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The Two-Headed Hydra, and Other Stories

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1The Two-Headed Hydra, and Other Stories Empty The Two-Headed Hydra, and Other Stories on Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:07 pm

A couple of ideas crossed my mind thinking on mafia setups today. The first is a game in which each "player" is actually two people sharing the same account, with each pair able to communicate outside of the thread freely. Other parts of the concept are malleable--maybe a standard seven-player 5:2 setup with a cop and doctor on the town side, possibly a stunner on the mafia team, and no other power roles. Maybe five-player DETHY, with four different town cops and one killer. Or maybe even a smaller role-madness UPICK, with or without a theme. There are further questions to be answered here, like whether or not the component players of each account should be public knowledge or claiming your identity should be allowed.

The other idea is simply a game with two scum factions, perhaps flavored as the mafia and aliens, or... two heads of a hydra. This would work better for larger games, since you could generally expect two NKs per night phase, but maybe that can be mitigated in some way? I'm not sure of the implications of each scum team only being able to kill every other night (one team on even nights, the other on odd nights) quite yet but maybe that would work, or perhaps both kills fail if they target the same player. Each scum team would need their numbers to equal the number of other players in the game to win, and the town would need to eliminate all players of both teams; this can lead to some weird, unusual scenarios such as ties between scum teams or the last town player having to choose which other team wins. But it's fun! And even mafia players get to scumhunt in these setups.

Lastly, at least for right now, since this will probably be a sort of general purpose idea thread and sounding board for me, is Symphonic UPICK. This is pretty much just plagiarizing from piggybacking off of Literary UPICK, in which each player chooses a song (ideally one with lyrics, unless you hate me?), gets a role based on it, and dances for my amusement plays a game of mafia!

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