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Glossary of Mafia Roles

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1 Glossary of Mafia Roles on Sun May 31, 2015 11:49 am


This is a living guide. I tried to get all the basic roles for now, and will add gradually more obscure ones as time goes on.


  • Vanilla - A role with no special abilities. Also called villager if town, or goon if mafia.
  • Miller - A role that appears as the opposite alignment. Sometimes this is only upon investigation, sometimes it is also upon death. Millers are inherently anti-town, though there can be town millers that appear as mafia upon investigation or death.


  • Cop - A role that can investigate one player each night and learn their alignment. Also called detective.
    • Naive Cop - A cop who will always receive "innocent" results no matter what. Naive cops are not aware that they are naive.
    • Paranoid Cop - A cop who will always receive "guilty" results no matter what. Paranoid cops are not aware that they are paranoid.
    • Insane Cop - A cop who will receive "guilty" when investigating town and "innocent" when investigating mafia. Insane cops are not aware they are insane.
  • Role Cop - A role that, instead of learning alignments, learns roles or role abilities instead.
  • Watcher - A role that watches one person at night to learn the names of everyone who visited them.
  • Tracker - A role that follows one person at night to learn who they target.
  • Journalist - A role who eavesdrops on one player every night and any messages that player might get (for example, investigation results) will also be given to the journalist. Also called eavesdropper.
  • Mortician - A role that investigates a dead player every night and learns the role of that player. Appears most commonly in closed-role games where role ability isn't revealed upon death.
  • Dreamer - If nobody visits the dreamer during the night, they will receive a message upon rollover containing three names. Two of those names are innocent, and one is mafia. There are many variations on this role.


  • Vigilante - A role who can kill a player. Sometimes this is every night, but usually for the sake of balance it's limited to a set number of shots.
  • Bomb - A role that will take down an additional player when the bomb is killed. This can be random, or it can be the player who killed them (last to vote them, if they were lynched).
  • Hunter - A role that, upon death, can choose one player to take down as a revenge kill.
  • Trapper - A role that visits one player each night and kills whoever else visits the same target as them.
  • Gunsmith - A role that can give a "gun" to a player of their choice. Players holding guns have a single-shot kill, in addition to their normal abilities.


  • Doctor - A role who can choose one player each night to protect from kills. Sometimes the doctor can also protect from stuns.
  • Bodyguard - A role that targets one player each night. If that player is targeted for a kill, the bodyguard will jump in the way and take the hit. There are variations on this role; sometimes the bodyguard will survive, sometimes the bodyguard will get a revenge kill, and sometimes both, up to a limited amount of attempts.
  • Virgin - If lynched, the mafia cannot kill anyone the following night.
  • Bulletproof - A role that can survive the first attempt on their life, but will die on the second attempt. Sometimes, this is only night kills, sometimes this is both night kills and lynches.
  • Reviver - A role that can bring a player back to life.


  • Stunner - A role who can target a player and block their action.
  • Jailer - A role that both protects and stuns a player. That player will be protected from kills but will not be able to act.
  • Busdriver - A role that chooses two targets. All actions directed towards Target A will instead be redirected to target B instead, and vice versa.
  • Judge - A role whose vote counts for two votes during the day, rather than just one.
  • Phase Changer - A role that can switch the phase instantly from day to night, or vice versa.
  • Silencer - A role that can target someone during the night to make them unable to speak during the day.
  • Janitor - A role that can kill someone at night, hiding the role and alignment of the dead player. The hidden role is usually revealed when the Janitor is killed. Usually mafia-sided.
  • Tailor - A role that can hide or disguise the alignment of another player, for example making a mafia member appear as town upon investigation or death. Almost always mafia-sided.
  • Recruiter - A role that can recruit another player onto their team (usually neutral -> town, neutral -> mafia or town -> mafia. Never mafia -> town because the mafia would know all their teammates.
  • Turncoat - When targeted for a kill, the turncoat survives but joins the mafia.

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