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Gakuen Mafia EP04-EP08 [ENG SUB]

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16 Re: Gakuen Mafia EP04-EP08 [ENG SUB] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:27 pm


Question for both Luxaria and eleni -- did you do anything last night (if it's not extremely sensitive information) that could have led to either of you being stunned?))

票数 Vote Tally

Kiyoko vs no vote

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17 Re: Gakuen Mafia EP04-EP08 [ENG SUB] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:29 pm

What even is this bloody murder mystery thing, and why in the hell are they talking about my waifu.

This is unacceptable.

Edit: If I was stunned, it was someone else's doing.

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18 Re: Gakuen Mafia EP04-EP08 [ENG SUB] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:38 pm

[I want to see nautilus and chinomi in their WcDonalds uniforms too. Speaking of uniforms, we should have a maid and butler cafe at the school festival.

Let's see... I guess eleni and Luxaria aren't on my lynch list since they couldn't have sent in the NK last night. That doesn't mean they aren't mafia, but I wouldn't prioritize them this phase.

I'm pretty sure Rasei wrote the fanfic. The writing resembles how she posts, unless someone's pretending to be her. I'm not particularly concerned about her the ability unless, as others considered, it can change rollover text.]

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19 Re: Gakuen Mafia EP04-EP08 [ENG SUB] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:41 pm


I have a list of people I want to vote for, but I really want to hear eleni's response to my question. ;v;

I do think adawg's detention was from left field, though. I'm inclined to agree with Kiyoko that it was a kill targeted to avoid any obvious protection targets. Alternatively I guess we could always considered the "what if mafia is full of strong players, attempted to mix it up" theory, too.

Ummmm. I agree that Rasei probably wrote the fanfic, because it really does resemble how she posts and it also fits in accurately with her trope, unless shenanigans are afoot. Before this rollover was posted I was coincidentally reading a game where Plot Stickers had the ability to insert random stuff in rollover text (though I think it was differentiated from the actual rollover events), and I'm pretty sure that's all it did.))

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20 Re: Gakuen Mafia EP04-EP08 [ENG SUB] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:46 pm

Hmm. I also think her detention was a little odd. I'm leaning either rnd NK from a set of "likely unprotected classmates", or info on her role / relationship ability was revealed to mafia.

Still thinking about this; up to date, but will be running an errand while I think about things a little more.

Holding out votes for now so as to not derail conversation.

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21 Re: Gakuen Mafia EP04-EP08 [ENG SUB] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:49 pm

Right now, I want to hear Eleni response if she did anything last night.

"I never dreamed a character inside the story could change the story." - Drosselmeyer

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22 Re: Gakuen Mafia EP04-EP08 [ENG SUB] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:25 pm

((... I'm going to be alcasync in this game, I'm sorry. I guess we have unlimited vote changes so this is kind of alright, but I want to squeeze out a bit more information from some folks.

@Tiki/Jaiser -- Sorry for pressing both of you so vehemently on this, but are you two in a relationship? If so, when did the relationship begin?

@deo/plot -- When did this relationship begin?

@everyone -- Are there any changes in relationships that have happened? Has anyone broken up? (In this same vein: Ninfia and I are still together and going to a restaurant that is neither Subhey or WcDonalds).

Anyways, players that I don't want to vote for this phase:
Kiyoko, high seraph, T3tsuya, Ninfia, ezreal, eleni, Luxaria

Kotakia is in this weird limbo between the "no vote" list and the "hmm" list because she's been extremely forthcoming with information about her own actions this entire game but this also could be a ruse, hmmm. Just from gut feelings I don't think she's mafia, but I doubt gut feelings nowadays, haha.

Unless this is a delayed action that's going to happen hours from now, I also don't really suspect the fanfiction role at the moment and consider it benign because neither high seraph nor deo has dropped dead yet (or really have anything happen to them), since it doesn't seem to directly affect the actual rollover content (therefore it isn't as anti-town as something that could modify or disguise rollover).

I guess the curious thing is that the fanfictions when threaded together seem to imply that Alice's class (us) and the kid who died are completely independent of each other, since the fanfiction states that there are twenty-four teens alive and talking (and not the victim) in the classroom when the protag enters (unless there's writing inconsistencies), so I don't really think it's a targeted kill on either deo or high seraph anymore.

I do think it's Rasei, so I don't want to vote for Rasei either.

