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Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX

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76 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:47 pm

Cecil stared at his scientist, pondering that vague response of his scientist. "Carlos," he started, in a voice soft as a bunny's ears or a cookie halfway baked or the meat crowns of Night Vale settlers of olde. "You know I am aware that you identify as a scientist first and foremost. I did not mean to upset you there. And if you say you won't answer my question on the basis of scientific non-bias, I will respect that."

A thought bubbled up in Cecil's head. He could and really should mention it later as this was not the time. But as the dangerous nitrogen bubbles of decompression sickness predicted doom for divers during their ascent (a common ailment back in the desert community of Night Vale), unchecked thought bubbles had their own hazards.

"Sorry. I just feel so out of place without my radio station, and without my listeners. We can talk about this later, but maybe there is some way you can whip up some device to help me report without the need for such things? I admit I'm only a scientist by proxy, and so I don't know the extent of what is possible through your craft."

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77 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:19 pm


Entirely placated by compliments and the appeal to his scientific expertise, Carlos brightened considerably. “Thank you for understanding. You are always so understanding, and also sometimes not understanding. Usually at least one of the two, at any given time.”

With that, he cast a measuring gaze skywards, towards the peaked rooftops of the First District. A quick glance at Cecil, and then back towards the rooftops. There was something to say about radio stations, and lack of radio stations, and how listeners were a quality separate from the concept of radio stations altogether, and that as long as Cecil had his words and his voice, there would always be listeners and Carlos would always be one of them.

But now didn’t seem like the time.

“I can probably jury rig a radio tower out of old coat hangers and leftover beef stew...”

Carlos crossed his arms. He then uncrossed his arms. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully, and finally he clapped his hands together in scientific conviction.

“In fact, I can definitely do that. I already know how I’m going to do that, and I am going to do it tonight. Or, well, tonight by some vague and abstract measure rather than a definite one as time does not actually work here. Cecil, I am going to build you a radio station, and it is going to happen tonight.”

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78 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:25 pm

If you asked her why she did it, Sayaka couldn't say for sure. In the back of her mind, she knew that she had painted a target on herself—and possibly even Kyouko, whom she had just instructed to be quiet, lest the voracious girl make a scene. But now she, Sayaka, was the one making the scene. The one in the mix of it. Again. Somehow, this always seemed to happen.

Questions and doubts came at her like a volley of arrows; the others, perhaps unaware of transformations, sided with the girl, the witch. She wanted to will her sword into being and slash the curved steel through those inquisitive, doubting bolts and prove herself to them. It would be easy. All she had to do was to tap into the soul gem. Long weeks (days?) of uselessness weighed on her mind and left her spirit heavy. In this strange place, she was just Sayaka. She was not a staunch defender, nor a stalwart protector.

She clenched her fist until it hurt. The clouds in her soul gem swirled, tapered dark fingertips tickling and suggesting. Daring, comforting, reminding her of the courage that blazed whenever she assumed puella magi.

She did not need it.

“Maybe it's typical, maybe it's not,” Sayaka said to the people now staring at her. Great. “But transformations require a lot of power! She wouldn't be able to if she weren't...”

If she weren't what? Sayaka could transform. Kyouko could, too. Puella magi transformations bestowed a magic that transcended base emotion, even her own desire to help, to protect. A transformation came from a wish, a cosmic contract. Sayaka was sure of this. She could not transform if it was not her purpose—if it was not in her heart—to provide sanctuary for others. But Kyouko... Sayaka screwed up her face. Kyouko helps others in her own way.

“She's hiding—” No, she just showed everyone. “She's... tricking... um...The witch... uh...”

“Who you callin' a witch?” the short and purple girl said. “I'm a gem.”

She lowered the neck of her shirt to reveal a gleaming hexagon of amethyst. It shimmered in the faint trickle of starlight, violets and indigo lights dancing playfully. Like the azure crescent that rested on Sayaka's navel when she transformed, the amethyst was without metal cage. It was part of the girl.

She was still transformed.

So what was that other—

“If you say so, Sayaka!” said Kyouko, interrupting with her usual confidence and bravado. “Now what's this about a feather?”

Sayaka flushed, aware of the eyes on her, and how quick her plan—if she ever had one—was to backfire.

