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Gakuen Mafia Season 2: School Festival [EP00-EP10]

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high seraph wrote:T3t, how do you get vibes from someone who has made under 20 posts in the thread?? ? (no offense alca, we're in the same boat)

Well you pretty much pointed out the biggest reason.

Less than 20 posts in thread. Everything said is really noncommittal, and it plays into my list pretty well. We know nothing of her role. It's just a whole lot of no information in a situation where we have something for a lot of other people

You're the same way.

If you don't want me to vote Alca I am perfectly good with throwing your ascot in detention.

Teacher, his ascot is so loud I can't hear the board. Can you move him to the back of the class

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I've been quiet because I've had real-life stuff going on and haven't really been able to keep up with this game.

But I guess in my honest opinion, all the quiet people are probably town and mafia is probably in control of the thread. Minji and deo were both quiet, and now based on what happened last night, there's a reason to think they're town. Aeiou was also lynched for being quiet, even after posting information in thread, and they flipped town. Based on this track record, I think it's less likely at this point that mafia is laying low, and more likely that mafia is entirely active players trying to lynch quieter players who won't fight back.

I actually suspect the people who suddenly became more active after Kiyoko died, like Ninfia and even T3tsuya/Cur3 for example, because it would make sense for mafia to become more active once they thought that there weren't any active town players left to counter them in the thread.

In my own defense, I voted for drandahl when the tally was three votes for Kiyoko and three votes for drandahl on D1, breaking the tie in favor of a drandahl lynch, and I was one of the few people who even voted that phase.

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alcasync wrote:In my own defense, I voted for drandahl when the tally was three votes for Kiyoko and three votes for drandahl on D1, breaking the tie in favor of a drandahl lynch, and I was one of the few people who even voted that phase.

Vote: High Seraph

I can't say much. That's a really convincing defense against what is at best a hunch. I might be willing to loop back around later and try this again if there aren't better leads. But it's the best we seem to have right now in a VERY QUIET CLASSROOM.





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Out of the list that T3t posted I guess I feel most uncomfortable out of ezzelin? But I've spent most of this game confused on when rollover is (I thought it was more towards the afternoon for me, but I was... really, really wrong, otl....)

I do admit Lulu's persistence in aiming for Kiyoko made me rather wary, but I also haven't played with Lulu for a long time/can't remember her playstyle well, so I'm wiling to consider her as being potentially town.

Cure, Luxaria, and T3t I'm tentatively trusting at the moment, and I honestly believe Deo to be town, and am inclining towards town for Minji.

Um, for now, I'll tentatively Vote: High Seraph
I am aware that this brings him up to two votes, but given how quiet it is in general...

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My power is just to clear myself on the next day phase any day after D4, so I did it as early as I could. I know I'm not really that useful because I'm still ?????????????????????? about this game but at least one clearing myself (unless you wanna call miller shenanigans but idk) may lessen a mislynch i guess because i know i was high on people's lists for a while at least

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Posting from phone because Comcast decided no more internet for me tonight. Short version of the post I was working on prior to cut-off:

Really curious why lulu thinks deo and Minji might not be town roles. Miller role doesn't make sense if broadcasted, unless rollover can be altered, which is another can of worms. Minji's role makes no sense as maf except one scenario that is unlikely.

Tentatively trusting Sammiya atm.

Want to hear why Lucas' reasons for voting Ezz.

Lucas did follow drandahl vote early. Not sure if maf would bus another so soon, but can't go back and check thread to see his posts easily. Vote: high seraph for now since I dislike other targets with votes on them atm. I'll try to get my router working again before late morning.

I hate phone typing.

Edit: ........ Internet came back up right after I hit post.

Let me re-assemble my other post and I'll throw it up in a bit before I head off to bed.

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lulu wrote:I'm the most paranoid player on the planet. Ftr, I'm not fully convinced deo & minji are town either. Deo's ability could very well be a miller role, and Minji's role could feasibly be maf (maybe not likely, as Kiyoko pointed out that she also absorbs the NKs, but she did act the same phase as a claimed town vig so...).