For the record: can anyone post a list of the players in this game that's just a normal list? I've been going off the table on the first page and I've been forgetting people left and right because of it.))

Last edited by n★utilus on Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:28 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : more info added)

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23 Re: Gakuen Mafia EP04-EP08 [ENG SUB] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:30 pm


((Alright! so, I will probably throw up an RP post later but I wanted to get a big post of my thoughts together.

So, I think that it is fairly obvious that the fic writer is Rasei at this point, but at this point I'm not sure what the motivations behind it are. It is ominous, sure, but I'm hesitant to call it something actually malicious yet? There might be role restrictions re:the topics that could be written about... that being said, I'm not super alarmed by her at this point.

So, Lux and Eleni were stunned, meaning that if there was a contact stun/relationship ability stun there is a potential contact stun from either AliceofOz or Mr. Alice. Alice x 2 combo. We'll have to watch and see if their partners get stunned in the future.

ummm I guess, people I wouldn't be willing to vote this round:

Nauti-love -- <3
Lux -- her reasoning hasn't tipped me off to anything and she defs didn't send in the nk last night
Eleni -- at least until she posts this phase, she also didn't send in the nk so I don't mind keeping her off the chopping block
High Seraph -- has been helpful and I agree with his opinions thus far
Deo -- Target of the fic, hasn't really done anything to tip me off
Kotakia-- because I feel as if maybe neutral?
T3t -- Ditto
Kiyoko -- had an attempted nk on her and is pinging town for me.

ummm I would like to hear from Kiku and Rodea, and Aistar-san once she gets the chance to backread.

Those are my thoughts thus far but I am still thinking in my head brain.

edit: I put a text playerlist on the front page! <3

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24 Re: Gakuen Mafia EP04-EP08 [ENG SUB] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:46 pm

Naut wrote:

AliceofOz, Ninfia, T3tsuya, Kiku, Rodea, Aistaraina?? Probably more but off the top of my head these are the players who haven't really commented on the current events in-thread or discussed anything this phase

There hasn't been many new developments to discuss until just now. But if you want words, I have words. Several, in fact.

Luckily, I have just flown in on my Jeticopter. With Kotakia in tow. She has obediently accepted the protection of the strong and as a result she will sit comfortably at the feet of the leader of the new world. The services I provide are available to anybody who seeks happiness and safety through serving their betters. Yes, even those who have already had a lapse in critical brain function enough to deny my employ. I will be reaching out to push the decision of those who don't have the strength to do it on their own.

Tiki, unfortunately, could not join us. He was very busy playing in a ditch trying to make a castle out of mud using his hands and mouth. He has thrown off all remaining illusions of rational thought and abandoned my offer of employ. Ah, the dreams of the poor. He has coincidentally tossed away all chance of actual Title and control over a lesser Duchy in the new world to waste away building a monument to bad decisions out of filth.

Well, like they say, followers will be welcomed with open arms. Traitors will not be missed.

Ninfia wrote:((I knew t3t would come, I knew he would bring the words. I think I have an idea about him but I don't feel particularly suspicious at the moment. agreeing at least with the idea that he's got a harem type ability at the very least.



The retinue of the Tetsuya Conglomerate are not single-purpose buyable bodies. All people regardless of creed, nationality, or gender are equally considered for employment and subsequent maid uniform fitting. They provide obedient service and recieve unparalleled boons afforded only to those who willingly submit.

They have important tasks to fulfill outside of concubinal obligations.

high seraph wrote:

For the sake of compiling information (and organizing my own thoughts tbh), these are some proposed theories & questions raised about the recruitment:
Things About the Recruitment:
How did the recruitment happen?

A) The recruiter hand-picked their target.
B) The recruited met a certain mystery condition that turned them mafia.
C) The recruited is a turncoat.
D) The recruitment is a result of a relationship power.

Who is the recruiter?

A) Someone who was under scrutiny during the last phase and, therefore, needed to act asap.
B) I... think that was the only suggestion, actually? But everyone pretty much agreed it seems unlikely, since the phase was quickly turning into a NL scenario. I have a suggestion I guess
C) If the recruitment was carried out by fulfilling a condition, maybe it's possible that the condition was set on N0 and fulfilled by D1 and mafia didn't have much control over it?? In which case, trying to identify the recruiter gets a lot trickier.

Who was recruited?