“Kyouko!” Sayaka said, much more defensive than she would like. “What is with that mess behind you?”

Sayaka pointed over Kyouko's shoulder at the remains of the destroyed wooden door.

“Kyouko, go fix it!” Sayaka demanded, unhappy more with herself for the embarrassment she had caused than she was for Kyouko's grand entrance. “And apologize, too!”

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79 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:41 pm


Soren tuned out Cecil and Carlos for the moment, red eyes fastened onto Sayaka unyieldingly and calmly. He listened to her quietly, barely twitching when Amethyst yelled about being a gem- whatever that meant- and studied Sayaka carefully in taking in her body language and general phrasing.

He did jump, however, at Kyouko's sudden call, focusing on her and guessing that they were friends. Or at the very least acquanted with one another.

He sighed a bit as Sayaka was soon distracted by Kyouko, and whatever mess she had caused, focusing behind the red-haired girl and wondering how the door could be fixed by her. But also more then puzzled by it all.

"We are not gaining progress in finding out about this feather due to this fighting. As frustrating as this all is, we should be working together to try and figure out how to find it and get to our homes, or at least our worlds if there is anyone without a real home. First off how about we all introduce ourselves, one at a time. Like I said before, my name is Soren, I come from a continet called Tellius, and am a mercenary that specializes in magic." Soren raised his voice so that it could be heard clearly by the gathering.

He did glance towards Amumu, taking in consideration of what he had said about being unharmed but figured the bandages might be some sort of dress common to wherever he came from.

Edit: name mess-up

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80 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:48 pm

At seeing Cecil not acknowledge Amumu's response, whether the question was for him or not, the mummy immediately slouched again, had drooped.

Maybe they wouldn't be his friends after all.

Still...he had to at least try, right? And if these people were also interested in the feather...

A hope, however dim, came to him at Soren's words.

"You're also looking for the feather that got rid of the Heartless?" he chanced, glancing at the crowd, Soren in particular. His little, bandaged hands nervously fumbled together in front him. "I...heard something about voting on people we think might now about it and asking them questions, or getting them to leave, or...something...but..."

But if we do that, I'll just be voted out first...

"...But I don't want anyone being forced to go away. Though...we are going to try and find it. Right?"

((Amumu votes No Lynch. Also, upon inquiring, if you're worried about having a character that doesn't wanna kill, Alca told me it's up to us if we're actually lynching people, or removing them somehow else, heh.))

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81 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:59 pm


(( alca told me that the forum and/or her internet is down for her and she can't post, and for me to do vote tally. She's still keeping up with the thread but gets timeout errors when trying to make posts. I told her she needs to start using Chrome.

Today's proverb: Vote me once, shame on you. Vote me twice, can't get voted again. ))

▍▍▋▋▋▉ ▉ VOTE TALLY


KIYOKO | no vote no lynch
LUXARIA | panpanpandy no lynch
RASEI | no lynch
TIKI THE TROLL | no lynch

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82 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Tue Jun 16, 2015 3:10 pm

Kyouko gasped dramatically, hurt, and shocked at Sayaka's sharp retort! She had to admit, seeing Sayaka blush while angry and obviously embarrassed was cute but Kyouko's fiery temper would have none of it! She was gonna defend herself against her unfairness!

"Sayaka, what is this betrayal?! I did it for you!"

She crossed her arms and huffed. Sayaka was so insensitive sometimes. She had to say something else, just to seal the deal. Kyouko was never satisfied with simply replying, no no, she had to have the last word! And then it struck her - oh, Kyouko knew what else to add. This would make Sayaka even more annoyed for sure, and react more violently.

Kyouko's eye glinted, a sly smile appearing on her face.

"And I shouldn't be the only one apologizing now, am I right?" the redhead gestered with her thumb at the purple girl, who had just pretty much proven her un-witchfullness.

"You're just taking it out on me because you know you made a mistake, neh Sayaka-chan~?"

Unfortunately her plan of humiliation for her belov--friend...beloved friend, was interrupted by a tall (taller than her anyway) black-haired individual who was addressing the crowd ('Oh. I guess I'm part of the crowd now too, huh?') in a very formal way. Apparently his name was Soren, and he could use magic ('Puella magi boy?') and he wanted the group to work together and retrieve the feather.

