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Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX

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361 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:45 am

((The main tricky thing right now, in my opinion, is that in this situation you test the waters by doing votes on people to try and figure out what's going on and develop reads. But since the phase instantly kicks over upon majority vote, you could put out a vote and come back a few hours later and discover the phase ended in your absence. This is why I've been really hesitant to vote, especially when it's clear mafia is trying to mind game the town, and town has nothing to go on since the the mafia spent two weeks as town. I guess this isn't even including that voting on anyone doesn't cause mafia to extend themselves since they aren't trying to protect another mafia.

Then there's the risk that if we get a sudden lynch on town, mafia might be able to just win it outright if they have a vigilante shot. This is a very select case, though, and we do have a lot of defensive abilities to prevent this, but it kind of highlights why there's a stalemate. Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way, but I see it as this: Mafia can't attack without risking outing themselves, and town doing a vote is exceptionally risky whereas waiting on mafia to make a move is a more sure way to win.

Either way, I'm going to start pressing people next day phase because at this point sitting on our laurels won't accomplish anything, I suppose. Even if it's not the safe play and might lead to a loss, at least something will happen.))

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362 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Sun Jul 05, 2015 3:30 pm

((All good points. I'll at least try to do SOMETHING tonight then, I guess.))

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363 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Sun Jul 05, 2015 4:49 pm

((I'm just saying this now: I'm going to rng a vote this next round before the cutoff if I think we're going to wind up with a no-lynch.

I do have very loose suspicions, but there's just not enough interaction to go off of right now (unless I rng myself and traverse-town + mafeather goes through with that decision, in which case I'll be joining Carlos in the Fifth District). We're not getting anywhere at this rate. Happy to be convinced otherwise, of course; at least then we could have some potentially revealing interactions.))

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364 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Sun Jul 05, 2015 5:49 pm


((I'll vote tomorrow too, even if it's a randomized one.))

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365 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:10 pm

Sammiya wrote:((I'll vote tomorrow too, even if it's a randomized one.))

((Sounds good. Randomized could work too, if nothing new comes to light.

Edit: A thought occurs to me. Sayaka, Soren, and Amumu aren't bulletproof. I'm assuming Kyouko's ability counts her as such. If so, if one of the first three I mentioned is taken out tonight, and don't have the protection that reveals the attacker, then one of the remaining two should be voted out, hopefully, the one with the new ability. That way, the last person to vote will either be revealed as Mafia, or will clue in one of the remaining three who among if IS the Mafia.

I'd RP this idea...but I have work in seven hours, and have yet to get any sleep, heh...))

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366 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Sun Jul 05, 2015 11:30 pm

Radio Broadcast wrote:Hello listeners. An update on Soren. According to Intern Wilbur, Soren was going to do something. He had planned to do something, and was all prepared to do that thing. And then he didn’t.

Soren was stunned.
Soren was killed chased out of town. He was town.
Soren was targeted to be killed chased out of town, but it failed because he was already gone.
Amumu has triggered the Wrath of God. Amumu’s alignment is mafia.

▍▍▋▋▋▉ ▉ DAY 7 START ✦

There are 5 players remaining. It will take 3 votes to lynch someone. The phase will end at 11:30pm PST on Monday, July 6, or when a player (or no lynch) has the majority of votes on them.

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367 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Sun Jul 05, 2015 11:32 pm

I'm going to sleep now so if enough votes come in while I'm asleep I'll end the phase in the morning after I wake up. ;v;

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368 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Sun Jul 05, 2015 11:33 pm

((Well, then...))

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369 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Sun Jul 05, 2015 11:34 pm


(( Wow, popular guy. You go, Soren Coco. ))

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370 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Sun Jul 05, 2015 11:49 pm


((Going to sleep now, going to rp this later, but.. vote: Amumu I suppose. Good job, Traverse Town.))

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371 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Sun Jul 05, 2015 11:52 pm

((I was going to do an IC post, but since Cecil already voted, I'll just throw mine up with the intention of doing a final IC post to tie things up. Also with some OTP love <33


Vote: Amumu))

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372 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Mon Jul 06, 2015 12:27 am

((Wow okay. Don't worry Amumu I still love you. <3

I will vote later because I want to post one last IC post for the sake of OTP.))

