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Symphonic Mafia: A UPick [n0-n4]

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886 Re: Symphonic Mafia: A UPick [n0-n4] on Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:49 am

For me its more process of elimination based on who I trust more! Chi has been acting pretty pro-town and has been cooperative but I just happen to trust others more
my list of most sus to least would probably go
Rasei, Chi, She-ra, Tiki, Nautilus

I guess it if helps for the whole I didnt do a thing I said I'd do, I am stunner, I have a second one shot ability which is to stun everyone. So I assumed when I sent it in then everyone would be stunned but maf sent in the jail on me before I sent in my stun which they both have same priority so the priority order was decided by who sent in the action first. That's it afaik. I just wrongly assumed my power was a bit more OP and couldnt be blocked other than killing me lol and maf already vig shot Lux so I assumed I was safe to reveal I could stop NK ;<

E; for pagetop

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887 Re: Symphonic Mafia: A UPick [n0-n4] on Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:31 am

Thanks for clarity, Vowels. I also happen to believe that.

Much earlier in the game and Five about inbox priority, especially in terms of two people with same ability acting. As you might imagine, it was about my kill vs the NK.

There's only one situation where inbox priority mattered, and that was the following:

A sends a kill on B first.
B sends a kill on A second.
B dies, A lives.

Meanwhile, it does not work in this instance:

A sends a kill on B first.
B sends a kill on C second.
Both B and C die.

All that said, Vowels, if you truly are Town stunner, for the love of God, stun everyone. XD I still think/hope Ace was jailer, so we should be good tonight.

I still want Nautilus and/or Chinomi to tell us how many vote bombs Chi has.

Edit: Actually, before you do anything, I want Nautilus to talk about Chinomi first.

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888 Re: Symphonic Mafia: A UPick [n0-n4] on Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:44 am


is this what you wanted me to say about chinomi or would you rather me talk about chi first in general

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889 Re: Symphonic Mafia: A UPick [n0-n4] on Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:53 am

I figured it would be one. Here's hoping my faith isn't misplaced, heh. I'm trying to just stay convicted and go with my original thoughts and feelings, also mostly on process of elimination, buy lest we forget:

The Cure wrote:
Tiki The Tralala wrote:intelligent and attractive

You must be mistaken.

(For anyone new who is confused, El Zorro is Tiki.)

Nautilus! At The Disco wrote:
El Zorro wrote:*El Zorro has had a 0% accuracy rating to date.

And sure, Nautilus, tell us your thoughts on Chi.

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890 Re: Symphonic Mafia: A UPick [n0-n4] on Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:04 am

Okay, I was waiting for responses, but everyone clammed up again. So let me just say that I'm sending a new PM to Five.

She-Ra. Tell Five you won't leash me tonight.

Vowels. Stun everyone. Because if you don't, I'll be using this to cut you in twain:

And that way too, if you get jailed, I still don't kill you, because you're protected.

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891 Re: Symphonic Mafia: A UPick [n0-n4] on Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:37 am


have you even confirmed that aeiou has a second use of her global stun. what if she used it up already

anyways i don't really have an opinion on chi other than the fact that i found her early-game probing on angel/plot kinda weird, tbh. i do feel like it's possible she could be maf because it's possible she could've used her five votes to hammer on blaire during the phase and write it off as her ability. cool/weird connection i noticed later in the game: angel and plot both replied to chi's questions about acting and then died shortly one after another. prolly coincidence though

unfortunately the only people who can confirm the full nature/information chi's boost are dead, which seems like a really common thread in this game

She-Ra wrote:like I said, I've been pretty sure you've been town all game. It just seems like, jeez this game has a lot of millers/tailors/whatever??


we actually haven't confirmed the existence of any millers/tailors outside of your own claims like no one has investigated a corpse and found someone was a miller or anything, like the angel/ezz stuff was a theory???

no one so far has stood up and said angel and ezz were millers or tailored, so i'm a bit confused about your thread of logic that there seem to be a lot of millers/tailors in this game when in reality no one has adequately proven any of the miller and tailor claims from earlier on in this game? so you can't really judge that there seems to be a lot of them

i guess through process of elimination and trusting folks, here's my order of suspicion:

rasei, chinomi, she-ra, aeiou, tiki

pre much lol

e: actually on second thought, split rasei and chi but tbh the last two people are pretty swappable on my list. unfortunately chi's role isn't as plainly town as, say, kiyoko's was because it's pretty OP in terms of its ability to affect the lynch

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892 Re: Symphonic Mafia: A UPick [n0-n4] on Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:41 am

Nautilus! At The Disco wrote:what

have you even confirmed that aeiou has a second use of her global stun. what if she used it up already

Alright then. Let's try this.

@Host: If anyone had limited use abilities, are their uses eaten up if they get blocked when they try to use them, or would it be as if they never acted at all?

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893 Re: Symphonic Mafia: A UPick [n0-n4] on Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:44 am

k so chi if you're town i'd like to plainly advocate for you not to boost tiki because if the boost you grant allows tiki to punch through protections the phase you act or something this plan tiki has could go very poorly

if you're maf then do whatever i guess

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894 Re: Symphonic Mafia: A UPick [n0-n4] on Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:50 am

Hmm, actually, the thought that makes me anxious is the idea Rasei has a copy of Vowels that she can use tonight. Urgh.

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895 Re: Symphonic Mafia: A UPick [n0-n4] on Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:38 pm

tiki wat r u doing

Nautilus - yeah they're unconfirmed but like any time anything has happened, and every death we're thrown around suspected miller claims and stuff and I'm just. If the people we've suspected were miller were, plus me, then that's a lot. So it's all up in the air but at this point it seems like there's at least two including me, possibly three that have been theorized so far. Adding Jason Derulo to that list of possible miller's seems like a lot. And if Blaire was miller then that means at least one of the other ones we've speculated was probably wasn't. Which means re-thinking a bunch of theories we've had about who was and wasn't maf up to this point. I'm not saying it's not possible, but that's why I was like "what again??????"