Sure, why not. It's not like they had anything else to do. Now that she thought about it, Sayaka was probably more than eager to return home and reunite with her family...and the other puella magis. Kyouko rarely aknowledged the feelings of others but she couldn't help but sympathize with Sayaka right now. Homesickness gripped at Kyouko for the first time, making her crave the feather even more.

But first step: Introductions.

Slamming her spear into the ground (even more vandalism yay!), Kyouko answered, with her usual loud and rash tone, "I AM KYOUKO SAKURA. And this," she grabbed Sayaka's shoulders and pulled her closer as if she owned her, "This is my partner, Sayaka Miki! We're puella magis and we're not going to share our food with you!"


- "Wtf Kyouko stop cosplaying."
- "No."

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83 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Tue Jun 16, 2015 6:14 pm

Amumu flinched and stepped back from the second loud woman in the square.

Still, if nothing else, like Amethyst, she appeared able to make a friens. So, maybe she wasn't just loud and scary? He stepped up again, and gulping down his fears he gave her a weak wave.

"My name is Amumu," he offered again, since it seemed no one had heard him the first time. "And I'm...uhm..." He hesitated, wondering if he should refrain from saying just what he was (not that it wasn't obvious). "And I...don't need to eat. You won't need to share your food with me."

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84 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Tue Jun 16, 2015 8:40 pm

Soren seems like an okay guy, and less annoying then some of the others in the area. It seems like the girl calling others witches is Sayaka from what her friend said. As for her friend...

"You cannot go around destroying things and taking food that doesn't belong to you. It's wrong, Kyouko," said Luke crossing his arms, staring at the girl. Then he shook his head, with a sigh. "But what puelli magas? Is magas a type of magic? Does that mean you are a witch? Gahhh... It's so confusing on what is going on..."

He sighs, then shook his head. If only Jade or Tear to explain this stuff to him. Luke looked back at the crowd then states,

"My name is Luke fon Fabre. I'm the nephew of King Ingobert the sixth, and the ambassador for the country of Kimlasca. I'm a great swordsman, if I say so myself. And..."

He opens his mouth, knowing people would disagree with him, but he couldn't just let someone that hasn't done anything die. If there was a mistake and they killed the wrong person, Luke wasn't sure he could forgive himself.

"I don't believe in hurting innocent people, well hurting anyone. As far as I heard, these guardians hasn't hurt anyone yet, in a way that makes them innocent."

Luke points at the small mummy,

"Like what Amumu said, I don't want anyone being forced to go away or get hurt. I'm not saying that we shouldn't look for this feather, after all, we all have a home to go back to. Until they hurt someone or stop me physically from getting the feather, I'm not going to vote on anyone. Unless of course, the way we make them talk is sticking them in that house with all those dogs I found tied up with dog food in their hair."

He finished talked, and noticed all the eyes on him. He never had such a large crowd looked at him before, so he looked down. He wasn't that good of an ambassador, so who was going to listen to him?

((With this Luke votes:No Lynch until we figure out what to do.))

"I never dreamed a character inside the story could change the story." - Drosselmeyer

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85 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Tue Jun 16, 2015 9:46 pm

If Sayaka could turn any more red, she might as well have pranced about with a long spear and called herself Kyouko. She fidgeted with discomfort, her shoulders locked somewhere up near her ears, and she wanted to bury her face in Kyouko's long hair and pretend she had never said anything. Some champion I'm turning out to be.

Kyouko had refused Sayaka—but she had known this would be the case. Kyouko tended to favor her own interests first and foremost, and sometimes she'd allow for others to get their say in, but not often. Sayaka wondered whether or not the girl took secret delight in vexing her so, but Kyouko took care never to extend her teasing to the point of maliciousness. Say what you would of her appetite and staunch refusal to be... diplomatic... the girl had a good and warm heart. Without Kyouko here in Traverse Town, well...

With a deep breath, Sayaka took a step forward, but not far enough to lead her away from Kyouko's comforting blaze; Sayaka had never thought to ask the girl the exact nature of her magical form, but while puella magi she seemed to radiate an aura of undulating warmth. A sort of fire that purged doubt and kindled bravery.

Maybe that's why she's always so confident. Or maybe it's just her confidence given form.

