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RE: RE: Corporate Team Building Retreat [ end]

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what just happened

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So the ratio was 3:8 after all? Or I'm confuse
I have work late through rollover.

"I never dreamed a character inside the story could change the story." - Drosselmeyer

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Well shucks y'all.

Let me just start by sayin' that John Smith was a great man. He and my Pa were good friends, back in the day. One of the brightest and most innovative minds out there, so I'll be the first to say that I've got some mighty big britches to fill. May God watch over his soul.

Now, I'm sure y'all've read the press release by now, and I'm sure each n' every one of y'all have questions. Rest assured that all y'all's questions will be answered in due time. For the time being, just know that there will be no major changes. I worked closely with John Smith and I know better'n anyone the direction he would've wanted this company to go. So your healthcare, your salaries, your quarterly bonuses, all that's stayin' the same.

Well. We're relocatin' to my home state of Louisana, but that ain't no big fuss. It's a lovely state, full o' sunshine and Southern hospitality and people with big hearts.

But aside from that, there will be no major changes.

It's been a pleasure workin' with y'all. I look forward to taking P. P. P. Co. to new heights with all of y'all's help.

Yours truly,

Jacob Carter
P. P. P. Co. CEO

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Pleasant reminder to all of you: Please do not flush the paper towels.

Executive Janitor

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Uhm...thank you for...promotion?

[Checks his PM to make sure he was actually Town.]

Addendum: Well, I guess I got my promotion. From temp IT specialist to troll. Still confused as hell, but yep!

Last edited by Tiki The Troll on Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:02 pm; edited 1 time in total

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John Smith? wrote:
P. P. P. Co.
John Smith is not a good person.

A lock is undone.

John Smith is sitting at his desk.

John Smith is sitting at his desk, hands tied behind his back.

John Smith is sitting at his desk, hands tied behind his back and a towel in his mouth. The janitor’s hands are shaky as he finishes up the knot, before sliding back into the darkness from which he came.

Out from the shadows walks an employee with a bowtie and slicked back hair, sparkling eyes and a winning smile. He approaches the desk, as he has for the last few years, dutifully climbing the ranks as a good employee of P. P. P. Co. He has extolled the company’s values and is the absolute meaning of teamwork. He and John Smith are a team.

Were a team.

From under his suit, the employee pulls out a handgun.

“… I reckon the name Sam don’t mean anything to you, Mr. Smith?” the employee whispers. “Sam? Worked with you in Ore-gone. You two were wood buddies. Loved the smell of oak in the morning. You took him in like he was your brother.”

John Smith doesn’t respond. Furious, the employee grabs a paperweight and throws it against the motivational poster, shattering the glass of the frame.

“Don’t mess with me, old man! I know what you’re thinkin’, I know what kind of devil you are. You know what Sam is doing now? You really want to know?”
He kicks the table.

“You let him down, old man. The devil’s in your soul, and you know it. You let him down, and he’s a husk of what he once was. And I’m here – I’ve always been here waitin’. I came here to wait.”

John Smith doesn’t respond.

“I came here to wait for the right time. You see, Mr. John Smith, I’mma gonna send you to your maker. I’d think the folks up there would have a word for someone like you.”

There is no response.

John Smith says nothing to death.

It comes.

LEUTERS – Stocks rose as P. P. P. Co. announced the installation of its newest CEO, Jacob Carter, last Tuesday in a press release sent out to shareholders. This announcement comes after the untimely passing of John Smith, the previous CEO, last Tuesday.

Jacob Carter, 30, is one of the youngest CEOs ever named to head a conglomerate like P. P. P. Co., and his appointment comes after a wave of employee turnovers at the Oregon-based company after several quarters of low profits. Employees who worked with Carter describe him as a passionate individual close to John Smith who acted as his right-hand man, with a good sense of discipline and a knack for interpersonal negotiations.

In the press release, Carter states the following:

“My plan is to continue the innovation that I know John Smith would have wanted. While we all miss him dearly, we must move on from the troubles of the past and strike out our own new future. As John Smith stated during the last event he chartered for our company – the first ever Corporate Team Building Retreat – we must be transformative, expect the unexpected, and go back to basics to overcome the challenges that face us. One of our top priorities is to restructure our company such that we discover new aims and streamline our services to better meet our consumers.

Effective immediately, the headquarters of P. P. P. Co. will also be moved to Louisiana.”

Somewhere in an old dusty storage room, full of old office equipment destined for the garbage and taped underneath a folded table are eleven fortunes.

  1. Synergistic Marketing
    Miss Sahara
    Mr. Gerbear
    high seraph
    Dr. Andahl from R&D
    Tiki the Temp
    Melissa from HR

1. The sweet smell of roses can be alluring and familiar. Take note of the cordial before you drink it, for you may soon regret it. Wills are easily bent.
2. Too confident to see beyond yourself, you place your faith in baseless assertions of your perceived skill. Your overconfidence blinds you to the darkness. Be humbler.
3. You are on the right track! Keep pushing through, and you will undoubtedly reach your goals. You're doing great already.
4. Others have much to offer you, and you shouldn’t push them away. Indulge and be open to experiences other than your own, instead of always being distrustful of that which isn’t familiar to you.
5. You put too much faith in those you shouldn’t trust. Naivety can be dangerous. Be watchful.
6. You are at your most vulnerable – the only one vulnerable – when death is unlikeliest. Listen to yourself and don’t let anyone know the truth. You know what you’re here for. You know how dangerous they are.
7. Do not let the future crush your spirit from within. Your erratic behavior will only lead to disaster.
8. New perspectives are good, but so is staying on the well-trodden road. Perhaps it is time to flip your expectations.  
9. Empathy for an individual does nothing when you are complicit in the act. You may regret it, but your cowardice prevents you from doing the honorable thing.   
10. Intention is often lost when not talking face to face. Words can be twisted to be opposite of their meaning. Be conscious of context, always.
11. One can wallow in their failures indefinitely, blind to the suns that shine in front of them.

Mafia win.

Promotions: Tiki the Temp, Synergistic Marketing, Dr. Andahl
Recordings of previous hours have been updated.

*Mafia had already won due to the results of the last vote. Mafia requested I continue with this phase for a brief time before ending the game instead of ending the game there.

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What in literal

See, exactly, I knew it was too convenient that Andahl and Synergistic had voted me that day without waiting on Katagi.

(downs another shot of vodka)

We are all detectives, weren't we?

am tadpole.

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T-thank you for hosting! I... I'll do my best next time!

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I... have no idea what happened in this game lmao. Are those the decrypted versions of the fortunes I was able to draw?? I never managed to decipher them (even after John Smith actually gave me a link to the cipher explanation, after I was dead).

I suppose each fortune is a hint about a secret aspect of each player's role. My role PM said I couldn't die until I got to the retreat on Hour 4. But I guess my fortune reveals that H4 I would also be really vulnerable?? Maybe any actions couldve killed me that phase? Idk lmao. Anyway, The only (encrypted) fortunes I ever got were Melissa's on H2 (butttt she died) and Sahara's on H4 (butttt I died).

This was an interesting game though, and I wish I had been able to devote more time to it. Sorry I was never able to help anyone with my role, and couldn't take part in the retreat's extra activities haha.


[16:41:10] Kiyo / 7♦: “so lucas what do you think about this lynch?”
[16:41:10] Kiyo / 7♦: “hHHHhhhhhh hHHHHHHHHHH HHHHhhhHHhh"
[16:41:36] lucasssss: "lucas i want u to bus me and lynch me this phase"
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WHo is John Smith really?

"I never dreamed a character inside the story could change the story." - Drosselmeyer

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