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896 Re: Symphonic Mafia: A UPick [n0-n4] on Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:46 pm

Any limited use abilities will not be lost if their uses fail.

All actions of the same type have the same priority, so if two people send in kills on each other they will both die. Inbox priority comes into play only when actions would directly interfere with each other (for example, two blocking actions where each would cancel the other).

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897 Re: Symphonic Mafia: A UPick [n0-n4] on Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:56 pm

She-Ra-Ra-Riot wrote:tiki wat r u doing

Wishing I were a better Town.

And thank you, Five!

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898 Re: Symphonic Mafia: A UPick [n0-n4] on Thu Jun 16, 2016 4:50 pm

Where is everyone? D=

Well, in case I end up dead tonight, and we make it to the next day phase, I figure I'll share where my thoughts are on everyone (for whatever it's worth).

Nautilus: I Can't help but think a lot of why I get anxiety just THINKING about "what if she's Maf?" I'm coming to the conclusion it's less anything in the thread (where she has been very pro-Town...if a tad grmpy this phase and the last), and more my own self-esteem, heh. Despite trying to rally everyone this phase and the last, I can't help feeling inadequate every time I post (see: every other game where Town Tiki was vocal nad hands-on with spec and planning), especially with Nautilus around, one of the people best at the game. Given all that, I'm pretty sure all/most of my suspicion on her has just been pranoia nd anxiety, driven by all I just rambled about, heh.

And if she's Maf, we're probably already on the way to losing anyway, heh.

Aeiou: While practically mute till recently, I'm ready to believe all that she's saying. Granted, I'm holding a gun at her head to ensure she plays ball, but i actually feel pretty good about her.

She-Ra: I think most of my suspicion on her stems from overthinking. Again, she's let me kill 2 Maf, even if one was a self-admitted accident. And actually, if she were Maf, she would probably have not admitted to that, and just taken the praise I gave her for what I though was at first a sneaky strategy and ran with it.

Chinomi: While playing along yesterday, she's still leaning Maf to me. Mostly, I admit, from rocess of elimination. Although, seeing her role in action last phase, that does seem very scummy. 4 hidden votes? Hrm...

Rasei: Again, largely process of elimination, and I'm kicking myself from pulling my vote off of her yesterday. More and more thinking that I let my sympathy for having been in that exact scenario cloud my judgement just enough to vote for someone very pro-Town ghosts vouched for. And reflecting on it...the game I most sympathized with, one where i, too, did nothing but tell the truth, had work keeping me from being as responsive as I would have liked, and that I cried and sobbed like a child during (MULTIPLE TIMES)...was in CCS Maf. Where I was a Mafia.

And I know from experience too, how frustrating it can be to be Maf, not do anything suspicious, but through a long game and bad luck be outed simply by process of elimination. So, i do feel her frustration and anguish are genuine...
...but that doesn't make her Town.

So, should I live, I'll be voting Rasei immediately. Correct that mistake.

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899 Re: Symphonic Mafia: A UPick [n0-n4] on Thu Jun 16, 2016 5:11 pm

tbh i still don't get why you're shooting someone who if town has the only other "actually able to harm the mafia" power role today instead of the person you suspect as maf or the other person you suspect as maf????????

like i understand you're kind of forcing aeiou to do what you've told her but

i am investigating rasei i guess let's see if i get anything here

e: actually

since the majority of the thread thinks at least one of chi and rasei, if not both chi and rasei are mafia why don't we just do this instead of tiki holding a gun to aeiou's head and making this game very, very awkward

aeiou stuns and i investigate rasei
tiki kills chi

reason for killing chi over rasei is that if chi is town her role is largely spent/not as powerful and therefore it's less of a net loss if she does flip town, but i am also cool with other way around

????? like optimally i would not want tiki to kill anyone because the ratio is very dicey at the moment but she-ra doesn't appear to want to leash tiki and if tiki's going to kill someone, better he kill someone who everyone is suspicious of or he is personally suspicious of rather than randomly threatening a person with death

is this what it feels like to be trapped on a boat with a monster

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900 Re: Symphonic Mafia: A UPick [n0-n4] on Thu Jun 16, 2016 5:50 pm

i sent my boost already last night and i can safely say i didn't boost tiki.
listen, i did everything i could to convince you all that i'm town. i did exactly as tiki said to do and only changed my vote on rasei after tiki changed it. if i didn't change it then i would have potentially been in trouble/an easy target to get lynched out.

furthermore, i don't know WHY tiki changed the vote when he didn't even know if i were around like that's practically labeling out my death sentence right there.

listen, my vote boost doesn't show up in the vote count until rollover happens. i could have easily kept this hidden and sneakily vote out someone i know is town, but i didn't. and i outed myself with this even before getting a confirmation from mitsu on my second power.

that said, after tonight i'm vanilla. i literally cannot act in any way so there's not much use in me being around. i did all i could to try to make you all trust me, even going so far as to do something i was entirely too uncomfortable with doing. i don't know why you're so comfortable with offing me since i'm vanilla - it's honestly the ratio freaking me out more than anything so don't off me because i'm vanilla, off someone else because they could be mafia.

so, i don't know what y'all want from me anymore. i assumed i could clear my name if i did tiki's plan which i was uncomfortable with doing from the beginning but that doesn't seem to be the case.

this is so not marvelous at all.

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ty kiyo
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