A) A strong, talkative veteran player.
B) A quieter player not in anyone's radar as of yet. These two options seem equally likely to me tbh, although I think if I were mafia I would prefer to go along with the first option, since quiet players are somewhat vulnerable to getting policy-lynched after a while.

So what we have gained from this new round of speculation is that:

The recruitment role may or may not have hand picked their target. They may or may not have a condition to this ability. They might have, but then again might have not needed to act quickly because of a possible relationship activated ability.
The recruited may or may not have been a strong veteran. Or then again they might have been quieter. And that is because the ambiguous person may or may not have been killed soon, but only if that person was born on the Thursday of a leap year.

Read: Anyone.
high seraph wrote:Or m-maybe i shouldn't try to read too hard into rollover...


We decided to NL to glean more information in additional phases as new actions occur for a reason. Additionally I feel it's both worthless and actually a detriment to try to squeeze more information from virtually nothing. We have a very select list of things that are known as a fact, straying too far from that causes undue confusion.

Sit. Wait. Observe. There's been someone unduly sent away, that is more pressing.

Tiki The Troll wrote:"No, but he is still the king of all jerk-faces.

Though, to be fair," Tiki shrugged, "given some things said since this whole thing has started to blow up...I don't think he's one of the baddies in this money situation.

"First of all, because they are all apparently a part of a club...and that implies they share the money. I have trouble seeing him sharing anything. He would just want people to work for him, like that bizarro application letter he gave me implied. So, while I doubt rich boy cares about our clubs and extracurricular activities, I don't think he's among the thieves."

I've read (!!) it stated by others that they think T3t's harem ting is probably tied to a neutral win condition for himself. And yeah,until further evidence comes along, I'm willing to buy that T3t is neutral this time around.

@chinomi That is great...though not as good as this. (I don't get why sometimes I can't just insert the gif, bah.)

While I find it unfathomable that you managed to read written text, this is something I will address.

I do have a set endgame goal. Domination of school and country leads to unification, and those unified under a strong banner present an insurmountable threat to all who would cause trouble. My goal, however, is personal and all my own. I am after all a philanthropist.

I provide a service that is provably beneficial to all who seek it that is unique to me. I also provide vengeance that is swift and absolute to those who would target me that is unique to myself and those under my influence.

So, while I don't at all care about ants killing ants, I do have a stake in all of this that is beneficial to most. And it is not something as boring and subtle as neutrality. Do not confuse apathy for dismissal of duty.

Tiki The Troll wrote:

Vote: Alice of Oz

Bah, sorry for not getting another chance to really post till now. But yeah, seeing how discussion has gone, while we have little to go on, that seems to maybe be our best option, if only for info gathering. Siding with Nautilus on this one.

n?utilus wrote:Tiki, if you say you're notoriously bad at playing mafia again I'm going to throw you off the roof of this school. Confidence! >:(

Sorry. Didn't mean for it to sound so bad. T_T

As much as I would love to see somebody throw you off a building for a bad excuse, I have to keep you firmly grounded under my heel for a short while.

I find the Alice vote interesting. I would like you to expand on that more than you have, because as of right now I don't feel you have good reason. That combined with the fact that you have, so far, denied someone's confession that she made for the express reason of protecting us. Only to then seek employ under me so you could quit before you were fired (Out of a cannon). It makes me wonder what, besides hot air, is going through your head.

Please literally explain this to the rest of the class.

I will hold my opinion until more facts arise. I do have a list of people whose behaviors are not in line with my idea of normal, but that might just because they've made physical contact with a certain previous employee of mine and something vile rubbed off on them.

What I want on my desk before I return:

Eleni is to post proving she can speak today, and explain her actions over the last night.

My attractively troubled secretary, Kotakia is to explain more specifics of her role.

Luxaria is to explain if she did or did not do something last night.

Everyone is to explain the nature of their current relationships and if they changed recently. If they won't explain their relationship, say why.

I have a meeting. Try to manage until then. Any questions can also be left on my desk in triplicate.

Kiyoko wrote:I'm really only actual irl tsun towards Tet, because he's a huge douchewaffle and we have known each other for a decade and he can put up with my incredibly foul lexicon.

Oh come on, I am at least a douchecanoe. A douchewaffle will feed you for a day. A douchecanoe will hold you and rock you as you cry.

The fact I may have caused that to happen to begin with, inconsequential.

I am a canoe of comfort. The Good Ship Tetsuya.

