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Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX

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1 Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:43 pm

▍▍▋▋▋▉ ▉

I came because there was nowhere left to go. I remember standing in the lamplit streets
and staring up at the eternal night sky. I watched as the stars winked out one by one, like
somebody blowing out candles. One of them was mine. There was nothing I could do but
stare as my bright, glowing star of a home was extinguished. I remember thinking that it
ought to have felt like something, watching one's home disappear forever. I felt nothing,
but maybe it was because I was already too empty to feel.

Traverse Town has been my home since then, and it has been good to me. I've grown used
to the cobblestone streets and the sardined buildings. I've grown used to a sky where the
sun never rises. I've even grown used to watching the stars die away, a handful each night.
I don't want to think about what happens when the last star is gone.

The feather appeared one day, out of the blue. That was nothing new, of course; things ap-
pear here all the time. This feather was special, though. The day that it appeared, falling from
the sky like a shooting star, all the Heartless vanished. I shouldn't say vanished. More like
melted away. I haven't seen one since.

With this kind of power, it's no wonder everyone wants it. People have been whispering in the
streets about what they would do if they had the feather. They could protect themselves from
the Heartless. They could protect others. Some, who are stranded here, believe this feather is
the key to their way home.

But then, who would protect Traverse Town? It's not where I was born, but it's become like a
home to me. It took me in when there was nowhere else to go, and it took in all these others
as well. I refuse to let anyone take this protection away.

I've hidden the feather somewhere no one will find it, and I will protect it with my life. I won't
be alone, though. I have friends who agree, and want to protect their new hometown as much
as I do. We'll all work together to keep this feather safe. We'll have to keep our identities sec-
ret, so that we don't get attacked. I believe in myself, though, and I believe in my friends.

We'll protect the feather no matter what.

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2 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:45 pm


[ traverse town ]

    "A quaint and calm town, Traverse Town features a sky of eternal night, where stars can be seen clearly. Survivors of the worlds lost to the Heartless find their way here after their world has been destroyed."
    Kingdom Hearts wiki

TRAVERSE TOWN is a bit of a mix-and-match city, since it contains buildings and objects that are the remnants of worlds that have been destroyed, but overall the game will take place in the FIRST DISTRICT, pictured above. The First District is the most peaceful of the five, and is where most displaced survivors end up.

It's always night in Traverse Town, but residents can use clocks to tell the time. Overhead, each of the stars in the night sky represents a world, and each time a world is destroyed, the star goes out. You can create whatever backstory for how your character ended up in Traverse Town (perhaps their world got invaded by Heartless, or they stepped through a mysterious portal and their world is completely fine, or the TARDIS didn't end up where it's supposed to). Your character doesn't need to be stranded in Traverse Town, but you should come up with a reason for why they're here.

There is information about the other districts in the wiki page linked (Warning: Kingdom Hearts spoilers!) but please, let's try to keep everyone in the same place so everyone can communicate.

[ the feather ]

    "At the beginning of [Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle], Sakura grows wings from her back, which dissolve into magical feathers that are in fact pieces of her soul. Fei Wang causes her feathers to scatter across dimensions ... Since these feathers represent her soul, these hold an enourmous amount of magical power."
    Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle wiki

THE FEATHER is a glowing white feather with a pink design. It is unknown what power the feather holds, but it seems to have the ability to hold off Heartless. It is also rumored that the feather has other powers, such as allowing its owner to travel through time and other dimensions. Mafia's goal is to protect the feather by eliminating town. Town's goal is to get rid of all the feather's guardians so they can take it for themselves.

[ town ]
If you are TOWN, you are a displaced refugee who came to Traverse Town for whatever reason. When you hear about the feather, you desire its power. There are diary entries scattered around town, which seem to belong to a mysterious person who is trying to keep this feather hidden. You're not sure who this person or their alleged friends may be, but you think your best course of action will be to try to draw information out of those around you.

After town draws out all of the mafia members, the feather will be defenseless, and there will be nothing stopping them from searching for the magical item.

[ mafia ]
If you are MAFIA, you feel strongly for Traverse Town and are determined to keep the feather hidden so that nobody will take it away from you. You know that if one of the hunters of the feather finds you, they might do anything to find the location of the feather. You can't risk that, so you and your friends operate in secret and try to protect one anothers' identities.

Once mafia's number is equal to the number of town, the remaining town members will probably give up by then, and so the feather should be safe.

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3 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:47 pm

▍▍▋▋▋▉ ▉ MECHANICS

[ set-up ]

    This is a UPICK MAFIA MINIGAME where you ROLEPLAY as the character you choose! Since this is a roleplaying game, the roles will of course be open, though the abilities will be kept secret. Details on how to actually write your in-character posts are written below.

