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Democratic Oath

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1 Democratic Oath on Sun Jan 31, 2016 6:34 pm



I will remember that I remain a member of society,
with special obligations to all my fellow human beings.

So, you're a DOCTOR. Won't mom and dad be proud? You work at Shitsville General Hospital, which is so criminally understaffed and underfunded that you can ONLY TREAT ONE PATIENT AT A TIME.

The head honcho, that cowboy-ass surgeon with a bald eagle tattoo'd onto his forearm, decides one day that the only proper, AMERICAN way to choose the next poor sap to treat is via DEMOCRATIC VOTE.

And also you're caught in the middle of a TERRORIST SHOOTOUT.

My country 'tiiiiis of thee, sweet land of liiiiberty...

STANDARD GAME RULES apply. (Do unto others, no PM alliances, etc. etc.)

Everybody is VANILLA outside of the game mechanics listed below.

MAFIA is composed of crazies with guns who for whatever reason have infiltrated a hospital and have decided to shoot everyone in it. It happens, you know? Every night, mafia can choose one player to KILL. Mafia wins when their number is greater than or equal to that of town.

TOWN is just a bunch of underpaid medical staff who really, really wish they'd chosen to become pastry chefs instead. Every night, each member of town can SEND IN A VOTE TO THE HOST VIA PM containing the name of THE PLAYER THEY WOULD LIKE TO PROTECT. More on this below. Town wins when all of the mafia are eliminated.

Only TOWN has a say in who gets protected. Mafia may not send in a vote (or they can, but it won't count).

Town members MAY NOT VOTE TO PROTECT THEMSELVES. It is possible for the same player to be protected MULTIPLE NIGHTS IN A ROW.

The player with the most votes will be PROTECTED FROM THE NIGHT KILL THAT NIGHT. If there is a tie, the protection target will be RANDOMLY SELECTED from the players with the most votes on them.

Failed night kills WILL NOT APPEAR IN ROLLOVER. Protection targets will not appear in rollover either.


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