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RE: RE: Corporate Team Building Retreat [ end]

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Oh, no, sorry. Just, as it was said yesterday, I thought Mr. Smith was saying we were voting on who to send to HR?

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I-I'm sorry, Mr. Smith sir, I... I wanted to do a good job sir. I tried... no... I guess I d-didn't? That's why... I think? I don't--I'm... I'm...

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...What on earth did I come back to. I've never seen such drama in P. P. P. Co. before.

Katagi, do you have anything to substantiate your claims? I want to have all the facts before deciding who to send to evaluations, if any.

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@Tiki: I see. I guess in my head, I've been running with "being fired" as the synonym for dying in this game, and glossed over the HR detail. But since Melissa from HR was removed from duty... maybe it's just coincidence? Or maybe Melissa from HR was related to some core mechanic, and now things will be a little strange?

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All I know right now is...I kinda wish people were discussing their votes more.

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Hi everyone!!! After a busy day, im super excited to engage with the thread and see what kind of progress we've made! Unfortunately though, it looks like no one has taken the plunge on coming to a solutions in regards to an evaluation for today.

It's been very quiet! That's no way to have a retreat guys. Communication is the road to success!

Tiki, I think your confusion may be coming from usernames vs game roles. melissa from HR was just a username and not her actual game role as far as I can tell. Her role title was someone from finance.

My goodness me trying to write a whole post on a uphone is hard!

Okay, regardless, we have to actually act. Either we believe katagi and we test her, or we randomly vote. If katagi is right about drac, then going forward we have someone we can trust. If she's wrong, we can discuss those implications more once it happens. The flavour of the game did say that this game might be weird and I have an.... Idea about what that might mean, but we don't have any solid leads at this point.

So uh. eval: drac

(I'm sorry friend it's your first game back wah)

I will say I'm open to other ideas, but we really need more people weighing in!!!!

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I agree that we need more activity (we have a few more hours left?), but I don't understand the vote on dracoon. Also, I guess I'm not that used to playing with them, but "SUFFERING PROMOTES GROWTH" as a motto seems a little on-the-nose should they be mafia.

Oddly enough, I'm kind of comfortable trusting katagi and lucas right now. It's not based on hard facts, mind you (and I'd even be fine reconsidering). Otherwise, I'm not sure if I have reads on anyone else yet.

This is where I'm at right now. Also, before I get back to irl work, Ninfia, I appreciate your bias for action. Consider that a compliment!

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To all employees:

It has come to my attention from the occupational health department that the food delivered to our building last night was tainted. A speaker from HR that I hired in an attempt to improve our corporate communications has been hospitalized due to ... poisoning.

Curiously enough, attempts to trace the source of the order have proven futile: I asked some of our staff and no one is aware of who placed the order, only that it was not Melissa from HR.

We have alerted security just in case, but I urge you all not to panic.

I have appended some new information to the email sent out regarding Melissa from HR's firing. Hopefully this clears a few things up.

Please stay vigilant.

Best regards,
John Smith

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Admin Assistant Ninfia seems to have really taken the company mantras to heart. Kudos to you, Ninfia! We in the marketing department also believe that communication is key. To this point, we've developed a few punchy slogans that we believe really convey the spirit of the hour.

  • DOWN WITH DRACOON this message brought to you by katagi
  • DOWN WITH KATAGI this message brought to you by dracoon
  • MR. GERBEAR IS A DECENT CHAP this message brought to you by dracoon
  • WE HAVE TO ACTUALLY ACT this message brought to you by Ninfia
  • I AM COMFORTABLE TRUSTING KATAGI AND LUCAS this message brought to you by Dr. Andahl

We in the marketing department believe that the first to get the message out are the real innovators in the field. Going to market is a risky endeavor. It is doubtful that a company without a valid product would risk bringing attention to themselves, unless they were sure their offerings were profitable. Any competitors advertising a similar product might have a viable business model as well, but consider that they may be misrepresenting their assets in order to maintain relevancy in their respective industry, or to turn public opinion against their main competition. For this reason, the marketing department sides, as always, with the trailblazers.

vote: dracoon

P.S. What did R&D mean by trusting Lucas? I have not seen Lucas in the past hour, and am wondering if R&D has had any recent communication with him to prompt such a positive testimony.

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Hello friends. I'm still in a situation where I can't devote much time to the retreat, and I apologize for it. Hmm I also don't have much to share on the current events. Personally, I wouldn't trust katagi blindly, specially when they say they "might clarify if necessary" and then never clarify even tho its clear that everyone would love some clarification.

vote: Katagi

It might be tempting to lynch drac to test katagis claim. But I'm worried it's a maf gambit, like maf disguising dracs alignment and then forcing a lynch in order to clear katagi

But idk


[16:41:10] Kiyo / 7♦: “so lucas what do you think about this lynch?”
[16:41:10] Kiyo / 7♦: “hHHHhhhhhh hHHHHHHHHHH HHHHhhhHHhh"
[16:41:36] lucasssss: "lucas i want u to bus me and lynch me this phase"
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Synergistic Marketing wrote:P.S. What did R&D mean by trusting Lucas? I have not seen Lucas in the past hour, and am wondering if R&D has had any recent communication with him to prompt such a positive testimony.

My reasoning is this: The extra credit part of each round could have been an easy way for them to appear in-thread, but neither of them used this opportunity (I'm going by the mottos transcribed to first page. Tiki posted late with his, so I'm not considering him as part of this set).

It's really shallow reasoning, which is why I'm 100% fine going back on it. But it's something for me personally to go off of right now until I have more info.

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(Will be spotty OOCly, museum trip and current phone is very unreliable crafting posts)

I'm appalled that nobody seems to believe me. Read between the lines. Katagi is still unable to prove the fact that she, has stolen my title. No, honestly, this is a wine in front of me situation, but let's not toss votes immediately and get ahead of ourselves. I'm having an identity crisis here and nobody is helping by voting to have me fired.

am tadpole.

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Honestly, unless this company's organizational chart is more complicated than I remember, I feel like both dracoon and katagi could not be telling us the entire truth? Katagi more than dracoon, really, because there's much less explanation going on there.

Hmm hmm.

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Dracoon, are you claiming detective?
Katagi, can you explain why you want to fire Dracoon?

If Dracoon is telling the truth, that means Mr. Gerbear, and himself are both in the clear.
If Katagi is telling the truth, that means no one is clear.

Another thing, if they are both detectives of some sort then Katagi could be an insane cop or something.
Firing either Dracoon or Katagi is the best option right now. Part of me is leaning towards Dracoon, but if Katagi doesn't come back and explain like she said she would, I might vote for her instead.

"I never dreamed a character inside the story could change the story." - Drosselmeyer

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The reason why I'm leaning towards Dracoon is if flips town, then we know that Katagi is mafia or is an insane cop. If he flips town, then we can trust Mr. Gerbear.

"I never dreamed a character inside the story could change the story." - Drosselmeyer

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