    NIGHT PHASES will last 24 hours, like a normal game, however DAY PHASES will last until there is a MAJORITY CONSENSUS (at least half of the players vote for the same person). This is because roleplaying will make day phases take a little longer than usual, and I want to give everyone a chance to post. If this ends up not working out, then we can come up with some other system for day phases.

    Night 0 will have NO DEATHS (including vig kills), so that everyone has a chance to rp before anyone gets killed.

[ role-playing ]

    The basic setting is that your character has been somehow displaced from their original world and are now living in a place called TRAVERSE TOWN, where all displaced people find themselves ending up (more details in the setting post above!). Suddenly, this magical FEATHER shows up which has the power to change your character's situation. Though these are based off Kingdom Hearts and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle respectively, no knowledge of either series is required for this game! I just wanted to pick elements from series known for crossovers.

    The displaced citizens (TOWN) will be trying to uncover the location of the feather by trying to draw out one of the feather's guardians (MAFIA), and the group of friends guarding the feather will be trying to eliminate the threat of town by chasing one person out of town each night. Since it's always night in Traverse Town, they go by clock time rather than there being an actual "day."

    So basically, you're just roleplaying a character, but your character just so happens to be in a situation that sounds a lot like a mafia game!

    ROLLOVER will have flavor to give people some direction for their posts, providing reasons for the characters to be voting or sending in night actions and whatnot. I-I would really prefer if there was continuity so for example, if your character gets cut off by rollover in the middle of a conversation, and rollover involves everyone going home and then coming back the next day, please finish up the conversation in a flashback if you feel like it instead of just acting like none of the events in rollover happened at all and continuing like usual. Sorry, I know this is an awkward request... /)n(\

    Since mafia is trying not to get found out, any roleplay posts from a mafia player should be written AS IF THEIR CHARACTER IS TOWN. (For example, please don't have your character think something like "I need to protect the feather!" because then it gives away the answer to the other players, even if the other characters can't read minds.)

    PLEASE REFRAIN FROM METAGAMING as much as possible (your character shouldn't be able to use knowledge from out-of-character situations, so for example if you're roleplaying Mario, just because you know Sailor Moon's entire backstory doesn't mean Mario does!) There are exceptions, like if your character is Sherlock Holmes or an actual mind reader, but please don't go overboard.

    Additionally, please try to KEEP OUT-OF-CHARACTER COMMENTS TO A MINIMUM and clearly denote them, for example by using parentheses or changing the font size. ((OOC: Here's an example!)) OOC comments are fine to explain your posts or comment on what's going on, but please don't use OOC comments to speculate!

[ role-play post format ]

    Format is third person paragraph form.

    There's going to be NO WORD LIMIT, though. I want people to be able to write long posts for fun, but also allow short posts for when they're running out of time.

[ tl;dr ]

    No please do read the above! It contains important information! But here is a SUMMARY anyways, s-since I know I ramble a lot.

    ❧ Sign up with a character
    ❧ Open characters, but closed roles
    ❧ Night phases are 24 hours long
    ❧ Day phases last until the majority agrees on who to lynch
    ❧ No deaths on N0
    ❧ Post in character according to the setting provided, please!
    ❧ Mafia should try to hide that they're mafia, even in descriptions or OOC comments
    ❧ Try not to metagame
    ❧ Keep OOC comments to a minimum

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4 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:48 pm

▍▍▋▋▋▉ ▉ RULES

[ game rules ]

    NO PM ALLIANCES outside of the mafia.
    ❧ Ghosts can comment OOC but they shouldn't speculate or continue roleplaying.
    ❧ Please do not spam!
    ❧ You must make at least ONE IN-CHARACTER POST EVERY 24 HOURS! This is to keep the thread going, especially during the day phases. A short post is fine. If you're busy with other things or not feeling well please do let me know in advance or post OOC in thread or something!
    ❧ Please BE RESPECTFUL to other players!
    ❧ All the other usual rules apply.

[ roleplay rules ]

    ❧ Try not to take IC things too seriously! If someone doesn't like your character, it doesn't mean they don't like you! If there's any OOC drama, please PM me so we can work it out outside of thread! IC drama is fine of course, as long as everyone knows it's just pretend.
    NO GODMODING. This means that you can only play your own character and you can't control other peoples' characters.
    NO METAGAMING. This means don't have your character use information that they haven't learned or figured out in-character.
    ❧ Please try to keep your posts generally ON TASK! It's fine to have a little friendship subplot, but remember that there is a mafia game going on.
    ❧ In general, I'm not going to be very strict about roleplaying since the point is just to have fun! But if anything anyone else is doing bothers you, please PM me. I can always add rules as necessary.