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25 Re: Gakuen Mafia EP04-EP08 [ENG SUB] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:52 pm


た・だ・い・ま! やっと帰った。

This cat would like the thread to know that Tet is a douche of many forms, and not merely limited to waffles or canoes, and that it's entirely his fault if he loses a post he spent 20 minutes on due to not reading instructions.

A'ight. Updated this. Check my facts. Specpost incoming.

Link to Cinnamon Bun's Chart

The Facts:
N0 -> D1 Rollover

  • There are 3x stuns
  • There is a jail
  • There is a protective role of some kind that prevented Kiyoko from dying N0
  • There is some role that leads to a murder story getting posted in rollover, I'm calling this the "fanfiction" role
  • kiku, Kotakia, chinomi and deo are not the stun/jails/protects/fanfiction, and did not send the kill.

D1 -> N1 Rollover

  • There is a recruiter or turncoat role.

N1 -> D2 Rollover

  • eleni and Luxaria are not two of the stunners or the fanfic role, nor did they send the kill.

Hints and claims:

  • Kiyoko can only vote no vote or no lynch (according to Kiyoko)
  • If Kiyoko votes, she loses her role power and becomes vanilla (according to Kiyoko)
  • Kiyoko is not neutral (according to Kiyoko)
  • Cure can't initiate confessions (according to Cure)
  • Cure's ability is twice as useful when she's in a relationship (according to Cure)
  • Rasei and Sammiya are in a non-romantic sisterly relationship and can send notes to each other (confirmed by both)
  • If Kotakia is without a partner for 3 phases, demon gets released (according to Kotakia)
  • Kotakia's ability is passive (according to Kotakia)
  • T3tsuya does not have a revenge-kill that triggers upon rejection (according to T3tsuya)
  • Ezreal has a role that can "confirm [Cure] was partnerless n0"
  • nautilus doesn't actually have a role-related connection with deo (according to nautilus)
  • high seraph still has his ability as of end of N1 (according to Kiyoko)


  • Luxaria/Alice
  • eleni/Blaire
  • high seraph/Kiyoko
  • nautilus/Ninfia
  • chinomi/Ezreal
  • Kotakia/T3tsuya
  • Cure/Sammiya
  • Tiki/??? (Jaiser?)
  • deo/plotstickers

Relationship Timeline:


  • Confirmed Couples: Luxaria/Alice, eleni/Blaire, high seraph/Kiyoko, nautilus/Ninfia, chinomi/Ezreal
  • Did not confess: nautilus, Aistaraina, deo, kiku, Rodea, plotstickers, drandahl, adawg
  • Did not receive confession: Aistaraina, Cure, Rasei, deo, kiku, Rodea, drandahl, adawg
  • T3tsuya confessed to Kiyoko and was turned down
  • Kotakia confessed to Tiki and was turned down
  • Mr. Alice confessed to eleni very soon after game start
  • chinomi confessed to ezreal very soon after game start (according to ezreal)


  • T3tsuya and Tiki were briefly a thing but then Tiki broke it off
  • Kotakia confessed to Cure on D1
  • Kotakia and Cure were briefly a thing but then Kotakia broke it off
  • Did not confess: adawg
  • Did not receive confession: adawg


  • Kotakia/T3tsuya became a thing (according to Kotakia)
  • Cure found a rebound (according to Cure)
  • ^ This person is Sammiya (according to Sammiya)
  • adawg confessed to someone "i just sent one out before i finished catching up tho???/ so it ended up being moot welp"?
  • Did not receive confession: adawg


  • plot received a confession (according to plot)
  • Tiki turned down Rasei
  • deo and plot became a thing.

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26 Re: Gakuen Mafia EP04-EP08 [ENG SUB] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 8:11 pm

Dang, was this guy for real? If T3tsuya had a yen for every word he uttered...

[@nautilus It began night 1, if I'm not mistaken.]

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27 Re: Gakuen Mafia EP04-EP08 [ENG SUB] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 8:13 pm

t3t is like a masochist's dream come true..................

ty kiyo
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28 Re: Gakuen Mafia EP04-EP08 [ENG SUB] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 8:15 pm

[how do you know a word like that, kaminomi-san]

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29 Re: Gakuen Mafia EP04-EP08 [ENG SUB] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 8:16 pm


ty kiyo
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30 Re: Gakuen Mafia EP04-EP08 [ENG SUB] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 8:16 pm


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