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General Terms

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1 General Terms on Fri May 15, 2015 9:23 pm



There are some terms that are used during the game by players. Here are some of the more common terms.

  • NK - Means night kill, which is the mafia's kill that they can send in everyone night. When the mafia fail to kill someone, some players may use it to mean no kill.
  • Claim - When one flat-out says what their role is. Like, for example, someone claiming that they are a Town investigator. (However, they might be lying, so take claims with a grain of salt.)

    • Soft claim - When someone implies or hints at their role or role power.
    • CC (counterclaim) - A counterclaim occurs when a player claims a role, but another player claims that actually, they're that role, and the first person is lying because there can only be one of that role.

  • Game throwing - Working with the opposing team and essentially destroying the game.
  • WIFOM - Acronym for "wine in front of me." A mindgame situation where "I know, but you know I know, but I know you know I know." A very tricky, advanced strategy to use in Mafia. Example: A jailer claiming to be a jailer in public. The real jailer would never admit to being the jailer, but the real jailer might also know that other people would be thinking that, and would thus claim to be the jailer so that nobody would think they're actually the real jailer.


  • Clear- Having been confirmed to be a town role. It means that the person is town with no room for questioning. Players are often cleared by an investigative role, or else they're assumed to be 100% town based on evidence in thread.
  • Inno - Short for innocent, like a Town.
  • Scum - Another term for Mafia.
  • Maf - Short for mafia.
  • Scumtell - An action or behavior that other players take to mean that someone is mafia, such as showing relief that the detective was night killed.
  • Towntell - An action or behavior that other players take to mean that someone is town, such as pushing for the lynch of a player that turns out to be mafia.
  • Goon - Term for a vanilla mafia member.
  • Vanilla - Term for a town player that has no role power.


  • FOS - finger of suspicion. When FOSing someone, you believe them to be mafia. Usually, a FOS is backed up with an argument for why they find this person suspicious.
  • BW (bandwagon) - When a lot of players voting for the same person. Typically negative when people are not giving reasons for their votes, and sometimes called bandwagoning.
  • Sheeping - Following onto the bandwagon, without giving a reason as to why they are voting or simply stating reasons past players have.
  • Bus (bussing) - When a member of the mafia outs another mafia member in public, typically in a attempt to looked innocent themselves. This can be either positive or negative, depending on if they had first gotten permission from the outed mafia member.
  • Tunneling- Setting your focus onto one player in a way that tries to get them lynched. Generally viewed as a negative and can appear scummy, so better to only do it when you have proof that they are mafia.
  • ML - Mislynching, which means lynching a town player.
  • NL - no lynch/no lynching. Voting not to lynch any players during the day phase.
  • NV - No voting. When a player ducks out of voting that day phase.
  • MYLO - "mislynch and lose." When the mafia's amount of players are set up in a way that if the town lynches an innocent, it'll be a mafia win the next day.
  • LYLO - "lynch or lose." When the town absolutely needs to lynch a player and hope that they get a mafia, otherwise the mafia will outnumber them.

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