[ character guidelines ]

    FICTIONAL CHARACTERS only! No original characters or real people, please.
    ❧ Please try to choose a character that is CAPABLE OF COMMUNICATING with others and voting/speculating, please! Don't pick a pokemon and then just spend the entire game going "Pika pikachu!" unless... you have a talking pikachu or something...
    ❧ Your information can have spoilers, but please try not to have a spoiler in your choice. Like umm, for example, if a character gets their arm cut off during a series and this is a big spoiler, please try to roleplay the character with two arms instead of the arm-cut-off version. D-does that make sense? omo I just don't want to ruin series by accident for other players. If you're not sure what's okay, you can PM me!

[ how to sign up ]

    ❧ Instead of PMing me, please POST YOUR CHARACTER CHOICE IN THREAD! Include a link to INFORMATION about them, please! (If your link has spoilers, also include a SPOILER WARNING just in case other people haven't finished the series yet but want to). Feel free to include your own information or pictures or anything else, as well!
    ❧ If you want to sign up but you HAVEN'T DECIDED on a character yet, that's okay! Just post saying you want to sign up and then post again with your character choice later when you've decided.
    ❧ If you want to sign up as an ALTERNATE, please include a character choice anyways? I'd rather swap out characters than make someone roleplay a character they're not as familiar with.

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5 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:49 pm

▍▍▋▋▋▉ ▉ ROSTER

KIYOKO | Carlos the Scientist from Welcome to Night Vale
PANPANPANDY | Amethyst from Steven Universe
KALYRI | Pearl from Steven Universe
SAMMIYA | Soren from Fire Emblem PoR/RD
LUXARIA | Sayaka Miki from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
DRANDAHL | Cecil Palmer from Welcome to Night Vale
RASEI | Luke fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss
TIKI THE TROLL | Amumu from League of Legends
ALICEOFOZ | Kyouko Sakura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica


MEGRID | Pikachu from Pokemon

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6 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:53 pm


I'm told people want me to host a roleplaying game again, so I just copied and pasted the setup from vdex. If anything doesn't make sense, let me know because I may have just copy and pasted things wrong.

Umm relevant changes from the previous version. Multiple characters from the same series are allowed this time around, because I heard someone requested it. Also I'm not really doing rollover flavor anymore because I didn't really know what to do with it last time.

And for anyone who wants an example of how this setup works, here is the thread for the last time we ran this game.

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7 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:53 pm


FIRST. Still discussing character choices but yes playing.

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8 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:56 pm

Oh also sign ups will go for a few days. At the very least I won't start it until Red Riding Hood mafia is done.

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9 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:58 pm


(requesting a hold for pearl from steven universe for my girlfriend whO MIGHT NOT BE A MEMBER HERE YET I DON'T KNOW FOR SURE I'LL. I. UM. SHE... WILL... BE...)


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10 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:07 pm


❧ Please try to choose a character that is CAPABLE OF COMMUNICATING with others and voting/speculating, please! Don't pick a pokemon and then just spend the entire game going "Pika pikachu!" unless... you have a talking pikachu or something...

...  I'll bite I guess. And I'll go with Pikachu.

Oooo but not just any pikachu. He'll be talking, he'll be cute, and he'll come pre-packed with his own little thinking cap.

And sometimes a stache.

Edit:Signing on as an Alternate instead!:End Edit

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- With thanks to Kiyoko!
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11 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:10 pm


HELLO. Signing up for this~ Looking forward big time, just need to decide who to horribly mischaracterize Rp as.

Thank you, alca~

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12 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:37 pm

Kiyoko has already hyped this up for me. I need this.

Even if I'm still digesting the rules and don't have a character picked, my body is saying, "Yes."

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13 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Wed Jun 10, 2015 11:06 pm


I think reading the old thread is the best way to get a handle on the rules. Mostly because there are a lot of things to keep track of just reading the rules straight, and the old thread is really entertaining and you should all marvel at my America jokes.

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14 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Wed Jun 10, 2015 11:58 pm


Okay, I'm going to do it. "It" being a pronoun used to refer to a thing previously mentioned or easily identified, but in this case meaning "science."

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15 Re: Roleplay Mafia Minigame ❧ NIGHT SIX on Thu Jun 11, 2015 11:07 am

Already chatted w/ Carlos around this (just late to post), but I'll be stepping in as your favorite community radio host.

Looking forward to meeting you all. And looking forward to broadcasting those interactions to my favorite community, Night Vale.

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