED TO SURVIVE FOR 52 PHASES IN ORDER TO USE MY ROLE TO ITS FULL EXTENT lux why do u hate me ;A;)/

I'm jk, I enjoyed my role a lot, even tho I do agree it might have needed some more tweaking. Also I screamed PSY PSY PSY on the wrong phase and nobody thought anything of it, which was pretty hilarious on my end. ALSO I GOT FEASTED ON AND IT WAS MARVELOUS?!?!?!? This game was cool, I had a blast. :-) thanks for hosting, Luxxx!!!!!

Also, in case you tl;dr'd through my role: I was a psyduck thinking about a shoelace. Yep, I was the shoelace person. But the shoelace never did much other than give me a migraine......


[16:41:10] Kiyo / 7♦: “so lucas what do you think about this lynch?”
[16:41:10] Kiyo / 7♦: “hHHHhhhhhh hHHHHHHHHHH HHHHhhhHHhh"
[16:41:36] lucasssss: "lucas i want u to bus me and lynch me this phase"
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[End of the World As We Know It]

And I feel fine...

Okay, I intended to do post-game thoughts. This is me now doing post-game thoughts. I'll keep this shorter than my past few and hit on a few topics I paid attention to during the game.

The Roles
So this game and my past game, which was also a upick, have shown that I enjoy trying to craft new things from several different traditional roles for the sake of creating something to capture the spirit or concept of a submission. Sometimes this doesn't quite hit the mark, and I apologize for any instance of this. I tried to work in lessons learned from my past two main games, which I think did ultimately help this one's mechanics. Naturally, I have my own trends in design, and so...

Stuns, jails, and other controlling effects
I like hiding failed or protected NKs, which means adding more jails and stuns. I also tend to like jails over regular doctors to make a protection more apparent, with other hidden protective effects too. I also like having conditional and multiple methods of control, which necessitates some roles that still offer results/functionality in spite of this.

So, this game started with a lot, lot of controlling effects, which many considered ridiculous. It's true at that point it gets hard to effectively speculate over the nature of these, however I noticed "Well these people could not have sent in a kill" wasn't actively discussed beyond D1 and sort of D2, and I was surprised the drop in quantity of stuns and jails didn't receive much comment that I remember. Those actually dropped off a lot faster than I expected, which was interesting. This game was a bit of an extreme of what I'd allow for such effects. My ideal is closer to my last two main games. I'm still not sure about showing protected NKs, though, which brings me to...

Information from more traditional roles
One thing I actively try to avoid is easy role claims--or at the least, I make a few town roles seem scummy at a glance, and a few mafia roles seem pro-town at a glance. This is to make the role claim game less definitive than pure discussion and analysis. Not showing protected NKs falls roughly into this because I like the ambiguity and what it means for discussion. "Did the stun block it?" "Did the jail protect it?" "Are we being bluffed?"

However, I realize there are a few things that are lost with this general approach. First is the loss of, "This person is probably town if they were protected." It also removes some of the WIFOM strategy of, "[the mafia] have protective effects. Let's NK ourselves." Additionally, with some less straight-forward roles and less obvious role claims, I've wondered if it lowers the overall power of town.

Whatever the case, this has made me consider whether or not I made things too tricky. For instance, this game had a few town roles that were a little obscured in functionality (deo, drandahl, Kiyoko). This was in part to follow the spirit of their submissions, and I tried to account for this. And then there were the less obvious role claims, which are typically useful for certain town strategies and clears. That doesn't tend to happen in my games since they are unsupported. But this not to take away from the mafia victory since I do believe mafia ultimately won through discussion and convincing lies.

Other missing things
In the future, I'd like to include more killing and messaging effects. I'd also like to explore even more forms of information (I tend to favor role/flavor cop and tracker). I keep trying to work in a few voting roles, but I don't want to make it an arms race that gets swingy, so I think things like Rasei's conditional double-vote is overall fine.

Killing effects fall by the wayside most of the time since I do not feel comfortable adding more than one. I worry over dramatic swings, and I try to limit this to some extent while hopefully rewarding good play and strategies. But sometimes a swing is actually useful and necessary to keep the game from entering "Okay now we just sit here doing the same NK + Lynch cycle until one side wins." So, yeah.

Synergy also loosely went away this game. Instead, I favored redundancy. Making a number of roles fulfill similar goals of information and negation means that losing one such role doesn't dramatically wipe out all of a certain type from the game. But this is also necessary for certain roles, so I try to keep it measured fairly. Mafia had a few synergy effects that never got used. I don't think town had any. Maybe I should consider such things. I like certain co-dependencies like Kiyoko + Blaire, and Rasei + Everyone because it does not automatically suggest an alignment and allows for interesting results derived from playstyles.

But redundancy leads to potentially weaker roles that still need to contribute. In this way, I worried the game grew stale near the end as town ran thin on actions, and mafia weren't sending in some. This might be typical of a longer game with many dead players, but I do worry if there was a design mistake. Most living town still had some form of action/results, so it was probably fine(?).

You saying "This will be short" is always code for "I'm about to be too lux; didn't read"
So anyway, my main takeaways from this game were that I want to try working in more traditional roles and forms of information, and I want to utilize killing and messaging effects. I also want to get a bit better at designing every upick role to fit their submission in a fun way. I covered most of my thoughts on the neutral role in the role commentary, but I conceptually like neutrals and want to make more of them and hopefully make them more involved in discussion. I want neutral pairs, too.

I also had an internal debate on if I focus too much of the effective power granted by discussion (read: balancing roles around the +1 to town's power when information is shared) or if I should ignore that, but I think if discussion and commentary aren't made, then they aren't made and that's that.

Final role comment: I want to better handle X-use roles, since I think I staggered them not as well as I could have. Short version: I tried to account for a lot of permutations related to Ninfia, Blaire, Five, and Gerry.

Closing thoughts
I was proud of my players and their ideas and theories. I had some thoughts that in this game, town needed more initiative to follow-up on the mentions of "There's some information a page or two back, but...", which then would fall by the wayside. I think town was pretty good about identifying which players to trust or distrust, but ultimately didn't form up in the necessary time. For mafia, well you did the thing, so. I would say this is a good example of how even when mafia feels like they're behind, it's not always true.

I hope the roles and gameplay were both fun, and I also hope it felt like there was adequate information to work with for town, and adequate counter-attack for mafia. From my commentary above, as well as a reflection upon the game, I am open to any feedback in terms of how the game felt and handled, likes and dislikes, and so on.

I've mostly figured out how I want to handle stars, but I'll save that for when I calculate trophies, which will come tomorrow. I apologize for being slow; I wanted a break yesterday.

Official tl;dr: I am the best anime.
I have no idea if anyone ever gets anything out of these post-game rambles I like doing.

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Luxaria wrote:I have no idea if anyone ever gets anything out of these post-game rambles I like doing.
I like reading these, it's like an insight into the luxhosr's mind and thinking. (And since I've been minilux this game, that is very relevant information o v o)

thank you kiyo!!
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