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Tote Valley Tales: Forget-Me-Not Festival | THE END | Town Win!

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I like stationery irl, but I wouldn't know how to make use of it in-game unless I have an investigative role, lol... So nope, mom.

Eta: why must I continue to page top

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plotstickers was evicted from Tote Valley.
plotstickers was the MeGaCorp Bomb Maker.


As the bus took the last MeGaCorp henchman away from Tote Valley, a tear ran down Mayor Isabelle's face. She could finally breathe.

"Finally... everything will be back to normal," she sighed.

And yet... three villagers have met their end in the last three days. A crater stood where the Flower Shop once was. Spring had never been so deadly for Tote Valley, but there there was cause to celebrate. The town had won.

The remaining villagers stood in the town square, rejoicing at their victory over MeGaCorp.

"We have triumphed, Tote Valley," the mayor announced. "Our little town may never be the same, but we are strong, and we are resilient. I believe in our capacity to rebuild."

"MAYOR," screamed a blue-haired villager. Everyone turned; she was holding a comically large bomb with a lit fuse. "WHY IS THERE ANOTHER BOMB??"

"...oh dear. I'll call the county SWAT team...."


Just thirty minutes later, as the town waited in suspense, a black tactical vehicle rolled into the town square. A few heavily-armed men jumped off and began to do whatever it is a bomb squad does to defuse a bomb.

In the commotion, nobody noticed three villagers sneak off into the woods. They headed to the newly restored Goddess Shrine.

"Now that the bomb issue is being taken care of... what do we do? The Goddess has not yet been fully received into the hearts of every villager."

"That may be a bit difficult to do... there's so few of us left, and after such a traumatizing event..."


"Yes! We must spread Her word! With baked goods!"

"The world needs to know of The Goddess... we must make haste."



"Well, Ms. Mayor, the bomb has been disposed of," said the burly SWAT team leader. "Just call us anytime you need help."

"I... I tried to call you when MeGaCorp started terrorizing the town. Why didn't you come?"

"We didn't get any calls from Tote Valley in the past week, ma'am. Are you sure you called?"

"It... must have been part of the spell on the town, then..."

"I hope that, with the spell lifted, I can go back to my normal work efficiency..." the town detective told the Mayor. "Somehow, SOMETHING always happened when I tried to figure out who was who in this town."

"Hopefully everything can go back to normal now," the officer said. "Have a good day, now."

As the police officers jumped off into the car and sped off back to the city, the mayor couldn't help but notice that two of them looked very familiar... one had blue hair in braids, and the other had a rather fashionable yellow scarf...

But it didn't matter. All that mattered was that she remembered everyone who was actually part of the town, and everybody remembered everybody else. The town fisherman was intently angling for small fish at the pond. The intrepid mail duck was delivering letters to each mailbox. The town survivalist was pondering the last few days' unintended uses of rope and wondered whether to change his shop's image...

She smiled as she returned to the bazaar, which was still bustling with activity. The carpenter and the shopkeep seemed to be having an argument at the Ranch stand...

"I need all these 20 eggs for the Egg Festival! I'm making everybody some egg dishes they'll surely love, ok!"


Ah. Everything was back to normal. All was well in Tote Valley.


Town has achieved its win condition!
The Harvest Goddess achieved her win conditions!


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What a lovely rollover!

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I just realized that I stole the pagetop.

I am truly evil...

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i mean you killed your boss

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My mom made me!!!!!

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I like to think of it as a last minute act of rebellion against your evil boss who had you killing innocent people.

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I only sent the NK last night and I wanted ANGEL to survive. She makes money...

The small businesses thrive in Tote Valley.

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Ninfia - ☆☆★
For singlehandedly giving the Harvest Goddess her first win condition in like the first phase, like, damn. Gr8 spec while still alive.....

Luxaria - ☆☆★
For various PM commentary and also for reminding me that I forgot to put the Vinegar on the priority list.......... Great spec too like wow.

Kiyoko - ☆☆★
For bringing the ALMIGHTY MATRIARCH into our lives. But also for tying up Lucas and bringing kinky funtimes into the Harvest Goddess Cult. SURVIVED TO THE END THIS TIME WOO

plotstickers - ★★
For killing her boss. Also for passing the second bomb to Luxaria last minute.

nautilus - ☆☆☆☆☆
For an amazingly well-timed use of Temporary Paint, inadvertently saving katagi from the kill, which is ironic because all the doctor protects were self-protects.... Also, great spec and great in-thread questions about game mechanics. Also for keeping up the vote tally when I couldn't. :3

Rasei - ★★
Great effort trying to get suspicion off her tbqh

angelstar - ★★★
For effectively leading the mafia and also asking a lot of questions about game mechanics I hadn't thought of when the game began. Sorry your employee killed you.

Entelechy - ☆☆☆☆
For trying to buy infinite stationery Day 1 but then discovering a different loophole to the mail system, effectively monopolizing the valley's mail industry. Best mail duck. Plus one extra two stars for ending with the most gold! 21G!

ezzelin - ☆☆
For having the second most gold, 20G, and using it all to buy eggs at the end of the game. Gr8 investment for the Egg Festival when it happens.

Five - ★
sorry u died first and that you foreshadowed it by saying it won't be the last time you can purchase stationery d1 and it actually was...

Aeiou - ☆☆★
Great use of binoculars and also the first to notice that plot claimed to spend more money than a townie would have.... Also for voting for Five when Five was dead.

Ace - ☆☆
I was so amused by the alien quirk, for real. I loved it. Sorry they set you up the bomb.

katagi - ☆★
For trying her hardest to be a good detective but it just never panned out. Literally every single time.

high seraph - ☆☆☆☆☆
For being the best Harvest Goddess ever and successfully reviving the Harvest Goddess Cult. That RSVP note at the Harvest Festival? All Lucas. Like. Such a last minute thing too, and it was so beautiful. And the Harvest Goddess messages were cute and creative. Also having Ninfia as the first Harvest Cult member was an inspired choice. #highseraph more like #highfashion

drandahl - ☆☆
For some really creative Magic 8 Ball use. I didn't think anyone would ask questions like that so well done :0


Thanks to all of you for trying out this really strange game!! I really enjoyed running it even if it took more than an hour to process inventories and actions. It was intense, and I made a few mistakes here and there, but it all turned out pretty well in the end I think??

One day maybe we can play this game again, especially now that we know how it works. :3

Thank you thank you all <333333 I hope you enjoyed.

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Thanks for hosting!

By the way, I didn't buy tin cans. I just did the math wrong, LOL.

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Thanks host! Really enjoyed this game.

Best village.

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ahhh congrats town!!

thanks for hosting a great game gerry, i really enjoyed the mechanics and everything (even though they. really didn't work in our favor ;_____;) but yes i'd love to play another game like this since we know how to deal with everything better now..... we had so many shit-we-should-have-done-that moments HAHA

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Yeah, this was a really great game, thank you! I deeply enjoyed your mechanics on this one! Sorry I kept trying to abuse them >.> Except I got stars for it so maybe not sorry?

Very happy to be the mail duck!

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Greetings, fellow humans!

Thank you for hosting, Gerry! I had a lot of fun playing.

Also, @nautilus, I bought the Stationery D1. I wanted to make some kind of Earth log and send it to random people, but ended up not doing it lol


chibi made by kiyo
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