I thank you for replying to my questions, and I follow your logic on most other points, but here you completely lose me.

How would deo's role be a miller role? I feel it runs completely contrary to the dynamic of what a miller accomplishes. It is subtle, and once observed, if observed, it causes players to play differently with their reads and interpretation of all alignment flips and investigations. What does a miller broadcasted through rollover accomplish, since the players can't reasonably contest host-given information? Unless you're suggesting mafia can alter rollover and did so to clear deo, I don't buy it. Further, how is Minji's role a logical mafia ability? The only way I could see it is if mafia could NK past it and/or town had a lot of killing power--but if the former, it means mafia anticipated Ninfia being a vigilante, firing last night, and then they NKed on Minji while they used the role. Eh.

I'm pretty paranoid, too, but I just don't see how these roles could feasibly be mafia roles.

re: Sammiya

I'm willing to believe her new description of the lollipop because it makes a lot more sense in terms of functionality (* Also, while re-reading Piplups' posts, discovered she backed Sammie's claim, too. Hm.). Technically, her not putting up a fight with regards to being lynched kind of comes down to empty words when she ends up not being lynched, however... it feels very typical of Sammiya's pro-town playstyle. I may come back to her later on, but I do not feel immediately suspicious of her, but I don't view her as cleared.

re: alca's thoughts

I've been wondering the same with regards to mafia leading the thread, though statistically I can't see it working out such that none of the quiet players are mafia. I guess, further, it's an awkward situation because people frequently not voting is being noncommittal and not contributing to lynches, which is the main defense we have for catching mafia. I'm willing to bet there's a split of town and scum across active/inactive, but at this point I'd split the quiet crowd (excluding deo and Minji) as high seraph, piplups, ezz, and angel. Technically, alca and Sammiya fit some of the criteria in that regard, but I do find alca's defense/comments reasonable, and Sammiya has been much more active this phase. For the talkative players, though I see your point about players becoming more active with Kiyoko gone, I will say that in particular I have personal reasons to believe Ninfia and won't vote her without very damning reasons.

** I intended to dig through the posts of quiet players for a more conclusive read on them, since they aren't present to really respond/offer thoughts, but I'm honestly exhausted at this point and didn't get through all of them fully. So regarding those four I highlighted:

@ Ezz: Want to know why they suspect alca, primarily. Reasons for voting drandahl early were vague, like Lucas, but... not sure why mafia would immediately bus an ally?
@ Lucas: Want to know why he suspects Ezz. Similar situation with regards to voting for drandahl. His own list of "things that happened to me this game" mostly relates to the people he's associated with, which... doesn't really provide information on himself. That said, there were some moments with Gerry and Cure, but I'm running out of steam to check them right now.
@ angel: I want to see a list of reads from angel, because insofar her most active phase was to defend herself. I'm having a lot of trouble finding anything worth commenting on her right now, so I guess I just really want more from her.
@ piplups: She's had periods of fluctuating activity, mainly near the beginning and during the strange phase with intermissions. I can't really get a solid read. Least likely to lynch her of these four, though, if we're going for activity votes as this phase suggests (though tbh we're running out of potential mislynches for this, even if we thwarted a NK last night). She did back Sammie's role claim, and if her role is real, probably likely to be town-leaning?

Augh, I'll leave it at this for now because I'm about to pass out in my chair.

P.S. @ Lulu, you missed my no lynch vote in your recap.

there's no tl;dr because I AM TIRED SHRIEKS

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wow, how many pages did I miss this time? hold on a sec.

re:kiyoko, ok, now that she's very, very likely to be both town and detentioned, I guess I'll reveal (what was 99% likely to be) her role in the interest of full disclosure:

"Should you be acted upon at any point in the game by an action, you will gain one use of that ability. In addition, should you vote for a player in a tie, the player you vote for will be guaranteed lynched."

that's all my Mystic Eye saw, but it should be her full power, minus any identifying flavor. she just made up the part about being bulletproof, but there was of course no need to publically point that out before she was already gone. see below for more on that though.

