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Warrior Dash

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1Warrior Dash Empty Warrior Dash on Mon Jun 06, 2016 8:23 am

Okay, wow, I meant to do this WEEKS ago, now it's just five days till the event, aaahhhh!

Anyway, hey, a couple friends (including Jaiser) and I are doing a thing this coming Saturday: an obstacle course that should prove very tough and messy! Why? Well, besides incentive to get fit, for charity!

Yep, any of you, if you like, can donate to me, or the rest of the team (though I only now just discovered I'm not on the team with them, and can't switch or anything it seems...that is amazingly frustrating). And if you'd like to do that, just click on one of these links!

Thank you to anyone in advance who gives even a little! :D

Warrior Dash FdcN6G9Warrior Dash Vn4nWy4Warrior Dash XEPbSTMWarrior Dash Y020avzWarrior Dash ZdKTF0J
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