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Mr. Gerbear and Mr. Alice's MAFIA ROUND DONUT

do u want to play donut maf

25% 25% [ 2 ]
75% 75% [ 6 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 8

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1 Mr. Gerbear and Mr. Alice's MAFIA ROUND DONUT on Sat Sep 10, 2016 9:01 pm

Hello, friends! Mr. Gerbear and Mr. Alice would like to welcome you to the grand opening of our new donut shop:

But what's this? There are bagels masquerading as donuts?! Why would they possibly do such a thing?! Now Mr. Gerbear and Mr. Alice will have to start discarding their products so the customers don't get upset! So now it's up you delicious baked goods to figure out the truth, voting for certain products to be tossed out for the good of the (donut w)hole.....

Donut = Town
Bagel = Mafia
Discard = Kill
Toss Out = Lynch
AM Shift = Day Phase
PM Shift = Night Phase


  • Closed roles! Donut flavors and roles are hidden!
  • There will be items! It's a secret!
  • There will be Donut Holes! Each donut (not bagel), after being discarded/tossed, will leave behind a remnant of their life: A Donut Hole! The donut hole includes a short message and a one-use power similar to the discarded donut.
  • One may not use more than one power in the same phase. So you have to choose: your role ability, an item, or a donut hole. Passives don't activate if you choose to use an item or a donut hole. Choose wisely. ouo
  • Failed actions because of stuns, protects and jails will not appear in rollover
  • All actions that block roles will be announced in the same way.

old post:

Mr. Alice and I are planning to make a Donut-flavored game.

Mmm donuts.

We're still in the early stages of planning but we hope to put this into the hat for Round 20, because 0 is a Nice Number to be a donut.

So yeah this is kinda a preliminary post to gauge interest and to also collect ideas! What would y'all like to see in a donut-themed mafia game :3?

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Well then. I do plan to take a break, but I'll have to be back for this gem, heh.
...Hungry now. :(

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Tim Hortons doesn't exist in California, I'm upset

Tiki The Troll wrote:...Hungry now. :(

the plan has worked

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Mr. Alice and I are looking for someone to help balance the game! We're gonna get the set-up done within the weekend (hopefully!) and we're looking for a volunteer to look it over ;w; thanks in advance o/

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Triple posting to say: please vote in the poll above ;w; We'd like to know how many people are interested in playing so we can make the game as balanced as possible yet with cool roles!

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Holy shit that header font is cute as hell

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Mr. Alice found it omg it's so perfect

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One jelly-filled, please.

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