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Kiyoko wrote: Silver Bells from Sammiya

On N0, choose a player to protect. While you are alive, that player is immune to any and all kills, but not lynches. If you fail to select a player on N0 you will die at some random time on D1.


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[Snowball Bash Mafia]

Luxaria wrote:[Snowball Bash Mafia] [Town]
You are calculative. You are town. Each night you may predict the player to be lynched on the following day phase and re-build your fort next to them, consuming 1 snow in the process. If they are lynched, you gain all of their snow and add it to your own. Your snowfort's cap will also increase by 1. Moving your snowfort will cost 1 additional snow for every snowfort you've added to your own.

Additionally, during the night you may throw a snowball at a target of your choosing. This adds 1 snow to their total and consumes 1 of your snow.


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nautilus wrote:

タウン Town

You are a girl who works in the family business of dealing with spirits, demons, and other supernatural bullshit after school, who is usually kind of spacey and distracted during the day as a result and is often seen eating something in the background to regain energy. Despite the fact that you're probably pretty exhausted after a night full of exorcisms and shit, it seems like your duties might be called upon in the classroom.

You have two separate kinds of abilities. You can only commit to using one of them; using one of them will make you unable to use the other (e.g. if you communicate with the dead once, you're permanently locked out of reviving, and vice versa).

Twice in the game during the night phase, you can speak with a player in detention and ask them a question through the host. The player's answer is restricted to 40 words in length, and will be delivered to you at the end of the next day phase. If you choose to use this ability at least once in the game, then you’ll be too exhausted to try using your second ability, detailed below…

Alternatively, once in the game, you can harness the power of the spirits and have them … uh, spirit a player out of the detention room, reviving one player in the game. This takes a ton of energy out of you, though, and as a result you won't be able to communicate with the dead for the rest of the game. If you choose to go the revival route with your ability, you will strip them of any abilities they might have had prior to their death (role ability).
Relationship Ability: Unlike most of the players in this game who appear to only want to date the living those not in detention, you're completely fine dating a supernatural monster or a ghost. Therefore, you can initiate a relationship and break up with someone who is in detention. Any relationship ability they may have had will be activated and work on you from beyond the detention door, and they can activate their relationship ability on you from detention, but you won't be able to send messages to each other.

⇝ If I die young
⇝ something something something
⇝ lay me down on a
⇝ bed of dango.

Expression Pack:

And also Taki was gr8:


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Kiyoko wrote:

⇝ S-so fast.....


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Monkey Paw UPick

Kotakia wrote:The Monkey Paw has heard your requests. Your magic is powerful, but what is its cost?

Taki the Tender - You are lynchproof whenever you vote for yourself.

Mr. Alice - You are like a mirror. You will reflect any night action targeted at you back at the sender.

high seraph - You are THE ORACLE, a mystical entity capable of seeing future events before others. Every night, you will be able to pray to the Gods, and they will show you rollover 5 minutes before it is posted in the thread. Additonally, and only during that 5 minutes window of time, you may pray to Kotakia, the Goddess of Chaos, and ask her to remove one of the events listed in that rollover (i.e. cancel one of the actions).

However, after doing that, the remaining Gods will forbid you from altering fate any further, and will no longer show you clear visions of the future, instead only showing one random event from the next rollover.

Remember, each of you have two more uses of the monkey paw to do with as you wish.
Doak wrote:Congratulations! If you're reading this, you're MAFIA... wait, no, someone wished the MAFIA out of existence. If you're reading this, you are a member of the ILLUMINATI! Your objective is to have numbers equal to or greater than the CITIZENRY for two phases.

We at ChaosCorp. understand that the powers granted to you herein are not due to making a wish. As a result, you qualify for a limited-time offer. Your role powers shall be free of drawbacks*.

KIYOKO - Each night, if any player voted for you during the previous day, you will learn their role power.

MR. ALICE - Each night, you may select a player. That player will be forced to use their action on a target of your choice.
IN ADDITION, for this phase only, you are in possession of the Monkey's Left Paw(tm) (3 charges remaining). You may either MAKE A WISH on the Monkey's Paw(tm), PASS the Monkey's Paw(tm) to a player of your choice, or DISCARD the Monkey's Paw(tm).

NAUTILUS BUT WITH A BUNCH OF STARS - Each night, you may stun a player. However, if that player did not act that night, you will be stunned in their place.

* - Use of the Monkey's Paw(tm) may void guarantee.

⇝ I was Mafia.
⇝ Then I was a vampire/zombie thing.
⇝ Then I was Illuminati.

⇢ ??? WIN

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⇝ I tagged in for Chinomi! Who was Away (Mafia) Team
⇝ Jersey #6


Coming Eventually!


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