“I do not want to hurt anyone, either,” Sayaka said, not bothering to reintroduce herself. “I only thought...” She looked at the short, purple girl (although she looked much older upon closer inspection). “It doesn't matter... I apologize if I have offended you,” she concluded with a short, stiff bow, her bangs swinging as she righted herself.

“I-I know we're different—and we come from many places,” she said, performing small nods at those that had introduced themselves already—Soren, Amumu, and Luke. “But...”

Kyouko's warmth caressed her shoulders and arms, and her heartbeat steadied. She raised her chin.

“But we're here to find the feather—that's why we have gathered. So we can try to return home. We all want that, right?” Sayaka looked at the unlikely assortment of individuals. Seeing so much... strangeness condensed into one location still surprised her, even if it felt as though nothing could, or perhaps should surprise her after so many days (weeks?) in Traverse Town. As much as no one, alone, could ever truly belong with others in this world of forsaken refuge, Sayaka, in the midst of scrutinous and, perhaps, hopeful, searching stares, had never felt so isolated, so naked. It demanded much of her to avoid stepping back to Kyouko—back to safety.

But she couldn't let Kyouko shoulder their burden, just as she couldn't let these innocent and homeless individuals parade on into an everlasting void. Not if she could temper that fate, at least. Not if they could all find the feather.

And it would need to be done together.

“We can do it, but we need guidance and a plan,” she said, and she turned to the top of the stairs, where a man coolly indifferent to the proceedings stood with a partner of his own. I wonder which is the Sayaka and which is the Kyouko.

“You!” Sayaka said loud enough for him to hear. “You've talked of much, and so far you seem the most knowledgeable out of any of us. What do you think that we should do?”

((Vote: No Lynch))
((Yes, this post is extra cheesy. Put it atop a pizza if you're hungering for some good eating.))

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86 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:13 pm

Her fists unclenched and her stance relaxed, though her expression didn't grow any less irritated. Moreso, in fact...

"Augh!" she yelled. "This is friggin' dumb! I was all stoked to finally get to cream someone and then- here you are- UGH this is so dumb!"

Her gem glowed brightly as she drew her whip, whirling around with a roar to slice the nearest glowing lamppost neatly in half.

As the metal clattered to the cobblestones, she straightened back up and her whip disappeared.

"...yeah I feel better now. What was this feather stuff we were talkin' about?"

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87 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:33 pm


Distracted by his mental blueprint for a new makeshift radio tower, it took Carlos half a beat to realize someone was addressing him. “I-- You’re asking me? You know... I did just make a whole long speech about the fabric of collective human understanding and also not wanting to get involved.”

But, she did have a point. Carlos had talked of much, and did seem the most knowledgeable for certain definitions of ‘knowledgeable’ and also ‘most,’ and he did think.

Thinking was, scientifically speaking, something that he did quite often.

This... actually wasn’t an unfamiliar situation. Cecil, and by proxy, the entirety of Night Vale for which Cecil acted as voice, often sought his expertise in dangerous and unfamiliar situations. The answer was usually some flavor of, ‘This is horribly deadly and should be avoided if one enjoys having internal organs inside their body,’ or else it was, ‘Nothing to worry about, just a usual Thursday afternoon.’ So… this was probably just a matter of figuring out where on the scale of Horribly Deadly and Usual Thursday they all stood. With the practiced motions of someone who consulted a Danger Meter far too often, Carlos consulted his Danger Meter.

“I suppose, however, if you wanted my scientific opinion… Honestly, I don’t really think we need to do anything at all.” He shrugged, gesturing to the Danger Meter, as if doing so would answer all questions. “I mean we seem to be doing pretty okay here, right?”

(( Also vote: no lynch just to get this game moving into N1. ))

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88 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:11 pm

(( I'm going to bed now. If the phase ends while I'm asleep, then I'll post rollover in the morning! ))

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89 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:50 pm


(( Admin override. This game is currently on hold until alca gets back and can make a decision about some things. Sent her a PM and I expect she'll read it in the morning, so please sit tight until then! ))

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90 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Wed Jun 17, 2015 8:32 am

(( I've come to a decision, and am waiting on someone to confirm via PM! If they agree, then I'll make the announcement for what we're actually going to do. Thanks for your patience! ))

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