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[Mini-game] The Raven

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1[Mini-game] The Raven Empty [Mini-game] The Raven on Fri Jun 12, 2015 6:36 pm

This is a very rough idea I have. The rules still need working on and I might change the balances for it.

The Raven

There is a small city in middle of Texas Hill Country, that has a huge problem. The serial killer known as the Raven has been haunting the place for years, killing people one by one. A young private investigator, Ben Maxwell, figured out the identity but disappeared except for one clue. The Raven was an important townsperson.
The town is ferocious about the disappearance of Ben, and start accusing each other. All the whispering made the Raven change is timeline from every six months to a murder every night.

Day Phase - The time when everyone talks about who to send to prison and give out theories.
Voting: Each person can cast a vote by voting:Name. It's open and people can discussed why they voted what they did.
Prison: The player with the most votes is sent to prison. Because of the mechanics of the game, they don't die right away. They sit in prison for one night phase without being able to use their powers. If there isn't a murder, then they go to State Prison. At the start of the next day phase, the player is out of the game for good and their role will be revealed.
Night Phase - When those with powers can send in what they want to do and  the killer sends in his night kill.

Detective - They can investigate a person once a night phase to find out if the person is town or in the serial killer.
Doctor - He can protect a person from being killed by a night kill once a night phase. This ability cannot protect against a stunner.
Stunner - Once per a game, the stunner can stun a person. That person cannot use his power during the night.
Copy-Cat- For each of the above abilities, the copy-cat can copy that ability once per a game. For balence issues, they can only use one power a night.
Killer - Besides the normal NK, they can commit a double murder once a game.


Vanilla Dickens (Detective) - She is the first person that realize that the Raven was stalking the town. She is the driving force to catching  the Raven. Power: Once per a night phase, she can go through someone trash and find out their aliment.

David Maxwell (Doctor) - Ben's brother, who pays more attation to his writing instead of the news or dating. He enjoys a good cup of iced sweet tea, and inviting people in to talk about writing. Power: Once per a night phase, he can invite someone into his house for tea. The person is protect from the night kill.

Larry Kolski (Stunner) [8 or more players] - An gay FBI agent, who was the one that got Ben involve with the investigation. After Ben disappeared, he swore he will find the murderer. Power: Once per a game, he can stun a person. All actions that the person does in his night phase are negated.

Jean Coswell (copycat) [10 or more players] - Ben's best friend and coworker. After Ben's disappearance, he arrives in town to find his best friend. He would do anything to save Ben, including seducing another guy while in drag.  Power: For each town power, he can copy it during a night phase. He can only use one per a night.

Townperson - The run in the mill townperson. They are face list, and almost generic canon fodder. They have no special powers.  

Raven (Killer)- Everything about him is unknown, except two things: he loves killing and the sight of blood excites him. He grew up in town, and knows most of the people by name. Power: Besides his night kill, once per a game he can stage a double murder. He cannot kill anyone if he is in prison.

Crow (Helper)[5 or more players] - S/he is a fan of the Raven and figured out a way to contact him. He would do anything for the Raven, including killing people. With the increase of killing, the Raven been using Crow as a sounding board.

Crow2 - [10 or more players] Another fan of the Raven, but not trusted.


1. While the roles are named, there isn't any real role-playing involve.
2. The killer wins if the ratio gets to be Town = or =< Killer (This includes the Crows) Example: 3 killers > 2 town.
3. Instead of lynching, a voted person gets sent to jail. If there isn't a night kill that night, then he is sent State Prison. At that time, his role will be announce and he is out of the game.
4. There is no Night Zero phase kill, instead the Raven can pm away for someone could die. ]I might change this to give the Raven more of a chance in a game with only five or less people.]

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