re:minji/bulletproofing, if both kiyoko and minji's claims about minji's power is accurate, and the information I received last night is also accurate, both of which is likely, then we should have another almost definitely town bulletproof player that's a... slightly-straighter-though-not-exactly example of one, and a pretty powerful one at that. I don't remember there being any failed kills before minji's, so the role should be still intact too. if your role is bulletproof... feel free to claim if you want and I'll back you up if you can provide the correct details of your power? at least, from just the non-flavor bits I have here, this power sounds like something that would be of much more benefit if publically claimed! *o*

ETA: re:suspicions, honestly, one of the people I'm most suspicious of, now that kiyoko flipped town, is alcasync. kiyoko has only ever posted that she won't vote alca 'for personal reasons' instead of 'because I'm sure she's town,' and since her entire trope is based on obsessively stalking alca I doubt those reasons have anything to do with alignment. unless she IS the bulletproofer I'm looking for, I think she might be a pretty good candidate for maf.

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k so lucas is one of the people i was most willing to vote for today, I don't think we should spread the votes out, and as my dearest clever brother is never wrong, I am also going to vote: high seraph.


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Luxaria wrote:Really curious why lulu thinks deo and Minji might not be town roles. Miller role doesn't make sense if broadcasted, unless rollover can be altered, which is another can of worms. Minji's role makes no sense as maf except one scenario that is unlikely.

Because I literally don't believe anything that happens in mafia unless it's information disclosed to me personally by the host.

More seriously, I'm not super experienced with mafia so I don't know much about roles & balancing but -

Regarding Deo:
From my perspective Deo's role makes as much sense as a mafia role as it would a town role. If anything it seems more useful to me as a mafia ability, but that's just my own philosophy - a mafia's top priority is trying to prove that they're town, whereas townspeople don't necessarily want to be completely clear because it makes themselves a target for NKs.

In a game like this I can see it being useful for a townsperson because it opens up opportunities for them to receive information via message alliances / confessions, but I don't see why it couldn't be a mafia role to broadcast a fake alignment to clear yourself? I'm imagining something like a mafia role that can "reveal" any player as town or mafia in rollover, or a mafia role that can "reveal" themselves as town but still flips as mafia upon investigation or death. If the argument is that people should be able to trust that rollovers are always truthful, then that also precludes the existence of death millers and tailors which from my understanding aren't uncommon roles.

Regarding Minji:
I understand that an "absorb & negate all night actions" role is much more helpful to town than to mafia. I also don't really see the reason why mafia would've used it last night unless they knew for a fact that one of them was about to die (imo it's worth missing their NK to avoid a town vigshot). My thought process is as follows:

- Based solely off the information we have from rollover, it's possible that Minji's ability can be used any phase, including day phases to negate the lynch. This would make the ability very feasibly pro-mafia, with Minji using it last night to try clearing herself from suspicion. I feel like if this was the case Kiyoko wouldn't have vouched so hard for her, though.

- A mafia-aligned Ninfia in last Gakuen Maf had the ability to talk to dead players, which imo is useless for mafia. Especially because this game seems to have so many role revealing abilities (same the last gakuen maf) I don't think there's anything unusual about mafia getting pro-town or neutral sounding abilities.

To be clear, I don't feel strongly about this, otherwise I would have voted for one of them (both Deo & Minji have contributed less than Sammiya in terms of speculation). I also thought it wasn't really worth getting into extensive hypotheticals when it distracts from better lynch candidates. I just wanted to comment that the possibility exists for either of them to be mafia and I think it's dangerous to take anyone's alignments as automatic 100% town.

piplups wrote:we should have another almost definitely town bulletproof player that's a... slightly-straighter-though-not-exactly example of one, and a pretty powerful one at that... feel free to claim if you want and I'll back you up if you can provide the correct details of your power?

I'm a little uncomfortable with the idea of bulletproof towns claiming in-thread. From my understanding, the point of a bulletproof is to absorb mafia NKs - when a bulletproof claims, mafia is able to narrow down other vulnerable power roles as NK targets. That said, I don't know the specifics of the role, so I'll defer to the owner if they're able to clarify why it might be in town's best interest for them to claim.

