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1ROUND 3 SUBMISSIONS Empty ROUND 3 SUBMISSIONS on Fri Jul 10, 2015 7:35 pm



If you're interested in hosting a game for Round 3, please post your setup below. You can either post your setup in its entirety in this thread, or post your setup in the WIP setups board and link to it here.

Round 3 will likely run one setup, since people don't seem inclined to join multiple games at once. If people really want to run two setups, comment here and we can work it out.

Potential players, please do comment on setups and ask questions. It helps the host make sure their game is balanced.

DEADLINE 7.17.2015


LUXARIA The Masquerade

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2ROUND 3 SUBMISSIONS Empty Re: ROUND 3 SUBMISSIONS on Fri Jul 17, 2015 4:40 pm

I know Luxaria is working on her masquerade mafia, but if she doesn't get it done in time, I can host a UPICK or something. This isn't a formal game submission, just offering. ;v;

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3ROUND 3 SUBMISSIONS Empty Re: ROUND 3 SUBMISSIONS on Fri Jul 17, 2015 6:52 pm

I'm trying to get the thing typed up, but curses, this minigame is taking up too much time right now. I do plan to run my thread, and I'll just throw together a simple "Hey, this is a game" post and pretty it up while people sign up for it over the weekend. I have mostly everything established, and I can fix it up and figure out how many dummy accounts are needed by the time the game starts.

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4ROUND 3 SUBMISSIONS Empty Re: ROUND 3 SUBMISSIONS on Sat Jul 18, 2015 12:05 am


I'm going to go ahead and extend this thread until Luxaria finishes and formally submits Masquerade maf, since we're all expecting her to run the game anyway, haha.

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5ROUND 3 SUBMISSIONS Empty Re: ROUND 3 SUBMISSIONS on Sat Jul 18, 2015 12:29 am

The Masquerade:

The Masquerade

Welcome, welcome, one and all! You have been cordially invited to attend none other than the most mysterious of magical nights, the boldest of bewitching bashes, and the fanciest festivities upon which your eyes did dare to feast! It is the Masquerade, the dance and ball, a night full of whimsical delights and irresistible capers. There will be food and drink! Music and applause! Entertainment sent forth from the farthest reaches of this ripe land! This raucous revelry and more all for your enjoyment and dearest amusement.

All attending guests need not let worries burden their poor minds. At the Masquerade dance and ball, it is esteemed tradition to brandish and don the guise—of a mask! Let none be any wiser as to your midnight temptations. Enjoy! Bask in the freedom that comes with anonymity, and know that you are among lords and ladies of like mind and mischievous intent. There shall be no judging here, only swift and endless indulgence.

So come! Come join us at the Masquerade! Let no mystery go . . . unseen!

The Game and a hint of its mechanics
The Masquerade is a game with the core component of anonymity through the flavorful use of masks. At the start of the game, each player will be provided access to a dummy account provided specifically for this game by the administrators. These accounts will be so named after the mask which the player shall don for the Masquerade's proceedings, with names such as “Fox Mask”, “Butterfly Mask”, and even the mysterious and coveted “Midnight Mask”. All player posting to the thread must be done through these dummy accounts.

Have you ever wondered how well you know your fellow posters and their posting habits? Or how both your and their playstyles would change if submitted without names and identifiers attached? Maybe some players are disguising and concealing their usual mannerisms and tendencies... maybe some players are even masquerading as other players by typing just like them!

The Masquerade will test your ability to analyze not just player roles and actions, but the players behind the masks, because like a true masquerade ball, masks can and will change hands and faces. Certain roles will interact with masks other than their own—or maybe even have the ability to swap between masks. Many of these roles are of my own creation, based off of existing roles within the mafia structure. In lieu of the Masquerade dance and ball theme, flavor has been trickled over each of these roles. You will find them all... familiar, if but just slightly different than what you might expect, with some new and exciting surprises that I am most anxious to reveal.

But ah! We mustn't get ahead of ourselves. It would not do well to roll out the main course before the appetizers have even been served—and, speaking of which, I do not know how many will be in attendance! How discourteous! Allow me to rectify.

Sign-ups and formal invitations
Sign-ups for this thread will be handled differently. It will not be done through this thread. You may elect to bump it, if you so desire, if you are not worried about others knowing you are participating. However, formal sign-ups will be done through PM. I need only your signature, if you would R.S.V.P.!

Lux of Aria would like to formally invite you to her first ever Masquerade dance and ball. Attendees are expected to wear a mask and their finest dress. At the ball, you may expect . . .

- Music
- Dancing
- Live entertainment
- A seven course meal
- Complimentary refreshments and appetizers
- And last but not least, the good graces and well wishes of your delightful host!

If you would find this agreeable to your palette, R.S.V.P. by private message before the due date.

X __________________________________
pledges to attend Lux of Aria's Masquerade dance and ball.

Statement of Intent and other odds and ends
I will update this thread with pretty pictures, formatting, and a proper set of rules before the game starts. I would like to run with at least 10 or more players, since we seem to be hitting around that number for threads of late. The more the merrier, of course! Since that will allow me to run some of the more exciting roles I've conjured up.

If anyone has questions or wants clarification on certain things before or after signing up, feel free to post or PM—whichever you prefer. I'll be fleshing out this post a bit more over the following few days. Tentatively, I planned for rollovers at 10:00 PM PST, but I can go down to 9:00 PM PST if that's more preferable. I would like for the thread to begin around midnight on Sunday, but I am willing to wait if it means we'll get 10 or more people.

Lastly, something I'll draft up in the proper rules, but this is a closed role game. Additionally, there will be a 30 minute break between when a phase ends and the next one begins. This is because each account will have its passwords swapped come rollover and I will provide all appropriate players with the passwords to their necessary masks when the next phase begins. We're doing a bit of an honor code wherein I request that you do not change your passwords, thus causing our administrators to work extra to retrieve the account. Accounts can be logged in from multiple locations, so you needn't worry. Also, no PM alliances unless stated, and all communication from me to the players will be done through your main accounts.

Rules and tentative declarations
For now, these are the working rules. I will finalize them as sign-ups come in:
* Activity requirement of at least a post every 48 hours. I would prefer 24 hours, but I understand things can come up.
* Unlimited vote changes.
* In the event of multiple people voting under one mask, the most recent vote obviously counts.
* You may claim roles, but not post a screenshot of your role.
* You may claim access to multiple masks. Even if you do not have access to them.
* You may vote for “No Lynch”, but not “No Vote”. Voting is required. If you do not vote, you will face a penalty.
* (Pending the amount of players we get) Dead players may not stay dead. Do not talk to them about the game!
* (Pending the amount of players we get) Ratios may not be accurate at rollover!

I... think that should cover most of it for now!

I hope you all enjoy this!

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6ROUND 3 SUBMISSIONS Empty Re: ROUND 3 SUBMISSIONS on Sat Jul 18, 2015 12:41 am


A'ight, I'mma go ahead and close submissions. Luxaria, you can post your setup in the Round 3 board at any time, once you have your formatting done and all that.

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