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Roles from a Hat

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1 Roles from a Hat on Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:02 am


I'm going to put this here to commit to hosting it. Will make this post look pretty later.


This is a mafia minigame (so I don't have to balance it) where, after you sign up, you PM me a role description. It can be as straightforward as "stunner" or as complicated as, "Stunner with a 50% chance of also being a jail, but on day phases that fall on Tuesdays, this player must change their font color to red or their votes won't count."

After all the players sign up, I'll non-randomly sort the roles into mafia and town so that the game has some semblance of balance, but then I'll randomly assign players the roles after the roles have been associated with an alignment. You will not get the role you submitted. I reserve the right to alter the roles so that they're not overpowered.

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