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chinomi's something or other that will change later [no posting plz!!! ty!]

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It's midnight. The doors to your local IKEA are closed and the cars driving past to get to the 24/7 convenience stores are nyooming by, expecting everything to be quiet inside that dark yellow and blue building. Unfortunately... That's far from the case.

This is a U-PICK mafia! Right after signing up you will have to check out the and search through the online catalog for something you want to be. Once you decide please PM me your decision. A link would be helpful, but not required. As long as I have the name and description of what you are... You're good to go! You can be anything that would be in an IKEA during closing hours.


  • You are allowed unlimited vote changes!

  • Please no discussing your roles or speculation about the game outside of the game itself. There may be revival roles in play!

  • You are allowed to ghost post as long as no speculation/hinting is involved!

  • No Vote and No Lynch are completely okay!

  • Please bold every VOTE and UNVOTE.

  • Ratios will not be shown. (CROWD BEGINS TO GASP)

  • Roles are CLOSED ROLES. You are allowed to claim or fake claim, but do not copy paste your role PM.

  • RP is fine. In fact, I encourage RP for this. RP your fucking couches and dishware. However, you may want to considering writing an ooc summary at the bottom of your post if you make a long RP post that includes speculation.

  • PLEASE NOTE: There WILL be elements of this game that will be surprising and considered very strange. If you are not willing to experience these strange occurrences then I would advise not to join. I promise it will still be fun, though.

Phases will end every night at 7PM PST.
Rollover will be posted soon after.

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