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373 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:23 am

((So wait, a vig kill targeted him too? I would have thought that would have triggered first (as in stun -> vig kill -> maf kill). But oh well, been outed, so doesn't really matter anymore, heh. Anyways, yeah. With everyone's crazy powers, and me with just a stun, pretty much doomed anyway. Oh well, one last post (unless anyone wants to continue an RP of this group in another thread out something, heh).  And actually kinda glad it's over. After I let time slip by on the day I got switched over, and Rasei was too late in putting in a message to Alca, been kinda stressful and hopeless anyway. Actually felt like I was just wasting everyone's time.

Then of course the day I promise Alca and Kiyo that I'd do something to get the game moving again, all I had to do was nothing. Or target Sayaka. Figures, heh.))

Amumu couldn't look any of them in the eye -- especially Kyouko -- , only crying where he stood. He had made a promise, a promise to a friend, for the first time he could remember. And it was a promise he had failed to keep. A broken promise, he feared, may make Luke no longer want to be his friend. And that same promise, in trying to keep, probably even losing his even newer friend, Kyouko. The thought of it all made him start to tremble.

Though, at length, he finally plucked up some courage. He looked up to Sayaka, still avoiding eye contact, and said, "If I show you where the feather and Soren are...can we bring Luke back?"

((Another edit: turned out I had my work schedule changed without my knowledge, so got an hour's less of sleep than I could have...after a very bad night of sleep where I woke up every hour. So I was grumpy. Hope none of that came through in my OOC text. XD

But anyway, that's only the tip of what's not been a great month or so (which reminds me, sorry Camp NaNo group for not doing anything yet), so, dunno about anyone else, but I'd love to continue this, as Rasei has mentioned before, in an RP thread or something. I could really use some stress free roleplay, and this was a fun group. XD After all, may take some time (AND SCIENCE) to figure out how to work the feather, anyway. And maybe this is just my inner Amumu taking, but I think Like had good intentions. XD))

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374 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:35 am

(( All kills have the same priority. The one that goes first is the person who sent their PM first. ))

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375 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:03 am

Kyouko stared at her feet, not making a sound. She could feel the air around her darken after the announcement.

She wasn't particularly close to Soren, but the small community they had, albeit unstable, was all the company she had had for the whole week. The days were long and the nights were restless, and it was comforting to feel the presence of others experiencing the same thing.

And she had made a friend, too. But that friendship was never meant to be, or was it?

Of course, her sadness was rivalled against an equal amount of joy and relief. Kyouko could finally breathe again, after holding her breath for so long out of suspense and fear. Fears over the survival of not just herself, but Sayaka.

'If they had killed Sayaka, they might as well have killed me.'

Kyouko didn't realize that she was projecting these thoughts out loud, loud enough for Sayaka to hear. The way their telepathy worked was weird.

Kyouko took a deep breath before turning to Amumu...before turning away after seeing his heartbreaking expression. She didn't think it was possible, but the mummy had managed to make himself even sadder. ('H-how....') Honestly, the redhead didn't blame him at all. In fact, she had done worse things in her lifetime and hadn't felt the slightest remorse over the lives she took. The would-be lives, anyway.

She stayed silent a bit longer, not because she was angry but because..he looks so pitiful. She remembered her little sister Momo, that last image of her still engraved in her memories. The heat of the fire from back then licked at her cheeks as she felt them flush with emotion.  She had to pick her words carefully.

A goodbye. That was curteous enough. He was going to be sent away, far far away so that was a sensible thing to say, right?

Kyouko gulped down her pride and walked over to the sad mummy. You could tell that he needed a hug, an arm wrapped around for comfort, a 'Don't cry, please. Everything's alright. I promise.' But he didn't get that.

Instead, Kyouko tugged at his arm, hard.

"Oi, stop crying. Look at me. Do I look like I care about what you did?" Kyouko emphasized her annoyed expression even harder, "...I don't did the right thing. Targeting people, and kicking them off this world, for whatever reason. But we all want the feather, and we're all selfish. I'm not going to paint you as a villain just because you're no different from the rest of us. Well you are somewhat different but the mentality is the same."

She paused, looking away briefly to cringe at her own words. 'Ganbatte, Kyouko. Don't falter, don't falter.'

Once again, she accidentally projected these thoughts way too loud. They really had to figure this telepathy thing out.

"So," she continued promptly, "I'm going to have you kicked off this place because you lost. Don't be a sore loser about it."

Kyouko smiled lightly and pointed at the plastic whistle he still held.

"Better luck next time, yeah?"



PS. I WAS COMPLETELY USELESS THIS GAME WHY. It was still fun though love you alca. <3))

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