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Star Control II (or The Ur-Quan Masters)

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1 Star Control II (or The Ur-Quan Masters) on Tue Jun 30, 2015 11:33 pm

This is just me spreading the love for one of my favorite games. Feel free to ignore...

Star Control II was an old Space Opera game made for DOS and 3DO in 1992. It was later remade in 2002 in part by fans as The Ur-Quan Masters and is available free for download on OSX.

Basic premise is the following: You're a space captain coming home after a long voyage, only to find that Earth has been enslaved by the Ur-Quan alien race. ( your ship in flying in TrueSpace in our solar system and Earth under the red enslavement shield: )

From there, it's up to you to...

...explore the stars ( map without spoilers since filled-out map would show areas of influence for different alien races as you meet them: )

( your ship in HyperSpace, traveling between stars: ) a diverse cast of 25 alien races, as you try to build an "Alliance of Free Stars" to battle the "Hierarchy of Battle Thralls" of the Ur-Quan. ( some alien races: )

...engage in real-time space combat ( Earthling ship fending off a really annoying Slylandro ship: )

...visit planets and moons to collect resources to buy new ships, upgrades, fuel, and crew ( lander collecting rare resources while navigating the treacherous heat and weather of Alpha Centauri III: )

And other stuff. Really, this is a good game.

And did I mention all the alien races have their own font and background music?

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