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Community Events Availability Poll

What times work best for community events? Please select one time frame and one day for best availability.

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1 Community Events Availability Poll on Wed May 10, 2017 8:56 am


Hey guys!

Thank you so much for all your feedback and patience in waiting for this to get up. This month will see the first scheduled community events! I'm hoping to get them started in the next two weeks.

The times that have the most votes will get more consideration, but if you live in a weird timezone, please message me privately and I will be certain to make an event to include you.

Our first event will probably be cards against humanity or board game online. I will also be putting a book club board up soon because I think book clubs work best on a monthly basis and there was some interest in that. I'm a sucker for books #adminbias.

Please, also feel free to include new friends from outside our little community in these events as an introduction for them. It's always great to have people test the waters before they commit to the massive endeavor that is playing mafia.

anyway, please feel free to ask questions and whatever else. I'm looking forward to spending more time with you guys!

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