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❂ Ardonye & Co. Everything Agency [do not post]

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A drifting flyer lands by a pair of feet. It is crumpled, but otherwise in good condition. The front seems to be an advertisement of some kind. Upon further inspection it has some barely legible scribbles written on the back.
Anonymous wrote:You must go. There is nothing more I can do to help you. Contact the agency. Tell no one.
The address on the flyer coincidentally matches the location it was found at, in front of an unremarkable and grey office building. The place is as decrepit as its neglected surroundings. It would be beyond notice entirely, if not for the jerky movements of the barely functioning mascot by the door.
Ardonye & Co. Everything Agency, the sign reads.
When passing by at night, the place seems seems to disappear. The dancing blue badger winds to a stop. The grey walls melt into the grey shadows. The burnt out light letters are unable to muster even a flicker. Do you enter?

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Name: Ardonye (Mariya)
Age: 22
Gender: Female

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Old Cases

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CryWolf wrote:welcome to the b & b [x][x]
Innocent. Alive.

b&b role PM

You climbed to the top, besting your opponents, and sat upon your throne with pride. But what throne does a leader have when they’re as equally trapped as everyone else?

The Politician is pretty convincing, and has a personality that gives them some extra weight to throw around in the daily meetings. They may choose to doublevote during the day phase at any time, with the second vote sent through PM. The second vote will not be shown on the vote tally, and will only be revealed if it affects rollover. Politician can choose not to doublevote if they don’t want to.

In addition, once in the game, the Politician may “buy” (they say convince, but probably bribe) the protection of a player (chosen in the day phase via PM to host). In the night phase, the player in question’s room movement will be overridden such that they will move to the same room as the Politician by the end of the night. This move will fail if the Politician moves to a room themselves that already has someone in it who is staying from the previous night (see the situation in-thread).

You are the POLITICIAN. You are TOWN.

You will begin in ROOM 3. Please submit a NAME for this room tonight and a room movement.

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