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welcome to the B & B (let's try this again)

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1 welcome to the B & B (let's try this again) on Thu Jul 30, 2015 10:54 am

Several mechanics present in this game, including the original room mechanic, are drawn from a game originally hosted by Ardonye. The general flavour text, setting and several mechanics are drawn from a game originally hosted by yoshimitsu.

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You are a traveller who has to stay the night at a really creepy bed and breakfast alongside a bunch of other guests. There is no way out, and there are certain things that are totally wrong with this bed and breakfast. Like, uh, the fact that the second floor is an improbably long hallway.

The mafia are a bunch of murderers who want to kill everyone in the house.
The town are the innocent bystanders who are trying to get out of the bed and breakfast while simultaneously trying to escape the grasp of the murderers. The neutral is a neutral.

The town wins when the entire mafia is dead.
The mafia wins when the ratio of town to mafia is equal.
If neutrals exist, they will have their own win conditions.

the room mechanic
In the bed and breakfast, there are # of players x 1.5 (rounded up) rooms. They are arranged in one very long hallway, with each room next to each other as so…

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
blank wall, other side of the hallway

At the beginning of the game, each player is assigned a room alongside their role PM. Every night, players can elect to either move to another room during the night, or stay in their room. This will be sent in just like sending in a role action.

If two players are in the same room during the night, any kill attempts made towards anyone in that room will fail, regardless of the players’ alignments. A maximum of two players can stay in a room. If two players are in one room and one of the players kills the other player in the room, this will still "count" as two players being in the same room (so a third player can't come and kill the players in the room).

If a player chooses to stay in their room, staying in the room that you were in the night before is “highest” priority when it comes to the room movements. If players attempt to move to a room in such a way that there will be more than two people in it, the last player to attempt to move into the room (determined by inbox priority) will remain in their original room for the night. They will be notified if this happens.

Example: Lucy and Sally were in Room 1 during N0. Both elect to stay in this room for N1. David was in Room 13 for N0. He attempts to move to Room 1 for N1. However, because there are already two players in Room 1 that are carrying over from the previous night, he is forced out of the room and is "bumped" in his original room. He is informed via PM of his current room placement at the end of the phase.

Players cannot stay in the same room for more than two nights in a row. If a player refuses to move, on the third night they will be randomized into a room.

Certain roles may not count towards the room limit and allow for 3 players to be in a room together. Players with these rooms will be informed about these loopholes.

Certain roles may completely destroy rooms. Destruction of a room means that on future nights, no player may enter that room or use that room for any action. Players will be notified if any rooms have been destroyed upon rollover.

Upon the night > day rollover, players will be informed of what room they ended up in, and if anyone was with them in the room that night (if so, the identity of the other player will be revealed).

how do the mafia work?

There will be 2 (presuming 10 players, if more than that this number will be increased) mafia in this game. They can all move independently of each other and will be assigned 2 separate rooms.

Every night, each of the mafia members can move to a room or stay in their original room.

In addition, the NK is carried out a bit differently. Should the mafia choose to submit a night kill, one of the mafia is “tasked” with carrying it out. The night kill is performed as follows:

The mafia who is selected to submit the night kill may select a room to target, including the room they are already did. If there is only one player in that room (or in the case that they are staying in the room they were in the previous night, a town player enters the room), that player will be immediately killed.

If no players are in that room for the night, the mafia member who is submitting the night kill will lay a “trap” in that room. Any player who enters the room with the trap on subsequent nights will be killed in the trap; if two players (regardless of alignment) enter a room with a trap in it, the trap will be nullified permanently. Once a player is killed by the trap or it is nullified by two players being in the room with the trap, it will disappear.

Certain roles may be able to remove traps. Additionally, traps will malfunction and break down if they are not activated after 2 consecutive nights (so: max of 2 traps active at any given time). Since it's extremely likely there will be a small player count for this game, this has been included to reduce possible swing.

The mafia member who submits the night kill cannot move twice; their nightly "room movement" action is used up in the process of submitting the night kill room target. That is, they can't say they want to submit the night kill on room x and then move to room y; they can only submit the night kill on the residents of room x and they will move to room x.

on top of this...
Every player will have their own individual role, which they can use during the phase specified in the role ability. Given the unique structure of this game, an action priority cannot be accurately given, but it can be assumed that the following is true:

Passive Abilities > Active Abilities

Roles may have individual quirks that allow them to circumvent things mentioned in the huge wall of text above, but one can assume that the main game rules/structures will apply to the vast majority of roles.

Stuns and jails will show up in rollover.
If a trap is dismantled, it will show up in rollover.
Failed kills will show up in rollover.
Player rooms will be shown alongside a player's other information if they die during the night phase by being targeted for a room kill.

Kills that end in traps being laid will not show up in rollover.

