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Cry Wolf is a brand new forum focused on the forum version of the deception game Mafia/Werewolves

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General Rules

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1General Rules Empty General Rules on Sun May 10, 2015 5:39 pm


  • Be respectful to other members
  • Absolutely no trolling/flaming
  • No links to illegal downloads such as roms, emulators, and torrents
  • Do not post sexual or pornographic material
  • No slurs of any type, towards any person/group
  • Please no spoilers/keep spoilers under spoiler tags
  • Try to keep to the topic of the post
  • Please do not repeat topics and check before posting a new one.
  • No spamming

  • Follow the rules the hosts of the game sets up
  • Respect the hosts and players, but if you feel like there’s an issue contact a admin or moderator about it
  • Only join if you will have time to play, or if a issue comes up in real life inform the mod of the game of the issue to make arrangements
  • Mafia is a game aimed to be deceptive, so do not take anything that happens within a game personally
  • Do not throw the game (Either by assisting or playing for the opposite team)
  • Do not bribe or threaten to get other players to vote your way
  • Players that have been killed are allowed to continue on posting, as long as they do not give any information of the game
  • Bold your votes to make them easier to notice
  • Do not vote or kill out of spite other players
  • No pm alliances unless the host allows them
  • No editing public worksheets of information that would not be public knowledge
  • No taking screen caps of your role pm or any information (investigative, etc) unless the host allows it

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