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Vanilla! 2: Revenge of the Chocolate

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1 Vanilla! 2: Revenge of the Chocolate on Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:31 pm




Now, you might be saying, "But wait, Tiki, in Vanilla Mafia, everyone was Vanilla, even the Mafia, so how can Chocolate be getting revenge?"

Well, shut up.

But yes! The long awaited return of Tiki The Troll...Host...Toast, Tiki The Toast, is upon you! And he returns bringing back his beloved* Vanilla! Only this game has closed roles!

"But Tiki, if it has roles, then doesn't that mean it's not a Vanilla game?"
Shut up.

These roles will be just like the rolls Mom used to make, only it's spelled roles, not rolls, but no matter, they are equally GOOD FOR YOU! No crazy gimmicks, no themes that make them work in unusual ways, and no lying about this being a normal game, UNLIKE CERTAIN CANADIANS WE KNOW.

If you all agree to increase the budget, bring this minigame series in to the ranks of a main game for round 19 (since no one else has been saying anything the forum for a bit), here's what the Toast of the Town will have in store for YOU!
  • Closed Roles: Roles taken from the likes of Epic Mafia, that are easily digestible, and straightforward!
  • Claiming Allowed: But quoting or screenshoting your PM is a nono.
  • No Speculation Outside The Thread: Except for Mafia to Mafia, of course.
  • A Healthy Ratio: Uh, 2.5/3:1 Town:Mafia is usually pretty good, right?
  • Potential Neutrality: Pending the number of signups.
  • Guarunteed Phase End Times: Likely 10:00 CST, since The Toast tends to work late.
  • Fantastic Rollovers: The kind of quality you can expect from the guy who Toasted "Vanilla! It's Good For You!"
  • Probably Rollovers That Take Time to Appear After Phase End: See above, nerds.
  • Activity Rules: You have to at least vote on a Day Phase, or lose your role for a phase: don't shut up!
  • Allowing No Lynch and No Vote: For you indecisive types!
  • An Intro Thread That Doesn't Look Like Butt: One that won't be made by the Toast on a whim while he's at work!

*Feeling of love for previous game not guarunteed.

So, don't trust this work computer to let me make a fancy post about the game idea, but...well, with things kinda quiet, thought I'd throw this out there, see if there's interest in a game that's actually normal.

How about it?

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2 Re: Vanilla! 2: Revenge of the Chocolate on Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:59 pm


I'M NOT CANADIAN (unless that was referring to chinomi and IKEA maf) but yeah looks good

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3 Re: Vanilla! 2: Revenge of the Chocolate on Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:02 pm

I was thinking of Ninfia's "Perfectly Normal Game," but yes, that applies too.

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4 Re: Vanilla! 2: Revenge of the Chocolate on Fri Sep 23, 2016 7:07 pm

I'd play!!!

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