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  • Closed roles. Players may claim whatever they want as long as they don't post their role PMs verbatim and do text analysis on them, or something.
  • Players cannot claim their room numbers in-thread. This is to prevent players from coordinating their room movements such that two players will perpetually be in the same room together, therefore blocking all of the mafia kills. There's technically no way I can prevent you from using a code or something to indicate which rooms you are in, but please don't do this
  • typical mafia rules otherwise, don't be inactive. post every 48 hours or give me prior notice to inactivity.
  • If you fail to submit to me a room movement over the night, even if it's just "I want to stay in my original room", then you won't move from the room you were the night before, and the typical "two nights in your room then random" from the example given prior applies.

This is still a huge WIP so pardon if it disappears every so often, I'm working on it. Very slowly. But it's almost done... !! Roles are being finalized as of this post.

My main concern is the following: swing.

What I really don't want to happen is the game ending really fast in the first couple of nights, which is why I implemented the "anti-swing" mechanic of the traps disabling. I didn't want the game to go on for a while and then all of a sudden, 3 players drop dead due to their room movements during the night and the ratio swings heavily to the mafia side. Really, what I want to distinctly avoid is the game swinging violently to one side or another based purely on random chance, which is possible for small playerbases.

This wouldn't be a problem if there were more players (and therefore a dead corpse buffer in case the worst comes to pass), but I've had to adjust this game significantly for a smaller player pool players.

Using an arbitrary 1.5*(# of players) = # of rooms and an RNG, I've done a few passes with this game and ended with both mafia and town wins, assuming random room movements every night and a random lynch in the day phase. Of course, all these simulations were done until the pretense that everyone was vanilla (in which case: assuming a perfect series of lynches, the fastest game for a town win would be four phases); adding role powers slightly increases the amount of swing.

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So the mafia target a room rather than a player? This sounds like a good opportunity for players who find themselves killed on N0 often.

If a player has sat in one room for two nights and on the following night tries to move to a room that is full, are they also randomized into a different room?

You said that two mafia will be assigned 3 rooms, how does this work?

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The... 2 mafia 3 rooms thing is actually a typo, haha. Thanks for catching it! It's supposed to be 2 mafia, 2 rooms. Maybe more. It depends on how many people join; I have a happy ratio of players that I may readjust depending on how many sign up.

Yes to your second point, I'm totally doing this in reverse here.

re: mafia targeting rooms directly: That was my intention, haha.

I thought of an issue with this game and the room targeting mechanic; in a case where mafia can indirectly kill players (by selecting rooms rather than selecting particular players) and there are no roles that can link mafia -> room -> target, then mafia can literally target randomly and town would be none the wiser (and town draws information from the night kill to determine who the mafia is to some degree, but if mafia targets rooms at random that connection is broken).

There will be roles to mitigate this issue, but I guess I'll hold a poll:

Should mafia be able to directly target players for kills, or should they be only able to target rooms?

I did chat with Kiyoko a bit about this and if the former wins, it'll be very likely that the direct targeting will be extremely limited (e.g. one shot, can't be used until after N0 or if there haven't been night kills for x number of phases if the mafia is really unlikely) to give mafia an actual reason to target rooms over just plain targeting players.

Otherwise this game is technically done, the roles are written, and I'll submit it now.

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I think having the mafia target rooms is more interesting and gives the opportunity for players that are normally targets to survive a bit longer.

I can't see what roles you have in the game nor do I know the impact of traps on the game but I think it might be a good idea to give the mafia a delayed one shot kill where they can target a specific user. The mafia are already on the low end in the given example (2 out of 10) and they aren't really guaranteed night kills in this game as they could target an empty room or a room with 2 people already in it.

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I agree with Cthulumints. Targeting room as main mechanic, give mafia a way to do precision kills or target specific players as a separate bonus thing.

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Me, a week ago: This will be a fun, easy game to work on.

Me, now:

I think the delayed one shot kill will probably be the mechanic I choose (for example: mafia is given a single kill to target a specific user in the night in lieu of the actual night kill at the beginning of the game, mafia cannot use this kill N0).

I feel like additionally granting mafia a single targeted night kill should there not be any kills for 3 nights in a row (since traps "expire" on the third night they're out, mafia loses one of their potential kills as only 2 traps can be out max at any point in play). Opinions?

In terms of roles, I can pass a document to you containing all of them! :> I do know the ratio swings a bit low, but I found that increasing the mafia any higher would cause severe swings to mafia (though that may have just been my own bad lucky streak).

In terms of rollover times, I'm thinking probably 1PM EST, since I'm usually around around then, it's not really late at night for me, and it guarantees I have time to wake up, eat breakfast, do errands.

Speaking as someone who usually tries to maintain a decent sleep schedule, rollover times in PST have been brutal for me, so I'd like to give a chance to people in EST.

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