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Animal Mouthteeth Mafia

Would you play this game? Be honest. I'm expecting a few no's.

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1 Animal Mouthteeth Mafia on Sat Nov 14, 2015 10:36 pm

Welcome to Dr. Blaire's Veterinary Orthodontics!

Please sign in and take a seat, the doctor will be with you shortly.

This is an open role UPICK where you get to pick your own animal mouthteeth! Send me an image of a species in kingdom Animalia showing off it's beautiful ol' chompers! It doesn't even have to be it's own set! It can be shopped on or sewn on! No restrictions on whether the animal in question is dead or alive!

Send me three (3) images of different organisms, as well as what their names are, please! I will pick what you get either randomly, or based on what my favorite image is, so feel free to try and impress me!

If I pull out five (5) of your teeth, it's game over for you. What does that mean exactly? Feel free to find out!

Adhere to your typing quirk! There will be fun 'n dumb typing rules for every set of mouthteeth involved! The penalty for not using your assigned quirk is me pulling out one of your teeth for every post you forget to do this.

No claiming, please! Of any sort! I know this is hard, but I'm very adamant about this! If you slip up, you may edit your post asap, but please message me telling me that you did so! Honor system!

No editing your posts! This is mostly to let me better enforce the previous two rules. I was assured this wasn't too mean. I did not ask whether it was ethical or not. Loose lips sink ships, loose teeth brings grief. Again, if you're editing a post because of a slip-up in claiming, go ahead and make the edit first, but please notify me about it right after! A tooth will still be pulled, but that's ok! You should still have a few left, if you flossed. If you made an edit just out of habit, but not for the previous reason, just let me know. I'll still pull out another tooth, though! In the words of a wise cat, "...all it takes is one slip and everyone knows your role and it’s not like you can make people forget information."

Activity requirement! Please post at least once every phase! Alternatively, during the night phases, you may trade in one (1) tooth for your silence per night.

Unlimited vote changes! Change it all you want! My receptionist Kiyoko will be keeping track of your progress, so please thank her when you see her.

Rollover is (tentatively) at 9:30 PM PST! This will be the only instance where official ratios will be shown. Night Kills will only show if both attempted AND succeeded, and during no other times.

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Town wins when all mafia members are dead.

Shitty Cop
You are in no way a helpful role, but at least you're getting paid! PM me a player every night (you can investigate the same person multiple times for different hints) and you will get an absolutely worthless clue on their role (vanilla, stump, bleeder), that comes in the randomly chosen flavors of:
Shitty (ex: "Sometimes you can smell them before you see them!")
Weaksauce (ex: "Water is a vital necessity to them!")
Useless (ex: "You might have touched something like them before!")

If you get shot by NK or lynched by Town, you get to live an extra phase! For example, if you get shot at Night, you must continue posting and voting on the subsequent Day Phase. If you get lynched, you must continue posting on the subsequent Night Phase. The public will not be made aware of your injury, probably because of the archaic Doctor-Patient Confidentiality clauses around here, so hang in there, champ!

Tree Stump
Send me a PM at any point during the game to turn into a tree stump! Any attempts on your life (NK or lynches) made during the phase you turned into a stump will be rendered ineffective, as will any further attempts made thereafter. But because you are no longer a part of the animal kingdom, you lose the ability to vote. If you voted before is no longer valid, but will still show up in the Vote Tally. And because you are a stump, you don't even have teeth, and thus become Neutral. Your win condition will then be:
[Chl-a] Correctly guess the next person to die in a PM. Guesses can be made during any phase, but there are still rules! If you're making a guess on a Night Phase, you can send it in whenever you'd like. If you're making a guess on a Day Phase, you must send in that PM before the first vote is cast! Just like plants, you must rise with the sun in order to fully exploit your photosynthetic opportunities.
[Chl-b] Have both Mafia and Town attempt a kill/lynch on you at least once.
The public will not be notified of your life change, so enjoy your botanical immunity!

Mafia wins when Town is equal to or less than the number of current Mafia.

During any Day Phase, you can lock in all current votes! PM me when you want to lock in votes, and I will use the time stamp from your message to figure out when the cutoff is. Any new votes or vote changes after that point will no longer be counted. An announcement will be made about a vote freeze in-thread about this event as soon as I am available! At that point, the current Day Phase would end early, but the following Night Phase will end at it's usual time.

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3 Re: Animal Mouthteeth Mafia on Mon Nov 16, 2015 5:44 pm

It is important to keep a log that details your wellbeing.

Shopping List:
[x] a big ol' sign for up top! 'ANIMAL MOUTHTEETH MAFIA' in that one font i liked. wait actually is it possible to have a top and bottom row surrounding the words, only the surrounding things are teeth
[x] a smaller sign below it that says 'open wide' or 'open w i d e' or something that idk but it'll be great!
[x] a tiny lil tooth icon! to mark down how many teeth i have from people!
[x] maybe smaller banners for 'rules' and 'players' and 'roles' or something
[x] a rollover banner would be cool too but i feel like i'm pushin it

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4 Re: Animal Mouthteeth Mafia on Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:22 pm




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5 Re: Animal Mouthteeth Mafia on Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:27 pm

Vote Tally

Dr. Blaire vs. chickenuggets Mr. Alice

Test Name  

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6 Re: Animal Mouthteeth Mafia on Fri Nov 20, 2015 2:10 pm

Please send me a PM with three (3) pictures of different animal mouthteeth! Again, the mouth/teeth/both doesn't have to be it's original set! If you have questions about submission guidelines, please let me know and I will try to answer you to the best of my ability. It would greatly benefit both of us if you could label each picture with the name of the animal, but if you are unable to find that information, just let me know. Players who have sent in their three images will have a tooth icon next to their name!

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