You don't have to answer this if you feel you shouldn't: does your ability only show you roles from living players or can you receive results on dead players also?

[size=11]lulu ♀[size]
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I asked this before as well, and I see no harm in answering, so: it shows me detentioned players too! apparently my Mystic Eye does not discriminate whether or not a student has freedom of movement to acknowledge their dormant heroic potential!!

though wait

are these students just made to rot away in detention for the rest of the game
what about when the rest of us go home to sleep

have chi and rasei been in detention for literally the entire school week??? like 'weekend coming up? screw you rulebreakers, I don't care if you were framed or whatever, you must remain in this dungeon while the rest of your classmates try to figure shit out'????

on that note do we get weekends? (though if this school has the power to force us to come to class in the middle of the night it probably has the power to cancel weekends)

ETA: though re:claiming, I do agree that outing the bulletproof makes its role rather pointless, but it would very possibly be another confirmed town role (if the other detail of the power I saw is also correct) - though if the owner of the role would like to claim via confessing to deo (if they trust his role as a true Innocent Child) or me (if they trust me to be town enough), that'd work too!

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oh my go d literally don't do that guys i'm serious

@Lux, I voted ezz out of process of elimination, but thank you for pointing out that she voted drandahl early on D1. Honestly, guys, 3 of the people on your "Very Like Mafia" lists are ezz, alca and myself, and we were pretty much the foundation of that lynch, as far as I can remember. One of us COULD be mafia, don't get me wrong, but we seriously shouldn't be under the big spotlight right now. And I REALLY SHOULDn'T TOO. I don't want to be lynched ok omfg. unvote.

vote: Cure

LIKE?? I know this is gonna be useless tbh because we're too close to rollover (even though rollover is happening later now?? idk), but I feel like most of Cure's posts are taking a piggyback ride on either Kiyo or T3t. THis may be 100% inaccurate since, as you all know, I don't even go to this school, but that's how I'm gonna use my useless vote ☆

I've said this before, but I DO get an overall feeling that T3t is town, and he has repeatedly said that Cure "can't be evil" or whatever, but is there, like, any ACTUAL REAL FACTUAL reason why you would believe that, or is that just role-based flavor??

deo hug me there are bullies trying to take me away from you ; A;)/


[16:41:10] Kiyo / 7♦: “so lucas what do you think about this lynch?”
[16:41:10] Kiyo / 7♦: “hHHHhhhhhh hHHHHHHHHHH HHHHhhhHHhh"
[16:41:36] lucasssss: "lucas i want u to bus me and lynch me this phase"
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票数 Vote Tally

Cure I
Sammiya I
high seraph V

lulu vs Sammiya
high seraph vs ezzelin Cure
Cur3 vs alcasync high seraph
Sammiya vs high seraph
Luxaria vs high seraph
Cure vs high seraph
Ninfia vs high seraph

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Vote: high seraph sorry im at work so i can't really speculate but lucas was on my list of people i thought was maf so

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So, uh, I've received comments on the inactivity of thread from players on both sides of the spectrum (both town and mafia) and from outside observers of the thread who are following along, and I figure I might as well make a post.

I've floated in the last few days an activity clause that requires voting on at least 2 days in a row lest someone be modkilled (which is what was the standard in the first game I ever hosted), but at the same time I don't really want to penalize players who told me in advance (I was aware of Lucas' test very early on, but I didn't know the exact date, ezz told me she'd be afk, etc.), especially this late in the game where the ratio is (that all of you know, at least, and please don't attempt to psychoanalyze this post for anything) 9T:5M:1N and a modkill can make or break the game.

If people do generally want me to make a tighter activity clause, then feel free to let me know via PM or in the thread or something, but I don't want to make a snap decision on it when not everyone is in agreement and also people might have legit reasons for being afk 8(

fwiw: I didn't include an activity clause with modkills because the games on this forum have extremely low signup numbers, and I didn't anticipate this game having 24 people in it, whoops

e: changed my wording because me knowing about you being afk = / = precedent for your reasons being genuine because sudden things can happen

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